In the
early 2000s, QR codes were always one of the most underrated technological tools
ignored by most companies. One of the reasons that most of them ignore is the lack of a variety of functional QR code generators that they can try to integrate into their marketing and sales efforts.

However, since the outbreak of the COWID-19 pandemic in the early 2020s, most businesses have had to deal with government health regulations. Because of the limitations of
, some organizations want to continue their
activities using a wireless tool that can help implement the
concept of social distance and public health recommendations.

QR codes meet the requirements for contactless transactions,
companies are still the companies for which the QR code generator is most suitable.

Since there are hundreds of
QR code manufacturers online today, testing
each can take a lot of time and money. To save you from spending days testing
QR code generators, we have tested 60% of these available QR code generators and reduced
to 15 QR code generators that you can try and integrate into your

The most important
points in the ranking of the best online QR code generators

To let you know how we evaluated these QR code manufacturers, here are the key points that were considered in the evaluation.

Legitimacy of the creator of the QR code

customers only trust companies that provide them with the best
services and experiences, it is important that they incorporate tools that ensure safe and long-lasting use of
. To find out if the QR code manufacturer is offering legitimate services to
users, for example, you can always check its security online. B. its latest
-SSL certification and its GDPR certification for users in the EU zone

Versatility of QR code solutions offered by

companies will be going to one QR code provider, it is important that they
know whether the QR code provider offers a sufficiently diverse set of
solutions that they can access and use. In addition to the normal URL embedding that most
QR code generators offer, it’s a good idea to look for other data embedding options, such as adding multiple
URLs, text and files.

Dynamic availability of QR code generation

measures returns, it is important for companies to know if the
QR code generator can generate dynamic QR codes. Unlike static QR codes
, dynamic QR codes offer the ability to monitor QR code reads in real time
, which can help companies determine which types of readers to target

In addition to
, companies can also change the content of the corresponding QR code, even if
they have already printed and distributed the code.

Multiple design options

million QR codes in the world, it can be difficult for customers and employees to determine which of your codes is
. Therefore, QR code redesign plays an important role in increasing brand awareness among people.

QR codes are not always black and white, it is important that
you look for a QR code manufacturer that offers flexible and diverse
QR code design options, such as. B. by changing the example set, colors, eye shape, add their
logo and call to action.

Frequency of security updates

most browsers constantly update their systems to provide users with better
web browsing, online tools like QR code vendors also support these
updates to avoid cross-browser incompatibilities. If the QR code manufacturer still supports
navigation and security updates, you can still
ensure that future generations of QR codes will not experience problems.

The 15 best online QR code generators for your business


is a QR code generator that provides a simple yet straightforward
QR code generation process for beginners and technically advanced users. Since this QR code generator for
is designed to meet the needs of beginners and technically advanced users when creating QR codes, the
setup interface uses a vertical drop-down menu for
, which visually creates a minimalist look when setting up their QR codes.

QR code creator offers different types of QR codes like URL, vCard,
social media QR code, Instagram QR code, Facebook QR code, file QR code,
menu QR code, multi URL QR code and many more. With these types, you can
choose between static and dynamic QR codes to meet the needs of your QR code-based campaign,
both of which can be useful in a personal and professional capacity accordingly.

In its overall application, this logo QR code generator has all the important factors that QR code experts have indicated when evaluating a QR code. We can say that QRTIGER is the best QR code generator on our list with the lowest prices and deserves the first place.


is a simple QR code generator that combines the use of drop down menus where the
user can select additional features. This QR code creator has 3 main drop down menu tabs
, which correspond to the steps in creating QR codes. These three main drop-down menus
, namely data type, content and style.

Data Type drop down menu contains all QR code solutions offered by the
QR code manufacturer, such as. B. URL, email, text, social media, Vcard and more. The second drop-down menu
is called Contents. Here you enter all the information required by
and select the encoding. The latter is a style where
can customize the design of a QR code by choosing from the set of available
patterns, eye shapes and colors.

Although the
is ideal for professional use, it lacks certain features, such as B. Integration of
files and multi-URLs into the QR code and addition of a logo to the
code exclusively for subscribed users. Both play an important role in developing your
corporate identity and increasing customer penetration.

For the QRC code

ForQRcode is a
QR code manufacturer offering basic and advanced solutions to users. This
QR code creator offers 11 QR code solutions, mainly URL, SMS, Email, Vcard and more. It has a simple
QR code generation interface, which allows users to create their
QR codes.

However, since you want to customize the
QR code, the options offered by ForQRCode are limited to eyes and
color segments.

Since you are downloading your
QR code, the QR code creator will redirect you to another
QR code creator. This can be annoying as you are redirected from one
QR code manufacturer to another.


is a design-oriented QR code creator for any creative
user who wants to change the design of his QR codes. This QR code manufacturer offers various solutions with the
QR code, which are divided into URL, Business, Social and Utility categories.

is a design-driven QR code manufacturer, QR codes can only be downloaded from
if you have signed up for their membership plans.

