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Top 10 Screen Capture Applications for Windows 10 – There are many ways to take screenshots in Windows. The most common method is to take a screenshot of the entire screen with the PrtScn key and then paste it into an editor such as Paint, but this method has many limitations.

Top 10 Screen Capture applications for Windows 10

Top 10 screenshots for Windows 10 and 7

If you want to take a screenshot of a particular area of the screen, annotate it with arrows, circles, text or quotes and other attributes, you can only do so with the application.

More information can be found here:

There are many PC screen capture applications you can use, some are free and some are not. For non-commercial purposes, you can simply use the free application.

Here are some recommendations for the best screenshots in 2021:

1. Indicator light


The first screen capture application is Lightshot, which was listed in our previous article as one of the must-have applications for Windows 10.

With Light Shot you can take screenshots of any area. One of the advantages is that we can directly edit the screenshot before saving it to the computer. You can give arrows, writing, text and lines.

Screenshots can not only be saved on your computer, but also published directly on social media or uploaded to a server. With this feature, we can more easily share them with our friends or colleagues.

Lightshot is a free application that you can use for free. Lightshot can currently be used on Windows 10, 8, 7, macOS, Linux and Google Chrome.

Download Lightshot

Features :

  • Quickly take screenshots with keyboard shortcuts
  • Upload the image to the server
  • Screenshot editor
  • Google Image Search
  • Share screenshots on social networks
  • Windows and MacOS support


  • Free, without limitation
  • Very light
  • Ability to take screen shots of any area of the computer screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be changed according to the user’s wishes
  • Screenshots can be uploaded directly to the server, after which the user receives a link
  • Screenshots can be edited directly.
  • You can use the screenshot results to search Google images directly without having to download them manually.
  • You can publish the results of your screenshots directly to social media without having to upload them manually.

Deficit :

  • No screenshot mode of the active window and full screen, the field must be selected manually.

How to take a screenshot with Lightshot :

2. Greenshot

Catch green

The best screen capture application for PCs and laptops is Greenshot. This program can also be used for free on Windows and at low cost for Mac users.

Greenshot allows the user to take screenshots anywhere on the screen, in the active window or in full screen mode.

One of the features of this application is the ability to capture web pages in their entirety, even if they are shorter. This feature is useful for long pages of articles without cutting them out.

The resulting image can be saved to your computer, copied to the clipboard, uploaded to a server, sent directly by email or opened in an image editor. Overall, the feature set of this application is probably very complete for a free application.

Download Greenshot

Features :

  • Take a screenshot of a specific area of the screen, the active window, and the entire screen.
  • Download a screenshot from the server, send it to the printer and attach it to an email.
  • Photo Editor
  • Screenshot editor


  • Free software can be used for free
  • Ability to take screenshots with free selection, active screen and full screen.
  • You can modify the screenshots. for example B. with annotations, accents, lines, circles, arrows, and text.
  • Screenshots can be downloaded directly to the server or attached to an email.
  • The general characteristics are more complete

Deficit :

  • You can’t edit the screenshots directly like in Lightshot, the image has to be opened in the editor first.
  • Not available in the portable version

3. FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture

The second best application for Windows is FastStone Capture. This application is quite light, but has very extensive features that exceed expectations in terms of the scope of the application, which is free to use.

With FastStone Capture you can take screenshots in any mode, in the active window and in full screen mode. The results of the screenshot are automatically sent to the editor, from where you can edit the image with attributes such as lines, arrows, circles, text, annotations, magnifiers and highlights.

Screenshots can be saved directly to your computer or opened in other applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and image editing programs on your computer. To upload images to the server, the user must set up their own FTP server.

FastStone can currently be used on Windows 10, 8 and 7 operating systems. For personal, non-commercial use this application can be used for free, but for commercial use a license must be purchased.

Download FastStone Capture

Features :

  • Capture Panel to select the screen capture mode and other settings.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Powerful screenshot editor to provide attributes for the resulting images
  • Automatic handle
  • Timer


  • Ability to take screenshots in free, square, active window and full screen mode.
  • Fully functional screenshot editor
  • Integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email applications
  • Keyboard shortcut function that can be changed to take a screenshot using the keyboard keys
  • Light
  • Available in a portable version (without installing the application).

