Facebook Gaming and Twitch are two of the best streaming platforms for gamers. It is therefore necessary to make a final comparison between these two companies in order to know the different aspects they offer to users.

If you want to know which interface is the best and which platform offers more certainty, in addition to other analysis elements, you can read this article comfortably until the end.

We also explain how the intervention of Google Stages will affect the market of streaming games and how users will benefit … Don’t miss anything and make use of this analysis we have prepared for you.

Facebook vs Twitch Games The ultimate comparison of the best streaming platforms for gamers!

Below is the final comparison of the best streaming platforms for gamers. Don’t miss a single detail!

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go:


🥇 Facebook Gaming vs Twitch  Which is Better for Streaming? ▷ 2020

Facebook games have a very attractive interface and are easy to use. This makes it easy to use and allows you to navigate through the application to find players and create your own shows. If you are new to the game, this advantage is very important because it is a good choice.

Talk about the user interface of Twitch: This platform offers an easy to use tool that users can use very well when they want to take action. It is also common to quickly find quality content that suits your taste. This is due to an algorithm that classifies and categorizes the games, also taking into account the highest number of moves at the time of entry to the platform.


According to the platform is the principle of games on Facebook to ensure the safety of the community, so you can play, share and watch games with any kind of people. Always respect the privacy and anonymity of members. In addition, there is a programme specifically dedicated to the regulation of actions aimed at creating a respectful and safe environment among users.

Twitch is a platform that specializes in the security of communities and content creators. There is a team that ensures that the platform’s community standards are met and that there is respectful harmony between the participants in Flow. For a while, Twitch implemented two-step authentication (2FA) to protect the account from unauthorized connections. This tool can protect Android and iOS desktop applications.


Facebook games offer donations through a program called Level UP. This method is based on the fact that all your followers who want to donate must buy stars via the icon outside the chat. Of course the stars have different prices and the available packages are shown in the Send stars button. You will need to use credit cards or PayPal to buy the stars.

Another form of platform motivation is placing advertisements in the extremities. You can earn extra income with live video. The disadvantage is that with advertisements you can restrict the access of other users. Los Bits is Twitch’s official system for receiving donations from the people who follow you on your feeds. They can be purchased for real money through Amazon Payments.

These rewards can be used in the chat and activate some kind of on-screen warning. The important factor is that when users make a donation, a badge is displayed in the chat, and the more donations, the more badges you receive. Another way to donate and make money on Twitch is to host a PayPal email where users can donate directly and privately.

Payment methods

With the Twitch platform you can add different payment methods. To gain access, you must first select the product you wish to purchase and choose whether you wish to pay with Amazon Pay (owner of the Twitch platform), PayPal or a credit card. Games on Facebook allow different payment methods, but the most common ones include credit or debit cards and PayPal.


🥇 Facebook Gaming vs Twitch  Which is Better for Streaming? ▷ 2020

According to reports in the trade journal, the video game industry has grown by more than 10% over the past year. This is one more reason for Twitch and Facebook games to compete with each other as they expand their audience and attract both professional and amateur gamers.

The games on Facebook are mainly aimed at young people and their main goal is to show you video games that are constantly evolving. This is a 100% free platform where you can play the role of streaming expert or spectator. One of the areas where he has a lot of bets is schoolbooks and schoolbooks. Through this market you can build a good audience and get donations from the stars.

Twitch is a platform that diversifies the content well. You will find not only video players, but also opportunities to listen to music and see magic, among many others. This platform is not intended for a specific field of application. This is reflected in the number of categories that can be interesting for teenagers, adults and even seniors.


Facebook games are not very popular compared to Twitch, although they have been the subject of several promotions to attract more content creators. Although positive results are not yet in sight, it should become much more popular in the coming years. Twitch is the most popular streaming platform in the music industry. Games. It has already defeated a number of powerful competitors and sidelined them by proving its ability to interpret the user and provide a good experience.

Google Stadiums What will be the impact of Google’s entry into the streaming games market?

🥇 Facebook Gaming vs Twitch  Which is Better for Streaming? ▷ 2020

So far there are two major competitors in the market for streaming games, but a new player, Google, should be mentioned. At his annual conference he announced that he would launch his platform called Stage. This program gives access to users’ favorite games on any screen.

So it can be played from your computer, mobile phone and even your television. This is a big change in the market, because as a company that has a lot of data of its users, you can use Google searches to better understand what people are interested in. In addition, more than 250,000 users are currently watching game content on YouTube. This deal needs to be staged.

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