Want to improve your restaurant’s customer service and retail process, from seat allocation and order efficiency to fast and secure payment processing? If this is the case, you should consider using a mobile POS system. With a system like the Clover 2, you can count on the following four benefits – and more!

1. Employee effectiveness

It goes without saying that by using a mobile POS system in your restaurant, you are giving your employees the tools they need to work more efficiently. These tools allow for a faster and more efficient interaction between customer and employee, resulting in a positive and satisfying experience for both parties. Integrated features, such as B. Table setting and ordering applications enable your staff to meet customer needs and enhance the dining experience. With a mobile POS system, a single employee can also be the main point of contact for customers, greeting them, taking their order and processing their invoice, and even saying goodbye and quickly returning it.

2. Investment flexibility

When you invest in a mobile POS system like the Clover Flex, you free yourself from a traditional cash register or vending machine that takes up space in your restaurant lobby. With a mobile checkout, you can free up this space by providing a more attractive entrance for your loyal customers and creating a better first impression for your new customers. Depending on the layout of your space, you can even create additional seating to maximize your space and capacity.

3. Customer comfort

A mobile POS system has a positive impact on your customers because it offers them more convenience. For visual comfort, for example, a hand-held device can be equipped with a large display and a customer-oriented print screen. The mobile devices also offer faster order management and payment processing, as well as account separation, location tracking and fingerprint scanning features. Your employee can perform all of these steps without costing the customer time going back and forth with the fixed point system. With a brand like Clover 2, you also offer your customers a wider choice of payment methods, including EMV cards, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are processing their payments securely.

4. Positive observation

When you introduce a mobile POS system, you are quietly proclaiming your brand’s innovative approach to your business. Your desire to implement a system with a wireless credit card scanner, for example, shows your customers that you are making an effort to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the restaurant industry. Your positive perception of your brand leads to more trust in you, your products and services and an increase in word of mouth and positive online feedback.

If you’re interested in these four benefits, read more about the mobile POS systems available today. Contact your local business solutions expert today for a phone consultation or in-person meeting. Many offer a toll-free phone number and email or online contact points, as well as customer reviews and sales articles that highlight and explain the latest products and services.

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