PC users are usually concerned with how much data their browser collects, and how it can reveal their personal information to third-party websites without their permission. Is there any way to stop that, or is it unavoidable? Read on to find out which free programs you can use to check your browsing history.

As we all know, the Internet is the best place for information and finding information. But it is also the worst place for privacy. Whilst you can use site blocking software to make the Internet a safer place and stop yourself from being tracked and targeted by cyber criminals, you have to find the software that is best suited for you.

Windows 10 comes with an integrated web browser called Edge, but you can also download a free third party software called Ghostery, which allows you to block things like third-party trackers that may be spying on you as you browse the web. This data, known as personalized user tracking data, allows these companies to construct a profile of you that they can use to send you targeted advertisements.


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20th of August, 2021

Originally published in April 2021.

  • Web surfing history may reveal a lot about a person and perhaps assist you in finding something you’ve forgotten.
  • A excellent staff monitoring tool that offers high-quality productivity metrics may be seen below.
  • Using the specialized software described in this article, you may monitor your children’s Internet life or online activities.
  • Other helpful applications may likewise monitor and record all Internet activity on one or more computers.


Tracking browser behavior may be useful in a variety of situations. Checking your Internet history to discover the particular websites that you have visited may help you remember something you may have forgotten.

You can also keep track of your children, workers, and other individuals. Internet browsing history may reveal a lot about a person since it allows you to learn what he or she has been looking for in order to get an impression of the user’s psychological state.

We’ve chosen five of the finest programs for simply tracking browser behavior, so have a look at their list of capabilities and features.


ActivTrak is a great staff tracking tool that gives you accurate productivity figures.

Take a look at some of the most significant features that this monitoring tool offers below:

  • This free program is simple to set up and operate, and you can begin collecting data in as little as a few minutes after installing it.
  • To begin, you must first download the Invisible Agent, which will take just a few seconds to complete.
  • After you install this program, it will start taking screenshots and collecting PC use statistics, which will all show on your dashboard.
  • All of the monitored systems’ images and activity logs may be captured and recorded by ActivTrack.
  • In-depth reports and controls in ActiveTrack provide users the tools and data they need to evaluate and duplicate effective processes.
  • From the admin panel, you may control productivity levels using this tool.
  • You can also protect your business by using ActivTrack since it enables you to block harmful and dangerous websites that may be involved in suspicious behavior.

By visiting ActivTrack’s official website, you can learn more about the software’s capabilities and outstanding features. You may also join up for a free trial to see whether you like it before committing to a paid membership.

You will see for yourself that getting started with this software is very simple, even for people who have never used anything like it before. On ActivTrack’s website, you’ll discover a wealth of instructional videos and written instructions, which is fantastic.



ActivTrak’s comprehensive staff monitoring statistics can help you increase your productivity and work smarter.


SoftActivity may assist you in tracking users’ online activities by displaying their preferences for the most commonly visited websites and hobbies.

Take a look at the most significant aspects of this tool that you will be able to benefit from if you choose to utilize it:

  • You may watch your children’s online activities, discover whether your workers are abusing Internet access by talking with their friends or buying online, and more with SoftActivity’s monitoring features.
  • The programs provide a variety of options for tracking down a computer’s browser history.
  • SoftActivity Keylogger is a versatile and simple-to-use keylogger that includes a parental monitoring system that allows you to see how your children act online when you’re not around.
  • SoftActivity TS Monitor is useful if your workers operate remotely and you need to keep track on their activities.

With SoftActivity’s monitoring capabilities, you’ll be able to see everything about a user’s online activity, even if they erase their browser history.

These tools may be used as a surveillance camera, and they can record every URL typed and key pushed. All of this will take place in the shadows.

Visit the official SoftActivity website to learn more about the service and to see more interesting features of the tools available.

Obtain SoftActivity


SurveilStar Employee Monitor is another program that allows you to see your browser history in order to keep track of what you and other users have done. You can see what pictures and videos they’ve seen, what websites they’ve visited, what documents they’ve accessed, and other computer-related actions they’ve done.

