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For a player looking for something in an old chat room, it can be disappointing to find a difference of opinion that is not a work error.

Usually the problem is caused by mismatch server problems. If you use Discord on Windows 10, the application should display a magnifying glass error.

In this article we discuss all corrections of the mismatch finding error. To get the most out of the corrections, browse the complete list one by one. The following corrections will be discussed in this blog post:

  • Check the status of the disagreement server
  • A renewed disagreement
  • See the hard disk troubleshooting page.
  • Reboot your router
  • Check your internet connection
  • Access to a website or application
  • Switchgear
  • Reinstallation of a crack
  • Submit a request for support

Why doesn’t the mismatch search work?

Problems related to finding differences are quite common. However, there are only a few reasons why the disk search does not work.

Common reasons why searching for disagreement does not work include the following:

  • Server problems : Problems with the mismatch server are the most common cause of search errors. If there is a problem with the server, all you can do is wait.
  • Internet connection : A slow or inactive internet connection also means that the search will not work. To solve this problem, try to get closer to the router or connect via Ethernet.
  • Updating the disk : A new disk update can cause several small problems. Yoru can simply close and open the application to find and download updates.

Correction 1: Hard disk driveServer status monitoring

As with all other applications, the delay is highly dependent on the servers. Especially if you’re looking for something.

If the servers crash for any reason, you probably get a non-functional search error. Start by checking the status of your mismatch server to make sure it is not connected to the server.

To check the status of your dissonance server, go to the Disk status section and find the green sign for all systems.

The page is then divided into three parts:

Hard Disk Server Functionality Status

The Server Uptime section shows server problems for the last ninety days. The main server problems are indicated with a red line and secondary problems with a yellow line.

System settings

The matrices in the system are displayed as graphs. It shows the API response time for today, the current week and the current month.

Previous incidents

If you are interested in information about past incidents, scroll down to see past incidents sorted by date. It also shows whether the problem has been researched, pursued and solved.

Signature : Recent report on search engine shutdown incidents.

Correction 2: Disagreement Update

The first thing to do if the search for the drive fails is to update the drive.

Discord publishes regular updates and checks them every time you launch an application.

Players often play for hours and the computer is constantly on. Especially the laptops never go out, they just go to sleep and start later.

It is possible that an update has been published, which causes problems in finding inconsistencies. In this case, the discordance update solves a non-functional search problem.

To update the Discord application :

  1. Close the current inconsistency window.
  2. Reboot Discord and it will automatically check for updates.

Wait for the disagreement to surface and try to find something again. If this still doesn’t work, check the Discord website for problems.

Correction 3: Check pagePlayer Troubleshooting.

The first thing to do if the search for the disk fails is to check the source directly. If there is a problem with the drive, additional information should be available on the troubleshooting page.

To view the dispute resolution page:

  1. Visit the official website of the Zwietracht.
  2. Scroll down the home page and click the Support button in the Resources section.
  3. On the Help Center page, select the FAQ section.
  4. Under Frequently Asked Questions/ Troubleshooting, go down to the Known Problems section.

If there is a problem with the investigation, more detailed information should be provided. If not, the problem is probably on your side. Try the next patch in the list.

corrected 4: Router Reboot

The problem of the drive failure is mainly related to the network connection. If the problem is not due to the end of the disagreement, the next step is to check the home network.

If your router has been running continuously for a long time, there may be connection problems. Rebooting the router can solve connection problems such as a slow wireless connection and no internet connection.

An occasional restart of the router is also good practice in the field of network security.

If your problem is resolved after rebooting your router (and even if it is not), make a habit of rebooting it from time to time.

corrected 5: Check your internet connection

A slow or inactive network connection can also cause a disk scan error.

On your phone, you can see the strength of the Wi-Fi signal at the top of the screen. If they’re weak, move closer to the router.

On your computer, check the Internet connection level on the right side of the taskbar. If the Internet works, it has to look like this:

If the Internet is connected and working, check the speed of the Internet to make sure it doesn’t cause any problems when searching.

To check the speed of your internet connection:

  1. Go to and check your internet speed.
  2. The website needs a few seconds to check and display your internet speed in Mbps.

If your internet speed is lower than normal, try connecting your computer directly to the router with an Ethernet cable. Wired connections are relatively faster than wireless connections.

corrected 6: Going to a website or application

The disagreements are available as a desktop application and as a website. If you have difficulty finding an application in case of disagreement, a visit to the website may help you and vice versa. Try again and see if the problem is solved.

corrected 7: Switchgear

Switching from one device to another is another solution that often works if the search for discs fails. If you worked on a PC, you switch to a mobile application and vice versa.

Correction 8: Reinstalling the player

If none of the patches we checked has solved your problem, the disk server is running and the search is not a known problem, the files on the disk may be damaged or broken. Removing and reinstalling the mismatch on your computer will solve this problem.

Remove the disc:

  1. Press the Windows + R key, type appwiz.cpl and press Enter.
  2. In the next window of the Control Panel, touch the disc icon and press Delete.

After uninstalling the application, restart your computer and reinstall Discord.

To reinstall disagreement:

  1. Go to Discord’s website and click on Windows Download.

Install the application with the downloaded file and try searching again.

Correction 9: Send support request to

We’ve tried every solution to the non-functional problem of searching for disagreements. If you still can’t search the anomaly section, it’s time to submit a request for assistance.

Sending a request to the support team will probably not solve your problem immediately, but it is the most efficient solution. Most searches are application and server related, and there is no one better than Discord’s support team.

Submit a request for assistance to the Dispute Settlement Service :

  1. Open the Diskord website and select Support in the upper part.
  2. On the Help Center page, click Submit requests in the menu.
  3. Use the request for assistance form on the next page to send a request for assistance to the counterparty’s team.

Please wait patiently, someone from the helpdesk will contact you. If there is a problem as soon as the disagreement is over, it will be solved as soon as possible!

If your request is urgent and the problem is still not solved, try a manual search. It’s a tedious and difficult task, but it’s done.

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