Deficit :

  • Not integrated in the server
  • To be able to upload to the server, you need to set up your own FTP.

4. ShareX


ShareX is a screen capture application with a more modern look and feel. With this application you can take screenshots on PCs and laptops, edit them into photos and upload them to the server.

ShareX is integrated with imgur, one of the most important and popular image hosting services. The captured file can be directly downloaded to imgur and the user will receive the link.

Once the screenshot is taken, the user can specify the next task to be performed automatically by the application: Open in an editor, download to Imgur, save the file to a computer, send it to print and other commands that the user can customize.

One of the features of the ShareX application is its photo editor, which is very relevant. You can modify the screenshots by adding attributes like lines, arrows, circles, annotations, bubbles, watermarks and stickers. Adding a sticker on a screenshot makes it more attractive and modern.

All the screenshots taken with ShareX are displayed on the main page of the application as a gallery, which makes it easier for us to manage the incoming images from time to time.

Besides taking screenshots, this application can also be used to take video and GIF screenshots, making it suitable for those who work as content creators.

Download ShareX

Features :

  • Screenshot in free mode, square area, active window and full screen mode
  • Uploading images to the Imgur server
  • Photo Editor
  • Gallery
  • Creator of the GIF
  • Screen recording


  • Free, open source, commercially free
  • The appearance of the application is more modern
  • Photo editor with advanced features
  • Integrated with the imgur server
  • Can also be used for screen recording
  • Can convert screenshot to GIF

Deficit :

  • Due to the multitude of functions, it may take some time to master them all.
  • Not suitable for those looking for a simple screen capture application

5. ScreenTake

Screen recording

The second best screen capture application for Windows is ScreenTake. This application allows you to capture any area of your laptop screen by pressing a key on the keyboard.

The resulting image can be edited directly with the built-in editor, you can specify attributes like arrows, lines, circles, blur in areas to be censored and more.

The advantage of this application is a feature called Smart Sensing and Multi-Monitor, which allows you to take screenshots of multiple active windows at once. This feature is very useful for those of you who often work with multiple applications simultaneously and want to document them without having to take consecutive screenshots.

Screentake is a free application that you can use for free. This application can be used on Windows 10, 8 and 7 operating systems. To use it under Linux, you can use the WineHQ application.

Download screenshot

Features :

  • Screenshot in free, window and full-screen mode
  • Intelligent scanning
  • Multiple control
  • Creator of the GIF
  • Paperless recorder
  • Screenshot editor
  • Uploading images to a server


  • Free and open source software that can be used freely for various purposes.
  • Supports Webp format
  • You can download to a server and get a shared link.
  • The editor is quite complete and light
  • You can edit the screenshots directly without entering the editor.

Deficit :

  • No integration with email
  • Not integrated with other image editing programs

6. Snapshot


Another application that can be an alternative for taking screenshots on your Windows laptop is Snipaste. This is a free application that can be used for free. Windows 10 users can also get it from the Microsoft Store.

Snipaste’s operation is almost identical to that of other screen capture applications. Just set the hotkey if needed and every time we want to take a screenshot, just click on it.

The shooting mode that can be used is quite extensive. You can select any area of the screen to capture, use the current active screen mode, or capture the entire screen.

The Footpaste has a minimalist design, making it light enough to run on a low spec laptop without disturbing other applications. Snipast can be used under Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. There is also a portable version that can be used directly without installation.

Download Footpaste

Features :

  • Quick screenshot
  • Custom shortcuts
  • Photo Editor
  • Color palette
  • Automatic backup and recovery
  • Image credit


  • Light
  • Free
  • Available in portable version
  • Suitable for low specification laptops

Deficit :

  • Incomplete functions
  • No integration with other applications of the editor
  • No bootloader function
  • A less modern user interface

7. Large Screenshot (Chrome)

Awesome Screenshot

For anyone who uses the Google Chrome browser daily and often takes screenshots of websites, videos or social media, this Chrome extension called Awesome Screenshot is just what you need.