Check out some of the other cool things that SurveilStar Employee Monitor has to offer:

  • This program is one of the finest employee monitoring and parental control programs available today.
  • It allows you to keep track of all of the systems in your network’s surfing history.
  • You can also block any undesirable websites on any computer in your home or workplace with SurveilStar Employee Monitor.
  • This program can save all website logs in HTML format, including the time, title, username, URL, and duration.
  • SurveilStar Employee Monitor provides data on how much time your workers or children spend on the internet.

Screen monitoring, website management, document management, instant message management, application and email management, print management, device use, file printing, and many more functions and capabilities are incorporated in this program.

Visit the SurveilStar Employee Monitor website for additional information on this tool’s extensive range of capabilities. This program also comes with a 30-day free trial version that you may try out.

Obtain SurveilStar


The KDT Web History Tracker software allows you to monitor and record all Internet activities on one or more computers. This application may accomplish so with the help of a sophisticated password-protected user interface.

Take a look at some of the finest features and most exciting benefits you’ll get from utilizing this software:

  • This tool has the capacity to operate silently in the background, oblivious to the fact that it is performing its work.
  • When you start Windows, the application will immediately start functioning.
  • The KDT Web History Tracker provides a straightforward and efficient method of providing log file data.
  • This tool will provide you with information such as the date and time of the website visit, as well as the URLs that were viewed.
  • You will also have the opportunity to see all of the websites that the users have visited.
  • KDT Web History Tracker can cope with Internet cookies as well as erased cache/history.
  • You’ll be able to configure this tool to run even if a certain user has activated the browser’s private browsing capabilities.
  • If you wish to, you may use this application to keep track of your employees’ activities as well as your children’s internet use.
  • This way, you won’t have to worry about your workers misusing the Internet during work hours or your children falling prey to a variety of online dangers.

You may be certain that KDT Online History Tracker is one of the finest solutions for removing suspicions and creating a safer atmosphere for web surfers at home or at work. To see how it works, you may download KDT Web History Tracker. This program works on any Windows-based computer.

KDT Web History Tracker may be downloaded here.


Last but not least, CurrentWare’s BrowseReporter is a powerful web monitoring tool that allows both people and companies to keep track of their online activity. This program may monitor which websites a company’s workers visit.

This program has a powerful reporting tool that can create graphical and tabular reports with detailed information. Don’t worry, the BrowseReporter from CurrentWare operates in stealth mode, so users won’t even notice it’s there.

Take a look at some of the amazing features included in this piece of software:

  • BrowseReporter from CurrentWare gives you real-time Internet monitoring so you can keep track on your workers’ online activity.
  • You can discover out which of your workers are squandering time at work by going online rather than performing their job.
  • You may also use this application to safeguard your network by identifying people who are visiting dangerous websites.
  • Even if you’ve never used a monitoring software before, it’s quite simple to figure out how this one works.
  • CurrentWare’s BrowseReporter generates comprehensive reports that contain browsing time, URL data, the length of each visit to a certain website, and more.
  • This utility includes precise time monitoring as well as application use tracking.

Visit the official website to learn more about CurrentWare’s BrowseReporter’s impressive range of capabilities. You will also get the opportunity to test this tool for 14 days for free.

Get the BrowserReporter from CurrentWare.

These five applications are certain to provide you with the finest capabilities for monitoring surfing behavior on one or more Windows-based computers.

Make sure to go through the full list of features contained in each of these tools so you can make the best choice for your requirements.

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Windows 10 allows you to open a new tab in the browser and then access the same browsing history without having to open the browser from the taskbar. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in some of the apps. To access the browsing history, you can go to the following settings in the Settings app:…. Read more about how to check browsing history of another user windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software tracks browser activity?

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser.

How do I keep track of browsing history?

You can use the History button in your browser to view your browsing history.

How do I check my history on Windows 10?

To check your history, open the start menu and type history without quotes.

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