Today, brands have taken advertising to a whole new level. Advertising is not just a way for companies to present their product. Rather, they have emerged as a means of solving social problems.

Companies now advertise in a way that reflects society. The main platforms also sincerely accept this change. For example, by publishing templates for advertising on Facebook, you can publish critical and compelling video content on your platform.

Advertising campaigns are always designed with the public interest in mind. These new advertisements introduce the viewer to the reality of our society, but with an emotional touch. Advertisements can go beyond product marketing; they can change ideas and bring people into dialogue.

Take a look at some examples that may inspire you to create an exciting video on social issues.

Approaching Social Issues Via Compelling Video Content

1. Discover new ways to present your brand or currency

It is perfectly normal to deal with a subject that is not directly related to your brand. It is even better to work on ideas that allow you to change the perception of your brand.

For example:

In 2017, Vicks launched an advertising campaign called Touch of Care. It was a heartbreaking ad that made the audience cry. He looked at the treatment of transgender people in our society who have difficulty caring for them.

2. Brands should not always refer to a social problem or injustice.

The most common values, such as safety or self-confidence, have a greater impact on your life. In this way brands can tackle problems that may indirectly be at the root of a social problem.

An integrated product with this value will appeal to the moral compass of the public.
They may raise an issue that is not controversial or that does not require political explanation. The use of a product that reflects these typical values will make consumers aware of your brand.

For example:

The Like a Girl campaign is an excellent example of uncontrolled advertising. It’s an ad that focuses on consumers, the female population.

Although it is not directly related to gender discrimination, it helps to give girls a sense of self-confidence. He attracts attention with the usual insults when you act like a girl. And then the last message indicates what it really means to fight, run or throw like a girl.

Approaching Social Issues Via Compelling Video Content

3. Attention in strips

If you are developing an ad or advertising campaign based on a social issue, try to add a little humour to it. Take an honest response to the situation.

Once you create a sense of empathy with your consumers, they will begin to identify with the character, giving your brand the ability to quickly deliver a social message and influence your audience.

For example:

The women’s series Wieden + Kennedy and Nike uses honest humour. It emphasizes the first automatic reactions in a woman’s head. These reactions take place in places like a gym or a marathon.

You can see how women express their thoughts. A woman who undermines or doubts her physical strength shows her true strength and ultimately gives the consumer a sense of empowerment.

4. Trying to innovate

You can discover new and innovative ideas that have never been touched by a brand before. Even if the message reveals the intricacies of a small group that is not yet an important part of your customer base, it doesn’t matter.

Approaching Social Issues Via Compelling Video Content

It is a matter of an authentic and emotional approach. To make your advertising exceptionally innovative, you can use one of Instagram’s many online video publishers for free.

In highlighting this issue, try to show how your brand will help the minority audience on which you build your advertising campaign. This can help your brand spread information to less accepted groups in society.

For example:

The Good Vibes application, launched by Samsung India, was the subject of a moving advertising campaign: Solve the impossible. Those who do not have the opportunity to see, hear or speak, have the opportunity to express themselves.

The screen showed an application that is a bidirectional Morse code application. The bond between a particular child and his mother appealed to the emotions of the audience, conveying the brand’s concern.

5. Breaking Stereotypes

There is a maelstrom of problems in society, which are recognised by everyone, but are not directly solved. These questions are well received by the public.

Your advertising can stimulate constant change and help people break stereotypes. It presents your brand as something that evolves over time.

For example:

Flipcart India has launched an advertising campaign called Gen E- Naye India Ke Saath. In this case, it was about breaking gender stereotypes. Advertising shows how children are freed from the behavioural restrictions imposed on boys and girls.

The clothes, colours and toys in the brand’s boxes were not aimed at the ground, but at the child. The company presented its idea of growth by supporting gender equality.

Approaching Social Issues Via Compelling Video Content

6. Status

You can defend any dominant social cause, not only by appealing to it, but preferably by expressing your brand’s opinion on the matter.

Even if not everyone in your target group likes it, it will send a clear message about the values you want to communicate.

This allows customers who are worried about these issues to appreciate your position and the coordination with your brand.

For example:

The Airbnb ad entitled We accept the direct expression of our opinion on closing borders to refugees. She said wherever you came from, you’d be accepted. It has strengthened and consolidated Airbnb’s position in race and diversity.

7. Packaging

Today’s consumers are well aware of today’s problems in all areas of society. A brand that complements its knowledge or takes steps to change is more acceptable than other brands.

However, there are several other brands that care about the image and follow the traditional path. If linking a brand to a particular subject seems risky, it’s time to assert your fear.

The need to create a brand image that indicates the position of your brand on a theme that reveals your brand identity.

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