QR code generator has a simple drop down menu where the user can easily follow
the steps to create a QR code. It offers six basic solutions for QR codes, namely
URL, text, phone, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Moreover,
users can redesign their QR code by choosing different designs.
began as a logo design software provider for small
graphic designers and evolved into providing QR codes for businesses. Although this
QR code generator provides basic QR code solutions and design capabilities, it lacks some basic
QR code features such as creating dynamic QR codes and adding a
call to action.


is an identification systems provider that offers its customers software and hardware
identification solutions for their business.  Since it provides solutions for identification systems, this
company also offers a QR code generator for its customers to create a
QR code for their identification systems.

QR code generation interface shows the types of QR code solutions that can be created in
and the fields required when creating them. It has a simple interface to generate
QR codes that users can integrate with the manufacturer.

In terms of
business application, this QR code generator lacks three basic
features like file embedding, using editable QR codes and adding a
logo for better brand recognition.

QR Code

code pro is a simple QR code generator that offers several basic QR code
solutions that users can integrate for their business. It offers several
QR Code solutions that users can integrate into their marketing and business management systems.

has a simple interface for generating QR codes, no instructions are provided for adding the
logo in the specified format. Moreover, only the QR code manufacturer
can create static QR codes.

is a Latin QR code generator based in Brazil. This QR code creator has
8 major QR code solutions such as URL, Email, Text, Vcard, WiFi,
Geolocation, Phone and Events that users can use for their business and
daily QR code usage. In the user interface, you can select the QR code size and correction level
before the QR code is generated.

QR code creator lacks three useful features like customizing QR code design, generating dynamic
QR codes and file integration.


is a QR code generator that generates bulk QR codes for companies doing bulk
work. With this QR code generator you can encode several URLs and
numbers at once, but with a limit of 100 QR codes.

While version
is ideal for mass generation, the configuration is not suitable for version
users who want to see a preview of the customizable code before they start generating their QR codes in version

QR Creator

Creator is a QR code creator that provides categorized QR code solutions like
URL, Email/SMS, Text, Phone, Location and Maps for users. The purpose of this
QR code creator is to offer dynamic QR codes to advanced technology enthusiasts.

has a configuration drop-down menu where the user can find various
customization options, such as margin adjustment, foreground and background color selection,
and error correction.

offers QR code tracking with a URL to shorten, the interface of
tracking scan results may confuse inexperienced users. Apart from this confusing feature, this
QR code generator does not allow downloading files,

is an online dynamic QR code generator that enables basic use of the
QR code, such as B. transfer of websites and texts. But since this is a dynamic QR code generator, you must first sign your email and create a QR code. If you register with this QR code manufacturer, you will find that the only customization of the QR code they allow is the integration of your logo into the design.

Wasp barcode

Barcode is an asset management, inventory and time tracking system designed to provide
customers with a functional information retention system. Wasp Barcode, launched as a
barcode system and product provider, now adds a
QR code generation option that allows its customers to create their QR code without the
options to edit their data and reshape their QR codes.

It has most basic QR code solutions like URL, phone number and text embedding. But while it is very user-friendly, it lacks other revolutionary innovations like the
QR code. B. QR code redesign, creation of dynamic
QR codes and integration of files into the QR code.

Real-time QR code generator

QR Code Generator is a QR code generator that exclusively offers URL solutions based on
QR code to its users. It has a user-friendly QR code navigation interface that allows you to move seamlessly from one step to the next. It has a
customization feature, but it is limited to changing the
codes of the foreground and background colors.

This QR code generator not only prevents you from setting
limits, it also prevents you from downloading
your dynamic QR codes and requires you to register first before you can continue downloading

Special Rate

is an Australian QR code manufacturer that specializes in creating QR codes for
basic QR code features such as URL, text, SMS, WiFi and email. However, since
provides simple functions to generate QR codes, the creation process of QR codes by
is limited to the creation of static QR codes and there are no variants to modify the design.


is an online QR code generator that has an unlikely
QR code generation interface that can confuse users when creating their QR codes. This
QR Code Creator is for users who have the knowledge to understand the integration of the old school
software interface.

Although the
interface provides a basic interface for generating QR codes, viewing the
interface is not recommended for inexperienced or visually impaired users.


When most modern businesses are deciding which
technology tools to use for their marketing and operational
integrations, QR codes are one of the tools they consider using. We can
conclude that QRTIGER is the best QR code generator on our list.

But as they move into the future, towards unpacking wireless
information, out of the 15 major QR code generators
mentioned above, the 3 major QR code generators can meet their need to
encourage the use of QR codes in their operating systems.

frequently asked questions

What is the best free QR code generator?

the best Qr code generators

How do I get a free QR code online?

Is QR Code Monkey really free?

QRCode-Monkey is free and allows you to create all kinds of QR codes and customize them with logos and color options. You can generate QR codes for data types like urls, texts, SMS, emails, phones, vcard, mecard, addresses, wifi and social platforms like Facebook.

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