Apple MacBook Pro (Previous Model) is $150 OFF After New Launch

For those who wanted to buy an Apple MacBook Pro, now is a good time, because the previous model is now available for $150 less than the original price after the release of the new MacBook Pro with its own silicon chipset.

The agreement is available on

This lightweight and versatile unit is one of the best options on the market, even at a much higher price. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is nothing less than a portable power adapter that weighs 3.1 pounds and is 15.6 mm thick, which explains its popularity.

The device is also equipped with 10th generation quad-core processors. These are equipped with a new generation of devices that offer 80% more performance than other devices. This Apple notebook also features 32GB RAM and 4TB SSD for faster data storage.

The Magic Keyboard is probably the winning keyboard of this laptop, equipped with an advanced 1mm scissor mechanism that allows you to type comfortably like no other. It also allows you to type quickly and quietly.

The device’s special Escape button allows users to switch between different modes and displays according to their needs and requirements. Use the reverse T arrow keys to navigate easily and conveniently through the game and table.

The MacBook Pro touchpad also includes all the labels you need for a comfortable, seamless experience. In addition, tactile identification allows users to log in quickly and securely without any effort.

The 13-inch screen is pleasant to look at and does not affect your eyes, even if you have been working for several hours in a row. It has 500 nits of brightness with a 25% higher sRGB color scheme for fast color display and True Tone technology for greater convenience. If you’re worried about the sound, the wide stereo sound makes for it.

In addition to the latest processors, the device is also equipped with the latest connectivity features to ensure that users can work without interruption. Thunderbolt 3 makes it possible to work with a larger bandwidth, making it a universal port that guarantees uninterrupted operation.

It also has up to 4 ports for loading, transferring, and exporting data to your MacBook Pro as needed. The device also supports a 6K display, a 5K display and up to two 4K displays.

Not only the connection ports, but also the wireless options are quite amazing. The 802.11ac wireless Wi-Fi network enables users to spend the day in the field with increased performance and productivity throughout the day.

New MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro (Previous Model) is $150 OFF After New Launch

If you were talking about the previous MacBook Pro, you should have mentioned Apple’s newest MacBook Pro with the new M1 Mac processors.

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Apple’s new silicon chipset is called the M1 chipset and will be available in the new MacBook Air, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro and the new Mac mini.

The new chipset is expected to run on batteries, which is still unexpected for users. Apple takes 18 hours to play video on MacBook Air and up to 20 hours on MacBook Pro versions.

Apple MacBook Pro (Previous Model) is $150 OFF After New Launch

While Apple has taken over sales of an Intel version of the MacBook Air, the same MacBook Pro is now available at a discounted price. The only significant difference with MacBook Pro is that it has a fan for better temperature control.

The MacBook Pro with the new Apple chipset is an entry-level model, so it’s no wonder it has 16GB of RAM and two Thunderbolt ports. It is likely that future Apple chipsets will support more.

The new M1 chip also has a built-in graphics processor, which should generate sub-particle graphics, but for now this remains a question. But the full transition to a chipset based on Apple technology is likely to take more than 2 years if the estimates are correct.

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