E-book readers are a part of our lives, and we use them to read e-books, e-magazines, and e-books on average every four minutes . It’s a format that’s been around for a while, and it’s only getting better. Here are the best e-book readers for Windows and macOS.

Best EPUB Reader for Windows : EPUB Reader is a free software which can be used to unpack and view EPUB format books. It is also very light-weight and easy to install. Best EPUB Reader for macOS : Preview is an app which can be used to unpack and read EPUB format books. It is the best EPUB Reader for Mac.

Here are my top 10 best-in-class EPUB readers for macOS and Windows. I do not own any of these apps. I use them. I like them. They make my life easy. Moreover, these apps are free, and they all work on both Windows and macOS.

Books are considered as the most valuable commodities in terms of the information and wisdom they contain; they are seen as the brain nourishment that is required on a regular basis. Interestingly, the term “book” is derived from German roots “bok,” which has a meaning with “beech,” a kind of tree. The association of books with trees implies that books in ancient times were made of wooden slate. 

The transition of parchments into digital thin screens has accelerated in recent years. The majority of books are now accessible in digital format on e-readers such as Kindle and Google Books. 

What are EPUB readers, and what do they do?

While e-readers such as the Kindle and Google Books allow passionate readers to read whenever and whenever they choose, they are paid platforms that not everyone can afford. 

That’s where epub files and epub readers come in, providing a seamless, painless experience replete with open-source libraries that don’t charge a fee. The ‘.epub’ extension indicates that the file is an EPUB file. Epub readers are programs that are designed to read files in the epub format.

The following are some of the top epub readers for Windows PC (free and premium versions):

2021’s Top EPUB Readers

  • Kobo
  • Calibre
  • Epub Reader Icecream
  • Epubor Reader is a program that allows you to read books online
  • Sony Reader (Sony Reader)
  • Reader for Epub Files
  • Adobe Digital Editions is a software program that allows you to create digital (ADE)
  • FBReader
  • Reading App for Nook
  • Bibliovore

1. Kobo


Following in the footsteps of Kindle, Kobo now enables users to buy books from its extensive library and archives. However, because of the millions of free and low-cost books available on Kobo, it poses a challenge to Kindle’s popularity and revenue. 

Kobo is well-known for its practical and generous features such as bookmarking ebooks and keeping track of your reading progress. Apart from the clearly labeled shops where you may borrow and purchase any kind of book from a variety of genres and topics, the user interface system set is deemed the finest. 

In addition, in light of the increasing number of eye issues, the screen is customized for eye comfort. 

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 are all supported platforms.
  • Price: Free

Kobo is a digital book reader.

Calibre 2


It’s a prominently open-sourced and freely accessible epub reader that works on not just Windows, but also Mac and Android. Calibre is also known for being one of the first epub reading systems.

The user may go to Calibre’s web site and browse through the myriads of books available, which span a wide range of categories. Furthermore, the sophisticated epub reader provides personalization and customizing possibilities through an e-manager platform, which allows the user to backup, store, and build his own library.

The user may also share his library with others who share his interests, allowing for the conversion and modification of online literature into a more readily accessible format as needed. 

  • Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS are all supported platforms.
  • Price: Free

Calibre may be downloaded here.

3. Epub Reader Icecream


When the Icecream studio developed their epub reader, it had reached its pinnacle. The vanilla epub reader, which was created especially for Windows PCs, provides the user with a plethora of wonderful features. 

The free epub reader enables you to search the internet for word definitions and offers a variety of file formats in addition to the standard epub ebook, as well as excellent language support. It’s much more appealing because of the page readability view and other customizing choices available when reading. 

There is a free version with certain limitations on how well all of the capabilities are used, as well as a pro version for approximately $19.95. 

  • Platforms supported: Windows XP/Vista/XP/Vista/XP/
  • Price: Free

Icecream Epub Reader is available for download.

4. Reader Epubor


Epubor reader, which rises to the apex like missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, works well on Mac and Windows PCs. The greatest advantage of the epub reader is that it can read a variety of file formats in addition to epub files. All of the books in the archives are well-numbered and organized; you may search for them by title, author name, or ISBN number. 

When reading a book, you’ll see that you may customize the way the file looks by adjusting the backdrop color, font size, and page setting for reading view to suit your needs. 

Epubor Reader is a premium service that costs $4.99, although it also has a free trial option. 

  • Platforms supported: Windows XP/Vista/XP/Vista/XP/
  • Price: Freemium

Epubor Reader may be downloaded for free.

Sony Reader, No. 5


The Sony Reader is intended especially for PC users, allowing them to browse ebooks on their computers’ displays. The reader, which is compatible with Windows, enables you to digitally view ebooks and even import pdf files. 

