You probably have an office, but have you ever wondered if it will help you get the right results at work? The organisation of your office is important for your performance, so you need to take it seriously.

Your office reflects your style and personality, which is also reflected in the results of your work. The way you decorate your office makes a difference and you want it to talk to you every time you come in and go to work.

Nobody should stay in the office without herbs, because that can hamper your creativity and – more importantly – make you less productive than you need.

This article contains some important tips for the organisation of the office.

1. Advocacy Your office

Before you start organizing the space for maximum performance, make sure that the clutter does not work. Clean your desk as much as possible and remove irrelevant objects.

Throw away any papers and documents that you no longer need and take out objects or furniture that have not been used for a long time and are unlikely to be reused.

The decoupling of space not only helps to create more space, but also has enormous effects on the brain and work.

A 2017 study showed that behavioural delays are associated with disorganized work, showing that people who have many things at home are more likely to fail and slow down.

Too much confusion can also make you stressed, anxious and depressed, because it affects your mental state, which also hampers your productivity.

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On the way to work, you absolutely have to start with an explanation. A simple tip that can help is to organize items such as racks and folders to store documents instead of wasting them.

2. Designing your layout correctly

When installing an office chair and desk, make sure they fit your height and help you maintain the correct posture. Your monitor should be at arm’s length directly in front of you and the top edge of the screen at eye level.

You can use the monitor stand to lift the monitor or laptop to keep the screen at eye level. It will help you not to strain your eyes or wring your neck while working.

You can also set up your desk in such a way that you have everything at your fingertips, so you don’t have to reach for more documents or have to get up from time to time, which could distract you from your work. Keep your phone or accessories on the dominant side.

You can also buy accessories for the standing table if you are using a standing table to ensure the correct layout of the desk and a correct and comfortable posture while working.

3. Colour code of your file system

Color coding not only lightens up space, but also helps you find your files faster and spend less time searching for documents. You can use a color palette that probably fits your brand and select up to 5 color categories or less to work with.

Each colour should represent something; for example, you can use green for financial documents, so you know which colour to use when you need a financial document.

While you are organizing your files, it is also important to limit the use of documents as much as possible. We are in the digital age and you may want to use the digital applications we have today, some of which allow colour coding.

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Of course, some documents still need physical space, but if there is something that can be stored digitally, do it and reduce the clutter.

You can get a whiteboard to quickly write down important things that can be easily erased instead of using paper and throwing them away. Using fewer documents is also an excellent way to contribute to a sustainable environment.

4. Put your drawers away

Use your drawers, if you have them, to store important items such as markers, stamps, envelopes, adhesive pads and notebooks. They can all be in a box together, so you have an idea where to find them.

You can also keep important documents at hand in another box. By arranging your boxes according to the items you use and the way they are used, you avoid distractions that could prevent you from finding the right item.

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5. Specify your style and personality

This is especially effective for home offices, where you can furnish your own office as you wish. You can make your office look more like yours by adding your style and personality to the design.

If you are introverted and prefer a minimalist design, you can create a design for your office that does just that with few elements, minimal colours and a clean space you would like to enter.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to be noisy, you can decorate your office by combining colours that suit your style and personality. Use the right combination of colors to get what you want.

Introducing your style and personality into your workspace is a big step forward as it can encourage you to work better and improve your creative potential. You can also use wallpaper and custom frames or stickers to say what you want to see every day and inspire you in your work.


Organising an office is far away, but the most important thing is that the office user enjoys it and it promotes productivity.

The tips you give in this article will help you organize a good bar table that you will enjoy using every time and that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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