Development issue/problem:

I’ve tried to see what my application looks like when I design the materials, and I want to use the new Lib cards.
My problem is that it’s causing this error in my gradle file, and I need to fix it.

Error: compileSdkVersion android-L requires compilation with JDK 7

I downloaded and installed jdk-7u60-macosx-x64.dmgand. java version in Terminal shows me that version 1.7 is installed:

java version 1.7.0_60
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_60-b19)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.60-b09, mixed mode)


Я… Я… What kind of java…

give it to me:

/usr/bin/java -> /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/current/Commands/java

…/actually/… …doesn’t have a home. I have… I have… I found a house here:


And set the path to the SDK storage settings in Android Studio under JDK Location. But it’s not working. Looks like he still can’t find JDK 7.

I use Mac OSX 10.9.3 and Android Studio (beta) 0.8.1.

How can this problem be solved?

Decision No 1:

Create a folder:
/Library/JavaVirtual Machines/jdk1.7.0_60.jdk/Contents/Home
in JDK settings have solved my problem I had the same problem when I started working. HIH

Decision No 2:

The answer @megapoff is correct. But I’m having a little trouble fixing it. So here’s a detailed, step-by-step decision.

For Mac.

  1. Download the DMG JDK-7 file here.
  2. Click on DMG and follow the instructions. It will install and configure the JDK-7 on a Mac.
  3. Now go to File-> Project structure -> SDK location in the Android studio.
  4. Click on the JDK location on the preview and go to /->Library>Java->JavaVirtualMachines->jdk1.7.0_60.jdk->Content ->Home.

Note :- This is not /system/library, but /library.

  1. Click on Apply and OK …….
    Bingo ….. Reconstruction of the project at …….

Decision No 3:

The other answers are very precise, but I would like to be more concise and clear. To prevent others from returning to this page unnecessarily.

Important* The old method is /System/Library/Java… and the new path is /Library/Java. (Not in the system catalogue)

Replace the old method: /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtual Computers/jdk1.6.0_0.jdk/ Content/Domains

Define your new path: /Library/Java/JavaVirtual Machines/jdk1.7.0_79.jdk/Content/Home

Decision No 4:

I haven’t moved to the android’s studio yet. I’ve used it for some tests and I like it a lot. A change has simply not been possible until now. I had a similar problem with Eclipse, and this is of course another solution, but when I look at one of my test projects, it seems that this is the way to go:

Open your project and go to File->Settings.

In the Project Settings section, expand the compiler and go to the Java Compiler option. You want to use javac and set the bytecode version of the project to 1.7.

I hope it works.

Decision No 5:

For jdk-7u79-macosx-x64.dmg just install the directory at

Not in
/System/Library/Java/Virtual Machines/jdk1.7.0_60.jdk/Content/Home

They’re both different.

Decision No 6:

Instead of searching for the file in :
/System/ Libraries/ Java/ Java Virtual Machines/

Fill in the image description here

We should check it out:

/Library/Java/JavaVirtual Machines/

Fill in the image description here

Good luck!

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