So we don’t need to install any more desktop applications because this extension is already integrated into Chrome.

Awesome Screenshots lets you take screenshots from any area of your browser, capture your screen with the camera and microphone input, and share them directly to sites like GitHub, Jira, Slack, Trello.

In addition, although this program is just an extension of the browser, it includes an editing function for adding screen capture attributes such as circles, arrows and text.

Awesome Screenshot is currently used by more than a million users worldwide, which proves that this application is very useful. You can install it on Google Chrome using the link below.


Features :

  • Snapshots of different web pages in Chrome
  • Video display camera with camera and microphone inputs
  • Screenshot editor
  • Immediate replacement


  • A fairly complete function
  • Can be used for free
  • Can be used for screen recording with cameras and microphones
  • Includes a basic editor for making notes, circles, arrows and other attributes.
  • The results of the screenshot can be delivered directly via the link

Deficit :

  • Can only be used to take screenshots in the browser.
  • Not integrated with other image editing programs

8. Scissors

Tools for sniper

All the applications in the previous list are third-party applications, although Windows itself already has a built-in ready-to-use screen capture application called Snipping Tool.

This application has been around since Windows Vista, but in fact many people still don’t know it exists. You can use the cutter to make a screen print in a free space, in the active window or in full screen mode.

This application can work just as well as the applications described above. If you just need to document your laptop screen from time to time when you find something interesting, then this application is more than enough, you don’t need to install any other applications.

The cutting tool in Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be found under Start> Programs> Accessories> Cutting Tools.

Windows 10 and Windows 8 users can find this program by typing Windows Snip in a search, and the application will immediately appear in the Start menu.

Features :

  • Taking screenshots in Windows
  • Basic picture editor


  • Cowardly, light
  • No need to reinstall additional applications

Deficit :

  • Very minimal functions
  • The photo editor does not have a very useful memo function.
  • Not integrated with servers or chargers

9. Snapshot and Sketch

Cutting and sketching

For Windows 10 users, there’s a new feature called Snip & Sketch that lets you take screenshots. In the future, this feature will replace the cutting tool, although the functions and features are not too different.

Using this feature is very simple, just press the Windows + Shift + S key combination on your keyboard, then a bar will appear to take a screenshot. Just choose the recording mode you want – square, window or full screen.

Once the screenshot is taken, it is automatically sent to the editor, where you can edit the image and save it to your computer. This application is suitable for those of you who occasionally take screenshots and are too lazy to install additional applications.

Features :

  • Taking screenshots with keyboard shortcuts
  • Basic picture editor


  • Lightness and freedom
  • No need to install additional applications
  • A more modern look than scissors.

Deficit :

  • The photo editor is still very standard
  • Not integrated in the bootloader
  • Incomplete functions

10. XboxGame Bar

Xbox Game Bar

For example, on Windows 10, there is another application that you can use for screenshots and the associated screenshots. The application is called Xbox Game Bar, which is the default application for Windows 10.

The Xbox Gaming Bar is specifically designed for creating gaming content. It can be used to record games and save them in video format. There is also a recording function that allows you to take screenshots.

Although designed for gaming purposes, this feature can also be used on any existing screen. However, the detachable screen is only available in full screen mode.

To open the Xbox Game Bar menu, press the Windows + G key on your keyboard and then choose either Take Screenshot or Make Screenshot.

Features :

  • To record a full picture
  • Registration screen


  • Free
  • No need to install additional applications
  • It is very lightweight because it is the default application of Windows 10.

Deficit :

  • Can only take full screen shots
  • Photo editor not equipped
  • Very minimal functions
  • Not integrated in the bootloader
  • Cannot display annotations, circles, arrows, text and other attributes on screenshots.

More information can be found here:


These are recommendations for the best screen capture applications for PCs and laptops that we can give such a chance. This list will be updated when you find a good application.

Don’t forget to bookmark and always go to .com every day, because there you’ll find the latest information on technology, such as tips and tricks for blogs, digital marketing windows and ETC (root social media games). Good luck!

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