Adobe currently has a huge position in the media publishing software market, and Adobe Audition is currently one of the reasons why.

If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you probably remember the good old days when this program was just called Cool Edit Pro.

Nevertheless, this utility is one of the most powerful when it comes to recording sound and modifying the input to your computer as efficiently as possible.

To achieve this crystal clear sound, professionals use an audio interface between the microphone and a Windows computer.

The most popular features are adaptive noise reduction, spectral frequency display, built-in metronome and support for VST and AU plug-ins.

You can download Adobe Audition as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud software, but this doesn’t mean you have to purchase the full software to save and edit.

Adobe Audit

The best audio interface software with many features to take your work to the next level.

Total Studio 2 MAX is a versatile music production software that can be used as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with IK Multimedia’s specialized audio interfaces.

It offers a wide selection of synthesizers, a huge library of samples and instruments, an excellent collection of mixing and mastering effects, and a large selection of guitar and bass amps.

We can safely say that Total Studio is quite an army that allows music lovers and professionals alike to get rid of their outdated studio equipment and enter the age of digital instruments.

Of course, and it can’t be emphasized enough, all these fancy scenarios would be totally useless without proper interaction between instrument and computer via a supported audio interface.

So before you buy Total Studio 2 MAX, make sure you have all the tools you need.

⇒ Get the full version of Studio 2 MAX

Since the guitar is one of the most recognizable and immediate instruments, Guitar Rig is without a doubt one of the best software solutions for amplifier modeling.

But it’s not that simple, because most of the time you can’t just plug your guitar into your computer and expect everything to work fine.

Sometimes an additional tool, called an audio interface, is needed to send the signal from the instrument to the computer with as little loss as possible.

Guitar Rig, is here to meet all your guitar building needs. Allows you to create the best possible sound for your instrument without breaking a sweat, by turning knobs and operating switches.

This unit currently contains about 17 amplifier models, 27 cabinets and 54 effects, which is more than enough considering that in real life this kind of equipment would take up more than two bedrooms.

Guitar Rig 5 PRO can be downloaded and tried for free on the official Native Instruments website, but there are two drawbacks to this practical situation :

  • The demo lasts only 30 minutes per session (can be restarted);
  • The full backup and recall features are disabled;

⇒ Buy a guitar

Virtual Audio Cable is one of the most widely used programs that specializes in seamless integration with various audio interfaces and in organizing these devices in the most efficient way.

This tool is actually a software that emulates a sound cable. It does everything a real audio cable can do, but in the form of lines of code on your Windows 10 computer.

Therefore, the virtual audio cable takes all audio signals arriving at its CABLE input and routes them to its CABLE output, just like in real life.

In this case, users can make computer recordings much more easily without having to make settings and perform tasks such as connecting a software audio player to a recording program.

To be a little more technical, Virtual Audio Cable has a multi-format audio engine that allows this tool to work with audio applications that use WASAPI, KS, DX or MME interfaces.

Although Virtual Audio Cable is free software (the correct term would be donation), this version is for personal use only.

However, developers also offer other options, especially if you are interested in volume licensing, commercial distribution, and even enterprise deployment.

⇒ take a virtual audio cable

Whether you are a professional musician or a novice, you have already used software solutions because they can relieve you of a huge burden.

Since connecting your favorite instrument to your computer is a difficult task in most cases, you probably rely on interfaces to simplify the task all the way up to connection and playback.

The audio interface software is designed to help you through the entire creation process, from recognizing the instrument on the computer to recording and editing whenever you want.

Frequently asked questions about audio interface software and audio editing tools

  • What is the best audio interface software?

Fortunately, you have several options to choose from. Check out our guide to the best audio interface software.

  • What is the best podcast editing software?

Our guide to the best podcast editing software is just what you need.

  • What is the best application for audio editing?

There are many tools for audio editing. To save you time, we’ve made a list of the best audio editing programs.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in December 2019 and revised and updated in February 2021 for timeliness, accuracy and completeness.

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