Want to play Astroneer in multiplayer mode?

Astroneer is a fun and addictive single-player game that can be played on Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox One. Although it is a single-player game, it has a cooperative multiplayer mode. If you’re wondering how to play Astroneer and explore the world with your friends, you’re in the right place.

To play Astroneer in multiplayer mode, players must use the same platform. To make a multiplayer game on Windows 10 and Xbox, just invite your friends to Xbox Live Party from the game menu. For Steam users, press Shift + Tab, right-click on the players you want to invite, and then click Invite to Play to start the game.

However, there are a few other things you need to know to make Astroneer’s multiplayer mode run smoothly, without crashes or other network issues.

Astroneer’s multiplayer and co-op mode on Xbox One and Windows 10

Even in early alpha, you can play Astroneer on Xbox One and Windows 10 with a single purchase. Creating a cooperative mode for both platforms is pretty simple. This means you still can’t play multiplayer on two different platforms.

On both platforms, you can create a multiplayer game or use the party feature by simply launching the game, opening your friends list and inviting them to join your team while still in the game’s main menu.

On Xbox One, all players must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. You will also need to go into your Xbox network settings and change the NAT type to Open with Strict for the party feature to appear.

On the other hand, you can quickly find the multiplayer mode and party function in the Xbox app in Windows 10 without having to change the network settings on your PC.

If you don’t already have an Xbox app, you can download it from the Windows 10 App Store or directly from your PC browser.

To prevent the game from crashing, make sure the host has the best PC specs and that all other players have already started the game on their end. It’s also interesting to note that the person who took over the multiplayer game saved all the data on their Xbox or PC.

Astronaut Multiplayer onPair

Using Astroneer’s co-op and multiplayer on Steam is easy, but slightly different than on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 10. It won’t surprise you that Steam is the pioneer of multiplayer games. If you can share games on Steam, it is certainly possible to participate in multiplayer games on the platform as well.

It’s actually much easier to get multiplayer going on Steam, which is a relief considering the trials you had to go through to play on Microsoft’s platforms.

Just press Shift + Tab in the game’s main menu to open your friends list, right-click on the person you want to team up with and you’re done!

Unlike Microsoft’s platforms, on Steam you can also join someone who is already playing. Just open your friends list, right click on the player you want to join, and click Join Game instead of inviting the player to join with you.


Can two players play Astroneer on a split screen?

You can’t play Astroneer in split screen with just one console or PC. Astroneer is a single-player game with a party feature and cooperative game modes.

How do I invite people to Astronomer?

To invite people to Astroneer’s multiplayer game, just go to the main game menu and open the friends list to invite people. This applies to all platforms on which Astroneer is available. Note that there is currently no other way to play in multiplayer mode.

Can we play Astroneer in multiplayer without Steam?

Astroneer is also available on Xbox One and Windows 10. If you want to play the multiplayer mode without Steam, you can buy the game on Microsoft’s other two platforms.

How many players can play Astroneer in multiplayer?

The maximum number of players Astroneer can play in multiplayer mode is 4 players.

frequently asked questions

How does the Astroneer multiplayer mode work?

Until the developers allow the discovery of the servers, there’s only one way to play Astroneer in multiplayer mode: you have to invite people from your friends list. This applies to both platforms. On PC you have to invite the player via Steam, on Xbox One via the Xbox Live service.

Is Astronir a nice solo?

It is a unique single player game and an exceptional multiplayer game, as Astroneer reminds you what it is like to play a fun and addictive game that you can spend hours with without getting tired of.

What should an astronaut do?

There is no real purpose in Astronir. Like Minecraft, the gameplay is based on exploration, crafting and personal development. You can build a base, shape the terrain to your liking, obtain upgrades, and colonize an infinite number of procedurally created worlds.

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