The Windows Shortcuts app is an awesome tool that allows you to automate tasks across almost any operating system. It has been around for a while, but a lot of people don’t know it exists. I decided to put together a list of 16 shortcuts that will make the Windows Shortcuts experience faster on Windows 10, and since we’re all anxiously waiting for Microsoft to release their next Windows revision, I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the tools that come along with Windows 10 right now, and make it easier to focus.

Windows is the most widely used desktop operating system in the world, but it’s also the most frustrating. To take advantage of the productivity benefits of working with a modern operating system, it’s necessary to learn its keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately, it’s not as intuitive as using a Mac or Linux, so it takes a lot of practice and dedication to become a master at the shortcuts.

Windows has a lot of shortcuts built-in, but of course some are faster than others. Below is a set of shortcuts that we found to be the fastest for our readers.

Shortcuts are a simple technique to save time and make the entire process of using a computer much easier. Of course, using a shortcut only saves you a few seconds each time. However, when you consider how frequently they might be used, those few seconds add up to a significant period of time.

It’s especially crucial when you’re studying. Every second counts. You may pick up a new skill, add a few phrases to your essay, or take a quick speed test. However, if the situation is particularly dire, there is always the option of seeking outside assistance. Students frequently overwork, resulting in a lack of motivation or even melancholy.

That is why academic assistance services have become so popular in recent years. It’s as simple as Google “write my essay for me service” and having the assignment done for you. It also doesn’t have to be the last option. You can save time and increase efficiency by using the shortcuts. It’s also acceptable to free up more time by assigning the least critical tasks to professionals.

Here’s a rundown of the most useful key combinations, as well as a few basic ones you might have overlooked.

Remembering The Fundamentals

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This is arguably the most well-known and widely utilized shortcut. Users can switch between windows using it. It’s especially handy when using full-screen apps like games. Because there is no other way to switch to a different window while utilizing them.


Ctrl+Alt+Delete is familiar to users of Windows XP/Vista or earlier versions of Windows. It was used to open the task manager program. It allows you to customize some settings, monitor performance, and close programs. In more recent Windows versions, however, it opens a menu where you must explicitly select the task manager. Ctrl+Shift+Esc eliminates this requirement by instantly launching the manager.


One of the most well-known shortcuts. It terminates a program’s instance (a window). Essentially, it eliminates the need to place your cursor over the X button all the way. It’s usually used to shut down apps that are slow or have stopped working.


This set of buttons copies highlighted text, a file, a folder, and pretty much anything else. Without right-clicking and then using the “Copy” button, this is a far faster approach to copy what you need. Due to the potential for lags in some programs, it may take a few tries to get it to work, so keep that in mind.


This shortcut, like the “copy” one, allows users to paste whatever they’ve copied. You may even use it to directly paste photographs in some programs. When trying to paste large portions of text or files into older applications, it may take a few seconds to work.


This combination highlights everything on the page or in a window (in a browser). When you combine it with the “Copy” and “Paste” keys, you can quickly transfer entire paragraphs. Those three together are arguably the greatest time-saving option on the list. Particularly when working on essays and other text-based activities.

Those Who Aren’t as Well-Known

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It may come as a surprise to some long-time computer users, but computer newbies have no idea how to get to the desktop the quickest. When you need to access files on the desktop, use this shortcut. It transports you there for a little period of time. To return to the previously opened window, press it once more.


The “Undo” button in programs like Microsoft Word is well-known. However, few people are aware that the undo feature is available in many programs, including on the desktop. Ctrl+Z will undo the last operation, whether it was deleting a file, pasting text, or creating a folder. But don’t be too careless; it won’t delete your emails.


This one, like Alt+F4, cancels whatever is currently open. It does, however, operate a little better on a local level. Instead of dismissing the entire browser window, it merely closes the current tab, for example. The distinction between them can be summarized as follows:

  • Ctrl+W is a shortcut for web browsers (closing individual tabs)
  • The shortcut key combination Alt+F4 is used to close windows (an instance of a program)


You can switch between items by pressing the Tab key. Fill in the gaps between the buttons in the video player or between lines of text, for example. This allows users to interact with the buttons on the screen without having to left-click them (choose with Tab and press enter to interact).


Do you need to open the Explorer (not the old browser, but the one for files)? That’s exactly what Win+E does. This shortcut is typically used when you already have one explorer window open and need to open another.


This one will bring up the Windows Search box. Yes, the bar in the bottom left corner of the screen, as well as the fast access menu. Don’t overlook the search option; it could become your primary tool for opening programs and locating files. Many users overlook this feature for whatever reason (the poor search quality and performance in older Windows versions). Don’t make the same mistakes they did; you’ll be surprised at how convenient it is.

Shortcuts for Advanced Users


Opens a new tab where you can type the name of a file, program, or process to open or run. The Run Command menu is what it’s named. It will open the console if you type “cmd” into it, for example.

Left/Right Arrow + Win

Snaps the open window to the screen’s side. When you need numerous windows open at the same time and want to quickly place them on the screen, this feature comes in handy. Without this shortcut, it can take a long time to align the windows in a symmetrical manner.

Scr Scr Scr Scr Scr Scr Scr Scr Scr Scr Sc

This shortcut makes a screenshot and saves it into the folder. Yes, the single press of the Print Screen button only does the shot, which should be manually pasted after. With this combination, the picture of the screen is also saved to the “Images>Screenshots” folder.


The screen is locked. Want to get some water but don’t want your roommates to see what you’re working on? This is the most efficient method of preventing them from doing so. Of course, only if you’ve protected your device with a password.

Final Thoughts

For practically anything you can think of, there is a shortcut. It’s only that the majority of people are unaware of their existence. We believe that by using these key combinations, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your study sessions while also saving time.

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