In this article I will share seven of the best WordPress portfolio plugins, including free and paid options. These are all excellent options in themselves, but some are better suited for different types of portfolio content. So you need to do some research to choose the right option.

Let’s get to work so you can show your work in no time….

The seven best portfolio plugins for WordPress in 2021.

1. WP portfolio

WP Portfolio is a high-end WordPress portfolio plugin from Brainstorm Force, the same team behind the very popular Astra theme (our review) and other tools such as Schema Pro, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg/Elementor/Beaver Builder and others.

WP Portfolio really shines when it comes to creating a portfolio of websites you have created for your customers. This makes sense because many of Brainstorm Force’s customers are people who use Astra and other tools to create websites for their customers.

That said, you can also use WP Portfolio for shared image or video galleries, which is by no means limited to web portfolios.

Fun fact – the WP Portfolio feature is actually based on the demo library imported for the Astra theme. This allows you to add multiple Ajax filters, a search box and more.

Also the coolest feature, especially for websites, is the quick view function. When the user clicks on the portfolio item, the website/image/video opens in full screen (no page reload required). Visitors can close the preview to return to the full portfolio list.

It also includes other user-friendly features such as infinite scrolling combined with lazy loading for increased productivity.

All in all, this is definitely one of the best options if you want to show a portfolio of websites you have created. You should also consider it for general image or video galleries.

Price: $49 – or you can have it bundled with the Astra desk.

Get the WP portfolio | Get a live demonstration

2. Visual portfolio

Visual Portfolio is one of the most popular free portfolio plugins on, where it is active on over 40,000 sites and has a near perfect 4.9 star rating with over 64 comments.

It has a very nice modern design with different kinds of layouts, including :

  • Tiles
  • Wall
  • Grid
  • Reason
  • Carrousel

In terms of visuals, you get a lot of attractive hover effects to display more information about an object when the user moves the mouse over the object.

You can also add real-time Ajax filters and sorting options to help visitors find relevant portfolio items, and you have many other options to manage things like additional Ajax downloads, infinite scrolling, paging, number of views, and more.

Visual Portfolio adds its own kind of portfolio items to help you manage your content. But you can also use it for any other type of message (including regular blog posts).

In general, Visual Portfolio is a great option if you want a clean, modern design that works especially well with image and video portfolios.

Price: Departure is free. Pro version of 39

Get a visual portfolio | Get a live demonstration

3. Pro Element

Elementor is WordPress’ most popular page (and theme) creation plugin. That’s what we use here at WPLift, and that’s why we love it so much.

Because it gives you a powerful ‘drag and drop’ visual editor, it is an excellent option for creating portfolios.

Elementor is super flexible here and there are many ways to create a portfolio with Elementor.

First, you can buy Elementor Pro to access the official Elementor Portfolio widget (and many other useful features). This widget allows you to display any type of content on your website in a filtered grid. The widget allows you to view the content of messages, pages, and custom message types. If you want to separate your portfolio items from other content on your site, you can use the free Portfolio Post Type plugin to add a new type of portfolio content to your site.

You would:

  1. Installation of the Portfolio Mail Type plugin
  2. Add wallet items by going to →.
  3. See the portfolio items upstream with the Portfolio widget in Elementor Pro.

Another option is the use of a third party Elementor add-on, many of which contain their own portfolio widgets. Two good options to add to the portfolio:

Price: $49 for Elementor Pro. You can also undo things if you choose third-party add-ons.

Buy Elementor Pro

4. Portfolio gallery

Portfolio Gallery is a popular freemium plugin for portfolios, available on Allows you to create a beautiful gallery with real-time Ajax filters and a search box.

The free version allows you to create a simple portfolio of grids that should work well for most applications. For greater layout flexibility, upgrade to the Pro version to access more advanced masonry layouts and features such as Ajax Load More, floating effects, light box pop-ups and more.

For reference, the screenshot above shows what you can build with the free version only, but I will also provide a link to the demo version for premium features at the end of this section.

In general, this option is a good solution for graphic or video galleries, especially if you have a tight budget and want to use a simple grid.

Price: Departure is free. Professional version from only 29

Get wallet gallery | Get free demo | Get premium demo

5. Main grid

Essential Grid is the most popular net plugin on the Envato CodeCanyon market, where it has been purchased more than 45,700 times and has a solid 4.71 star rating with over 1,400 ratings.

Although the Essential Grid isn’t designed specifically for portfolios, it includes all the features you need to build a successful portfolio.

First, you can display any type of content in your gallery, including images, videos (including YouTube and Vimeo inserts), audio files, or content from your WordPress site.

If you use the free Portfolio Post Type plugin, you can set a new Portfolio content type on your site to manage the content in the background. You can then use the Essential Grid to display these Portfolio items in the Grid Gallery.

To really control how content is displayed, you have a drag-and-drop generator that allows you to customize any part of your front-end portfolio. For advanced users it is possible to include custom field information in the portfolio presentation, which offers many possibilities.

In addition to supporting many different content sources, Essential Grid includes other useful portfolio features, including real-time Ajax filters and infinite scrolling and loading via Ajax plus.

Overall, the essential grid will be a little more complicated because it is not designed exclusively for portfolios. However, if you are willing to learn something, the advantage is that you get a truly flexible portfolio tool that works with almost any type of content.

Price: $69 with lifetime updates

Get the main grid | Get the live demo

6. GridKit Wallet Gallery

Next we have GridKit Portfolio Gallery, another popular freemium gallery plugin on

The free version allows you to create a simple online gallery with different types of content, including images, portfolios and more. It is also possible to display portfolio items in a pop-up window.

The free version is good for simple wallets, but the greatest flexibility is offered by the premium version, which offers additional features:

  • More than 12 new features, including masonry
  • Other popular styles
  • Support for videos in your portfolio gallery
  • More than 100 gel effects
  • Sharing social media
  • Categorical filters

If you want to create these kinds of advanced portfolios, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

Price: Departure is free. Professional version from only 30

Get the GridKit portfolio gallery | Get a live demo

7. Term portfolio

Finally, there is Go Portfolio, another popular premium WordPress portfolio plugin for sale at CodeCanyon. It has been purchased more than 8,200 times and received 4.53 stars based on more than 440 reviews.

Go Portfolio allows you to create a flexible portfolio of any type of content on your site, including blog posts and custom article types. It also includes over 38 key demos to get you started. There are some really unique layout options, like the screenshot I showed above.

You can also use direct content sources such as images, videos (from YouTube or Vimeo) and audio players (e.g. the SoundCloud player).

You can choose from many different layouts, add real-time category filters and add many attractive hover effects.

Although only available in a premium version, Go Portfolio is quite affordable, making it a good option for people on a limited budget.

Price: $26 with lifetime updates

Portfolio Get Go | Live Demonstration

What is the best WordPress portfolio?

Now the important question – which WordPress portfolio plugin best meets your needs?

Well, one of my favorites is WP Portfolio, especially if you create websites for your customers. I think, from the UX point of view, it goes further than many other plugins, and the fast display function for websites is really cool.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a free WordPress portfolio plugin, Visual Portfolio is the best free option I have tested – the design is great, and it is quite flexible even in the free version.

If you want a lot of flexibility and are willing to accept a higher learning curve, consider a basic grid. It will take a little longer, but you can easily add personalized content to your portfolio that will be useful to you.

If you are already using Elementor, you may not even need a separate Portfolio Plugin because Elementor already has everything you need. You can use the built-in portfolio widget in Elementor Pro, or consider a third party add-on if you only have the free version of Elementor.

Do you still have questions about choosing the best WordPress portfolio plugin? Ask in the comments!

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