Technology has long been at the service of mankind, but to the extent that it has developed in this century, or rather in the last decade, it is unimaginable.

Dealing with so many exceptional inventions that were once a dream simply suggests that there is more to the future than what we have now.

Mobile technology in today’s world

Mobile phone technology is one of the most exciting scientific inventions that has brought us so much convenience, entertainment and flexibility for many everyday remote tasks.

Thanks to its versatility, it offers unlimited benefits to people all over the world. Thanks to their low-cost features, scientists and mobile application developers are working hard to implement more interesting features to please the world.

The focus on the graphical user interface (GUI) is not the main goal of mobile application developers today. The desire to distract smartphone users has led to the accumulation of much deeper knowledge to create attractive applications.

Developers no longer have time to spend solely on graphics and use the best whiteboard animation or any other tool to create an animated graphical user interface to impress users.

Today’s developers are striving for much better experiences in every respect.

Characteristics of trends in mobile application development

Now that we have realized that the development of mobile applications goes much further than just graphics, and we are working on other features, let’s take a look at some of the expected trends that are likely to be seen in the development of mobile applications in 2019.

1. Additional mobile payments

Payment methods that allow users to easily make purchases within the application are the most popular and meet consumer needs; developers are constantly working to create new applications that include integrated payments to help users meet their needs.

2. Smart devices, wear & tear &IoT

We know Apple was the first company to launch a portable device that can be connected to the phone and used without a real phone.

Following Apple’s success, Samsung has also introduced its portable devices or is wearing a smart watch that makes the phone easy to use.

Who knows which technologies might be useful to us, but we are confident that over time we will see more amazing inventions.

3. Application Performance Management (APM)

AMP lists are integrated into mobile applications, so developers can easily use HTML to create a better and improved user interface.

These are control tools that help developers solve problems and improve application performance.

4. Cloud integration

Storage has been a problem for a long time, until the concept of the cloud emerged to solve this problem. With the advent of new technologies, all developers use cloud computing and integrate it into the application to provide more space for users.

5. Direct mobile applications

Immediate applications are considered to be the next step in the development of applications. It’s a versatile smartphone solution that combines the efficiency and power of native applications with the simplicity and immediacy of web applications.

Even if these applications look like applications installed on your phone, you don’t need to download them. As this feature is also getting good reviews, we expect to see more instant mobile applications in 2019 than ever before.

6. Mobile application security

With all the hacker attacks and identity theft taking place worldwide, many smartphone application developers are striving to improve the experience for their users by focusing on the security of their applications.

Developers are committed to ensuring the security of mobile users’ data and to increasing their level of security by introducing encryption methods in the development of mobile applications.

They are currently striving for optimal application security and it is still mysterious whether they will occur in the future.

7. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI and machine learning today play a very important role in the development of applications for smartphones, more than we thought.

Nowadays, many applications use artificial intelligence concepts to make applications more interesting and user-friendly.

FaceApp and SwiftKey Key can be considered as the two most inspiring ways to use AI in the development of mobile applications.

With maximum use of AI and machine learning, it is very easy to predict that we will see smarter, better performing concepts integrated into mobile applications to make them more interesting.

8. Integration of start-up chats

Chatbots such as Siri, Cortana or Bixby in the latest Android phones are the best and most suitable examples to explain the best use of AI integration in application development.

In addition to virtual assistants in smartphones, many other applications are now being developed, including games for smartphones, which use chat robot integration to make them more interactive for the user.

Based on the positive feedback the bots have received so far, we believe there will be no more mobile applications with integrated bots.

9. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

With such involvement in the AI industries, mobile development couldn’t resist joining forces with AR and VR to bring even more exciting features and expertise to smartphone users, and we expect more development work with augmented and virtual reality.

10. Development of a cross platform

As the number of Android and iOS users continues to compete, there is still a struggle and confusion in society to make phone offerings more useful to consumers.

To reduce this confusion, developers are now focusing on developing applications that can run on and take advantage of the iOS and Android platforms.

Given the very optimistic results achieved in the form of cross-platform applications for mobile phones, we look forward to more applications that can run on the two popular operating systems.

11. Analysis of prognosis for the incentive to use IU/UX mobile phones

The large amount of data has made it necessary to monitor the whole statistical report and to monitor how and in what direction things are evolving in order to anticipate trends or characteristics that need to be introduced for users.

A predictive analysis has been performed to evaluate what consumers are looking for, and with these results the developers will find a better solution to improve the consumer’s experience with the application.


According to research and various studies, it is likely that new trends in the development of mobile applications will lead to many changes in the practice of developers.

It is also expected that the emergence of new features will inspire and motivate developers to expand their capabilities and introduce new benefits of mobile applications.

Not only that, but also that after these trends in the implementation of applications for smartphones, the market for mobile applications will stand out.

Written by Bio : Eliza Martin is a senior animator for 3D rendering. She’s a housewife with a degree in computer science. She is independent, ambitious, courageous and liberal. She has overcome many obstacles, but she has always held her head high, fought alone against all the problems in her life and succeeded professionally. She is passionate about design and her intellectual work loves magic with creativity. This is one of the main reasons why she’s a top facilitator.


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