It is open-source software that is currently undergoing development, but should become more attractive once the final changes are completed. Magazines and newspapers are also included in the essence. 

For the time being, its profitable features include book sync from the store, an ebook management system that allows users to build their own libraries and access them whenever they want, and a harmonising synchronization with Sony’s cloud system. 

  • Platforms supported: Windows XP/Vista/XP/Vista/XP/
  • Price: Free

Sony Reader is available for download.

6. Reader for Epub Files


Epub file reader is a well-known free epub reader that can open and read files with the epub extension as well as other kinds of documents. 

Given the various reading formats, the epub reader’s user-friendly interface is much appreciated: The file or document being read is divided into two parts: on the left, the chapters are presently surfing through, and on the right, the material is proudly shown to its optimum length. 

The epub file reader is utilized without the requirement for drm and is perfectly compatible with the Windows OS. The greatest aspect of the Epub file reader is that it takes very little space and saves to a memory area.

  • Platforms supported: Windows XP/Vista/XP/Vista/XP/
  • Price: Free

Epub File Reader may be downloaded for free.

Adobe Digital Editions (version 7) (ADE)


Adobe is a well-known software company that caters to both content producers and consumers. And Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) is one of the most popular software programs among readers. Because of its interoperability, the program has a wide user base. It supports PDF and EPUB files, as well as EPUB 3 formats.

ADE lets you access or rent a digital version of the eBook in your Adobe Library directly from public libraries. It’s synced across devices using Adobe ID so you can read on the go. You can also create multiple bookshelves in it to organize your books according to their styles. You can highlight text, and there’s support for different languages as well. Unlike the Caliber, it doesn’t have many customization options, however, making it one of the best ePUB readers out there.

  • Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS are all supported platforms.
  • Price: Free

Adobe Digital Editions may be downloaded here.

8. FBReader


You may be familiar with the terms Android and Windows Phone, but FBReader is a free eBook reader. It also has a version for Windows-based computers. FBReader features an ultra-simplistic user interface with fewer buttons, similar to some of the tools listed above, but it emphasizes the reading experience. So, if you want to read without being distracted, FBReader is a fantastic choice. It also works with a variety of eBook formats, including epub, fb2, mobi, rtf, and html.

  • Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS are all supported platforms.
  • Price: Free

FBReader may be downloaded here.

NookReading App NookReading App NookReading App NookReading


Developed by Barnes & Noble, one of the popular book retailers in the world, Nook is another free epub reader for Windows OS. You can download Knock eBook Reader from Windows Store and use it. Notable features of NOOK include highlighting and coloring to stimulate book reading along with a very impressive user interface.

NOOK includes an integrated shop with books, periodicals, newspapers, comics, and other items that you may buy using a Microsoft account in addition to the ability to import epub and pdf files.

  • Windows Operating System is supported.
  • Price: Free


10. Bibliomaniac


Bibliovore is a fantastic complement to your Windows PC’s finest ePUB reader. You may get it from the Microsoft Store and start using it right now. The user interface is stunning in every way while still being simple to use. It runs on Windows 10/8.1/8 and is compatible with both touch and desktop computers.

The greatest thing of Bibliovore is that it allows you to organize and manage all of your eBooks in one location. Font, text size, style, metadata editing, and other customization options are available in the app. Because it utilizes OneDrive, it can sync your eBooks to other Windows computers. An eBook only takes 10 to 15 seconds to load, which saves a lot of time.

  • Windows is the only platform that is supported (Microsoft Store)
  • Free of charge

Bibliovore may be downloaded here.


Physical books may evoke a strong emotional response, but they are difficult to keep and maintain due to the ravages of time in the shape of yellowed, withering pages. Because of their mobility, accessibility, and, of course, cost, epub readers are ideal options. 

Aside from the above-mentioned epub readers, there are a few others, such as Cover and BookViser, that add to one of the best epub readers accessible. 

Also, did you know that in 1871, Michael Hart developed the first-ever epub reader?

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If you’re an avid eReader, then you’ve probably heard the term “epub” before. This is short for “epub reader”, but what exactly is an ePub? An ePub is basically an electronic reader for books. It’s something that can be read on your computer or mobile devices. Many eReaders are now available for free, so there’s no reason why these readers shouldn’t be free too.. Read more about best epub reader windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best EPUB reader for PC?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many different types of EPUB readers. However, the best option for PC users would be Calibre.

Does Windows 10 have an EPUB reader?

Yes, Windows 10 has an EPUB reader.

What readers can read EPUB?

There are a few different types of EPUB readers. Some can read EPUB files that were created with the Adobe Digital Editions software, and some can only read files that were created with the Amazon Kindle software.

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