Games are for entertainment that you can’t impose. In order for the entertainment to be consistent, it is therefore necessary to increase interest in the game at each level. This is possible if the game gives you the freedom to create, lets your imagination run wild and has all the tools you need for an interesting game.

ROBLOX is exactly what every player needs to stick to the game. It has entertained people since 2005 and has about 115 million active players per month. That’s enough to prove his popularity.

When you’re done with ROBLOX, there are thousands of Roblox-like games that give you the same level of freedom to create and enjoy the game world.

Here is a list of twelve fun Robulox-like games that you can find online and play safely:

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1. Demining vessel

Games like Roblox

Mining is considered very popular in the sandbox genre. In the world of mining vehicles, the user has to build buildings. Unlimited resources are available to create and assemble the bases. There’s endless terrain in the 3D world. In addition, you have to explore and collect the minerals, the mines, the crafts, the battle and the construction of your own world.

Monsters appear here and there. And you have to fight them to protect your world.

Minecraft’s multiplayer mode makes the game more interactive, teaches teamwork and creates multiple cards to play and share.

Compatibility: –

Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, Playstation vita, 3 and 4, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one and 360, iOS, Android, macOS and of course Windows.

2. Teratology

Games that look like Roblox

Terasology is a free open source online game. It has a fantastic sandbox in combination with other exclusive features of different species.

This Minecraft and Roblox game is similar to games with many inspired features and gameplay. Users create their world so that other users can visit and explore it.

Compatibility: –


3. Cemetery

Games that look like Roblox

This MMO, which is massively online multiplayer, is a fun sandbox game like Roblox. To proceed to the next level, you will have to fight with different players. In the central area there is a world without borders that makes it possible to build your own house, a so-called cornerstone.

When Trove is introduced, it offers two classes, Dracolite or Knight, which have their own bonuses and statistics. It offers a wide range of prices, production materials and items that can be customized to your needs.

This is a free version of the game.

Compatibility: –

Xbox One, Playstation 4, MacOS, Windows.

4. CastleMiner Z

Games that look like Roblox

CastleMiner Z is completely comparable to Roblox and Minecraft and is a sequel to the indie title Castleminer on Xbox. In fact, one could say that it is a replica inspired by these games.

The user can create tools and weapons from the ground up and build protective structures.

However, if you are a more creative person, you may prefer Creative Mode over Survival Mode to create and create

Currently, the game offers four modes, namely Creative Mode, Dragon Survival Mode and Endurance Mode.

Compatibility: –

The game was originally available for Xbox 360, but is now only available for Windows.

5. Maude Harry

Games like Roblox

This is another great Roblox as a game that offers a very entertaining and unique way to customize the game machine. This game has no predetermined goals, actions or tasks. Users are free to manipulate and create their own versions of the game.

You can turn this game into a complete movie. The best example is Half – Life 2, made entirely by Garry’s mod.

With this game, you can do just about anything you can think of in digital form, starting with spawning objects, props, characters, and so on.

There are several modes, and this game also adds content and other complex games.

Compatibility: –

Linux, MacOS, Windows

6. Cubic locks

Games like Roblox

It’s just another free version of the game, like Roblox. This game takes you on the wonderful adventure of building a castle. Players can build their castle with maximum creativity using one cube each. This delightful journey includes building countless structures out of high quality materials, building a kingdom, collecting raw materials, building blocks, etc. and leads to an amazing world to show to other players.

Cubic Castles allows players to visit other empires and explore their world. You can inspire, praise and admire other players.

Compatibility: –

iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows.

7. Locking heads

Games like Roblox

Blockheads is a game whose base is in the 2D base block and is an absolutely free sandbox game. The characters in this game are also called Blockheads and are controlled by the users. These characters are capable of destroying and creating blocks and using the available materials and resources to transform them into beautifully designed structures. The game has different seasons and weather conditions. Users can explore and excavate caves, oceans, mountains and deserts.

Compatibility: –

iOS, Android

8. Lego worlds

Fun Ro-Box games

The new world of the 3D generation is made entirely of Lego bricks and makes it possible to build complex and elaborate structures. That’s the world of Lego. Only creativity and imagination are the limits in the world of Lego. You can build anything you want, whether it’s forests full of wildlife, towns with dragons, modern cities, dinosaurs in the lakes, and so on. Setting up, destroying, building or interacting is very simple and precise.

The game also works in multiplayer mode, which improves communication and increases entertainment.

Compatibility: –

Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows

9. Mifruna

Fun Ro-Box games

In addition to construction and handicraft, you also have the opportunity to take part in a fun role-playing game in Mifrun. An attractive and adventurous world is built in this game in the form of a voxel. And you also like role-playing in the sandbox. It looks like a ROBLOX with an added RPG element.

The game has been in reverse mode for a few days now, but people are no longer waiting for updates. By the way, the game’s open. Unlike other expensive games, you can play this game for free.

Compatibility: –

Linux, MacOS, Windows

10. Report

Fun Ro-Box games

This game is again set on the voxel game engine. It allows you to select and play the different games in the offer, to customize the different games to your preferences and wishes and to create your own game. You can also play this game with other users who are online.

The block size in this game is almost 62,000 to 62,000. To make cards, the user can dig up to 31,000 blocks down and build 31,000 blocks up.

To decorate the cards and change their appearance, the developers offer different texture packages. It is also possible to use automatic map generators where the parameters are defined. It can be used if you want to play in automatic mode and swim with the current. This game is absolutely free and there are no hidden charges.

Compatibility: –

Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

11. KoGaMa

KoGaMa has a pixellated and blocked world, which makes it a game like Roblox. This game also allows you to create your own world from scratch and allows you to develop levels and the whole game.

Multiplayer mode allows you to team up with other players for even more fun and adventure. KoGaMa offers better graphics, a simple game mechanism and is very easy to use. First of all, it’s free.

Compatibility: –


12. Unlimited worm

The worm is unlimited

The only version of Worm unlimited is the MMORPG sandbox, filled with sweet fantasy. The sources of this game go back to the Middle Ages. Worm unlimited offers you the construction, collection of raw materials, mining and other activities to build a medieval kingdom. There are no restrictions for the game, while the game is a copy of ROBLOX and Minecraft.

The graphics of this game is an improved version of ROBLOX. The design of this game is both simple and adventurous, and the animation is excellent. The expansion of the field can continue and the players remain loyal to the game. Despite the fact that production takes longer, the fee paid is profitable.

Users can customize the game and the management of the server is entirely in their hands. This allows you to freely adjust activities such as the beast counter, the speed of the action, the speed of skill acquisition. As in other games, this game is about collecting resources and building structures.

Worm Unlimited is available in PvP and PvE mode, from which you can choose according to your needs.

Compatibility: –

Linux and Windows


The charm of Roblox is deeply rooted in the minds of the players. The pleasure it provides is endless and difficult. However, there are millions of games based on ROBLOX. We’ve tried to find an exhaustive list of games like Roblox, but the preferences vary from person to person.

These games are full of fun building games, and each game has its own special touch. The games give you the opportunity to treat yourself to a sandbox or create your own world. These tools offer endless possibilities for virtual creative expansion and for creating your own world block by block or brick by brick.

All these games are worth trying at least once. You never know what your next favorite sandbox activity might be that makes you want to play the game.

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