There is no better way to protect your child than to monitor his or her online activities. You can use parental control applications to make sure your child has no problems online. These applications have different functions that can be used to remotely control any smartphone.

The best part is that they are much more advanced than typical parental control applications and have many more features. You can check photos, call logs, locations, and other smartphone history without your child’s knowledge. Does that sound interesting to you?

Just use one of the five applications described in this article. You can then operate and monitor the device for as long as you want.

Why do you prefer advanced parental control applications?

You’ve probably heard of the standard parental control features on smartphones. They allow you to impose various restrictions on your child’s device. However, none of them are useful for keeping track of their online history. That is why it becomes very important to use advanced parental control applications, which we will discuss in this article.

From Minspy to Spyine, all these applications have proven to deliver significant results for users. From these statements you can directly deduce who your child is talking to and which places he or she has visited in recent days.

Let’s start with the most effective application.



Minspy is a complete telephone monitoring solution that delivers immediate and meaningful results. It allows you to connect any device to your online account and remotely monitor its activity. It has an excellent layout that makes it very easy to control any device on its platform. You can also use it for Android and iPhone devices.

It works with a unique algorithm that accesses the target device and extracts its data such as call logs, social media accounts and other applications.  Millions of active users trust to follow their conversations. So you can trust this platform as your next parental control application for the iPhone. It will surprise you that this application does not require root or jailbreak on the target device. So use it on any device and follow it immediately.

You can start by creating a free account on their website. Then follow the instructions in the installation guide and you can quickly complete the installation process. You can also click here to hack your iPhone remotely.



Spyier is our second best application for monitoring Apple and Android devices. It works on a similar concept and helps you keep track of your device by allowing you to use it via your phone. Like Minspuy, it can control multiple devices at the same time. This means you no longer have to create different accounts to keep track of your children.

The application comes with some of the latest phone monitoring tools, such as Android keylogger and SIM card tracker. These tools allow you to examine every call on your child’s device and instantly determine their current location. The application is fully web-based and offers a clear presentation to simplify the process.

You can read the installation manual to understand how it works. You will also find some pop-up window tips to help you create your account and operate your device easily. You don’t even need professional help to set up this parental control function.


Espionage box

Spyine is one of the most popular phone applications for professionals. It offers a clean and easy follow-up thanks to the demo application. You can use an example device to understand how this platform works. This means that you do not have to pay a subscription fee to determine whether this application is for you.

The procedure is similar to that for previous applications. It invites you to select your device – Android or iPhone – and offers you the right solutions for these devices. Just follow three simple steps to set up this parental control application.

With over a million active users, you can trust this application the way you would with a phone monitoring application. Forbes, the New York Times and CNET have published this application as one of the best options for parents.



If you are looking for an application that focuses on parenting issues, Spyic is a good solution for you. It’s full of useful features to help parents keep track of their child’s activities. It is also safe to use and requires no escape or root protection.

It can therefore be said that this application focuses on and provides parental control functions. Many people use it to follow their loved ones from a distance. It’s best you don’t get caught looking at someone else’s stealth camera.

This application allows you to select the operating system of your child’s device and view it on your account. You can then log in to your account at any time and track their activity.


undercover detective

Neatspy is the last, but not the least, of the applications on our list. This is a new application that provides advanced parental control features to capture the actions of multiple devices. You can promote your experience with features such as keyloggers.

For those who are not familiar with the keylogger, this is a function that records all keystrokes on your device. This means you can check all messages, texts and passwords they enter on their device. You can also filter these messages by date and message sequence.

So it is a potential application that will give excellent results for remote phone tracking.

Last sentence

All the above applications have the necessary functionality to monitor your iPhone device. However, they all have unique characteristics that will help you. You can select Minspy to get the full parental control application. However, if you want to focus on functionality, you can choose either Spyine or Neatspy. Similarly, Spyic and Spyier will help you configure your device with on-screen instructions.

So check your child’s online activities remotely.

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