Is your Android phone giving the error message Unfortunately, Snapchat has stopped or Snapchat keeps crashing? Want to know how to fix Snapchat unfortunately? If this is the case, you are not alone in this situation, as many users have reported the same error on their devices.

We all know the Snapchat app and millions of people around the world use it. It is very popular among young users. But sometimes the app displays error messages like Unfortunately, Snapchat has been interrupted.

To get rid of these unwanted errors on Snapchat, I have compiled some ways that will help you stop Snapchat on Android unfortunately.

What is causing the Snapchat error, unfortunately?

Usually users don’t know why the error occurs, but after extensive research I found out that the error occurs when users try to log in to Snapchat and connect to the server. Some even feel it when they type, send or receive images.

Even after updating the application, it is possible for such an error to occur. Snapchat doesn’t work in this situation, but losing the bar you’re holding may solve the problem, but it’s still annoying and should be fixed immediately.

How to fix Snapchat Unfortunately, Snapchat stopped on Android

Here are some of the best solutions that Snapchat on Android keeps coming up with. So let’s go through them in order and fix Snapchat’s problems.

Corrigendum 1: Restart the Snapchat application

The very first solution I recommend to any Snapchat user who encounters such an unexpected error is to restart the app. You might see that the Snapchat process is still going on, but don’t worry, follow the steps below:

  • First, open your Snapchat app and select it.
  • You can also go to Settings and then Apps.
  • Now select Snapchat and click on the Force Close button.
  • Now try to open Snapchat again.

From what I’ve seen, the application and the process work differently and the application shuts down but the process continues. Therefore, you cannot reopen the application, but the following steps will help you.

Corrigendum 2: Clear application cache and data

  • First open the settings, then go to Apps.
  • Then click on the Advanced option.
  • Now click on Manage Applications in the list
  • Here you must select all applications

  • Then you will see a list of all the apps, just click on Snapchat.
  • Here you need to click on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Now restart the device

That’s it, it’s done…

Corrigendum 3: Update Snapchat app

When you use an application, make sure you update it in a timely manner if needed. The developers are releasing an update to fix several bugs. So make sure you update the Snapchat app to the latest version as well.

To do this, go to the Google Play Store and search for updates in the Apps section. If it is available, click the Refresh option. If the update has already been performed, skip this step.

Corrigendum 4: Control system update check

Your operating system may not be up to date, which could lead to an error. Therefore, it is best to check once for an operating system update and update it immediately if available.

  • First turn on Wi-Fi on your phone
  • Now go to Settings > About phone or Software update.

  • Check here if the update is available, if yes, click on the update option to update the device immediately and check if the bug is fixed or not.

Corrigendum 5: Firmware replacement

Many users like to install a new ROM on their device, but this can cause problems and some apps may not be compatible with it.

So, if you have changed the firmware, do thorough research on the ROM and its compatibility with the Snapchat app. If a new ROM is not compatible with Snapchat, you should look for an alternative to fix the bug.

Corrigendum 6: Delete cache partition

  • First, turn off your phone.
  • Then press and hold Home + Power + Volume.
  • Then release the power button, but hold down the Home + Volume buttons.
  • When you see the Android logo on the screen, release the
  • Use the volume keys to highlight the Clear Cache item here.

  • Press power button to select
  • Then select Yes when it appears in the next menu.
  • And at this point, you have to wait until the whole process is over. Now select System Restart and press the power button to select it.

That’s it, it’s done…

Corrigendum 7: Resetting the memory

You will need to reinstall your Snapchat app once if the above solutions do not work for you. First, uninstall the application and reinstall it. This may solve the problem, but may remove some preferences. So make sure you have everything backed up.

Then perform the following steps:

  • First go to Settings, then to Applications.
  • Select Snapchat, and then choose Delete.

  • Now go to Google Play and install the latest version of the Snapchat app.
  • Try it once and see if the application works well or not.

Corrigendum 8: Removing recently installed applications

You may have installed new applications on your phone and then your phone doesn’t behave properly. This may be possible because some third-party applications sometimes cause a lot of problems.

As a result, you can no longer open the Snapchat app properly. So, if you have checked if these problems are caused by third party apps and if yes, uninstall those apps and check if the same problem occurs again.

Corrigendum 9: Resetting network settings

Regardless of your device’s current network configuration, you may experience a problem with some access applications. So it’s a good idea to reset your network settings once. Look how it’s going:

  • Go to Settings, then Apps.
  • Now click on General Administration > Reset > Network Settings.

  • Then click the Reset Settings button
  • Enter your PIN code when you activate the
  • Now click on Reset Settings.
  • When it is finished, a confirmation window will appear.

Corrigendum 10: Reset theto factory settings.

This is the last remaining option to get rid of unwanted bugs in Snapchat. But remember that this process can delete important files stored on the phone, so back up all the important things on the phone.

Now follow the instructions below:

  • Turn off your device first
  • Then press and hold Home + Power + Volume.
  • When the logo appears, release the power button, but continue to press and hold the Home + Volume Up buttons.
  • Here on the screen, when the Android logo appears, release both buttons.
  • Now highlight Factory Reset using the Volume Down keys.

  • And then select it with the power button
  • When prompted, select the Yes option.
  • Then wait until the process is complete. Then highlight the Restart system now option and press the power button to select it.

And it’s done…

Method 11: A tool to get rid of Snapchat stops Android

What if you had one of the best ways to solve a Snapchat problem with just one click? It’s gonna be great, right? In this situation, I recommend you to use the Android Repair software. It is an effective tool that easily helps to recover, unfortunately Snapchat on Android has stopped. Whatever are the reasons that led to this error, but with this powerful tool you will get rid of the problem. It works for all Android phones, and it’s also just a click away. It can fix all Android errors without any other problems.

(*The free version allows you to view only the repair files).


Errors Unfortunately, Snapchat disablement on Android is widespread, but users should know how to protect it. In this blog I’ve outlined 11 fixes that Snapchat continues to make, and I hope that by following these tips you can get things back on track. For an immediate solution, you should contact Android Software Recovery.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to post them in the comments below.

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Sophia Louie is a professional blogger and SEO expert. He enjoys writing blogs and articles about Android and iOS phones. She is the founder of Android-iOS data recovery and is always looking forward to troubleshooting Android and iOS devices.

frequently asked questions

Why does my Snapchat say it’s sadly over?

There could be several reasons for the Snapchat error message on your Android phone, the main one being a bad connection between Snapchat and its server. This may damage the cache and you will face the problem of repeated crashing.

How to fix it unfortunately stopped on Android?

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How to reset Snapchat on Android

Snapchat keeps crashing on Android – here’s how to fix it

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