You have Raspberry Pi with Retropy or another system and are looking for good N64 games to play? You’ve come to the right place!
In this article, I’m going to share with you my favourite games for Nintendo 64.

The games below aren’t ordered by preference; it’s just a list of games I played a lot on Nintendo 64 when I was young, and they work well afterward. So you can have ideas for games that you can try out for yourself.

I will only post a link to download the ROMs if they are available on RomHustler, as I will not recommend other sources. By the way, if you don’t want to waste time searching for ROMs on the internet, you can order such an SD card with already thousands of games on it (Amazon), operational.

If you also need help downloading games on Raspberry Pi or installing ROM on Retropy, you can follow these two links to read my tutorial on the subject.

Super Mario 64

Let’s start right away with the obvious: Super Mario 64.
I think it was almost the standard game for the Nintendo 64, or at least a Nintendo demo game to introduce the new camera control system.

It was great at the time (he averaged about 95% of game ratings), and frankly, even after many years, he’s not the ugliest on the list.
It works pretty well on the retro, but for almost all games on the N64, I recommend a controller compatible with two sticks or even a replica of the Nintendo 64 controller (look at Amazon, because).

World Cup 98

This may surprise you, because I’m not sure if it’s really a worldwide success. But in 1998 the World Cup took place in France and as you probably know, I am French. So we were very excited about this event and we played a lot with my brother before, during and after the race.
It was a lot of fun.

Now it might be difficult to play this game for hours because FIFA matches have improved so much over the years, but all the basics are there and it works, so why not?
If you are interested, you can find it here on RomHustler.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hock is a legend in the skating world. He’s one of the biggest sports stars of the 90s, and he even named a game after him.

Even if I don’t skate myself, this game is original, and I like the idea of starting step by step (like Raspberry Pi, right?)
So I played different careers, and the multiplayer mode was fun too (you could have shot your opponents ^^).

I haven’t played much on the Nintendo 64, probably more on PlayStation 2, but it’s available for the N64 and it works well, so that’s good (you’ll find it here).

Mario Kart 64

Let’s go back to the most popular games with Mario Kart 64.
It was another big success for Nintendo a few months after Super Mario. Perhaps less innovative, but certainly a good game, especially in multiplayer mode.
You can play with 3 friends if I remember correctly (split screen) and all AI is still in the race (only 8 players).

In hindsight it’s great, I’m just trying to do a quick check to make sure everything is working properly, and I played a whole cup
. The latest versions have a better design, but the concept is the same, and if you’ve ever had the Nintendo 64, you’ll love it.

Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of the Time

Another Nintendo hit that everyone probably knows about: Zelda, the Ocarina of time.
One of the best games, with even more points than Super Mario (average 99% on Metacritictab)!

I haven’t played this game very often, but I can’t make a list of the 64 best games without including them. I know my brother spent a lot of time there, it was very exciting (just like before Mario), but not for me.

Nagano Winter Olympics

1998 was also the Olympic year, in winter – in Nagano (Japan), in summer – in Seoul (South Korea).
This game is unbelievable, it was probably a revolution then (at least for me). You can play almost several games at once, because there are many Olympic sports available (yes, even curling).

I remember a sport I didn’t even see on TV, but it was a lot of fun to play. In the press, it was an average score, but I understand that because some games were definitely more fun than others.
The best way to get your opinion? Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! You can download.

Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong is a legendary game, just like Mario, that already existed on other platforms for the Nintendo 64 system. This is an adventure game that has a lot in common with the Italian plumber.

Probably one of the best games on the platform, you can’t ignore it when playing retro pies.
Occasionally the game comes a little late, but with a few adjustments you can certainly make it work perfectly on Raspberry Pi.

I recommend to open the purple pi 4 to avoid delays for some of the games mentioned here. I didn’t try to get Pi 3 in carmine red.

Diddy Kong Racing

In the Kong family, I call Diddy
When Donkey Kong shares points with Mario, Diddy Kong Racing is almost the same as Mario Kart 64.

But the result is excellent, and for some critics at the time it was even slightly better than Mario Kart.
3D graphics, other interesting maps and other Mario Kart highlights are also available.
What’s your opinion on this? Try them on and let me know.

Wave Race

It really was a game that I played a lot, but I don’t know why ^
I’m not particularly interested in jet ski, the concept is close to another racing game, maybe the atmosphere was different, so it seems a little new.

You can play Wave Race 64 alone or in multiplayer mode and compete against your opponents in different modes (championship, time trial, round).
It was also one of the first games available on the N64 (it’s probably the game I played), so the graphics are a little outdated, but not that bad.
here, by the way.

Golden Eye 007

GoldenEye 007 is on the Nintendo 64 best-seller stage (with Super Mario and Mario Kart), so you may already know that.
This game, released a year after the release of the console, is a game in which you can play James Bond and use infiltration to achieve your goals (not mandatory, but often in an easier way).

In hindsight it’s very nice, but I couldn’t get my camera to work, so it didn’t work for me. I just need to move and control the camera with the left side of the controller (8bitdo SF30)
So far I have put it on the list. But if you have the one I recommended earlier, (Amazon) You can set it up like the original controller and everything should be fine.

You can download it here if you want to try it.

F-Zero X

F-Zero X is a futuristic racing game also released by Nintendo. So it was probably inspired by some parts of Mario Kart, but with a completely different result.
The gameplay is much faster, with better tracks, but I was less interested in that.

But it’s still a great game, and you might find it interesting if you like racing games, but Mario and Diddy aren’t your thing (or if you’re bored with them).

Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Kazooie: A game that came later than the Nintendo 64 (2 or 3 years after its release, in my opinion). I remember the high expectations of the press for the game a few months before its release, when we were all waiting for the new Super Mario.

A short overview of the official trailer:

Did you notice any similarities with Super Mario?
As far as I remember, both characters played interestingly, and the game was fun.

1080 Snowboarding

I think I got it after enjoying the role of snowboarder at the Nagano Olympics.
This is a third-person shooter where you can climb, jump and progress in different modes (training, racing, time trial and multiplayer).

A few years later, I also played SSX on the Xbox, which is much better, but for the Nintendo 64, the 1080 snowboard is pretty good.
He works for Retropy (he’s also a bit late, but I didn’t try to fit him in).
Available here on RomHustler.

Erase 64

Wipeout 64 is almost the same game as F-Zero X. They came out the same year, and it was a big competition between them at that time.
In the end, I don’t even remember which one I played the most.
Now that I’ve tried them, I think it was F-Zero, more arcade than swipe, so much more fun, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, you have to try this game, it has pros and cons, but in the end it is a personal choice (the link here).

Completely dark

The last game on this list is Perfect Darkness. It was released very late for the Nintendo 64 (apparently in 2000), so the overall result is much better than the others on this list (especially the graphics).
The game mode is very close to Golden Eye 007, because it’s an FPS where you play as an agent (but it happens in Alien War, which is not yet in James Bond movies ^^).

I did not play this game at the time, I think, because in 2000 the following console genres were almost there (PlayStation 2 when Xbox), but for the retrospective it is good and you can download it here.
For your information: I have the same problem with the camera as Golden Eye.

Recommended equipment for modernisation users

Here’s a summary of what I recommend so you can enjoy N64 games even more on Retropy:


That’s it, you know my favourite games on the Nintendo 64, and a bit of my N64 game history with my brother
. I really like this platform, the games are easy to find and work pretty well on Raspberry Pi (even if some of them need some modifications to work properly).
And you, what are your favorite games/console?

By the way, I have a lot of retro game guides on this site, so feel free to read this other news:

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