I have created a few demos of Text to Speech Voice Australian Sound for your enjoyment. Playback of MP3/mp4 audio files for listening. After listening to this demo you can generate and download your own. I’ll show you how to do it with one of the best natural sounding text-to-speech programs.


How to create a male or female Australian text-to-speech voice in 3 clicks

There are two main ways to use TTS to generate your text scripts or convert them into downloadable mp3 audio files.

We have paid and free text-to-speech converters.

Without further ado, we will address each point to see how it works.

Best text-to-speech software (paid)

If you watch videos, you know that few things are more annoying than poor sound quality, low volume and difficulty understanding what is being said….

But worse! Text out loud!

These horrible video text-to-speech sound recordings sound fake, insensitive, robotic and cheap! It makes me want to hit the return button every time.

What do we usually do when we don’t have a good voice for our own videos or those of our clients?

We pay someone to do it for us, and it’s not cheap!

You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever tried to create a voiceover for your videos, and you’ve probably figured it out:

Independent artists are expensive.

It can take days for them to deliver

The text of the speech sounds like a lifeless robot.

There was no real alternative… Not now!

Text-to-speech software.

Speechelo is an incredible new text-to-speech program that sounds like a real person, with pauses, inflections and tone – so much so that you hardly notice it’s not a real person.

With Spichelo, it’s easy to trick listeners into believing this is a real human conversation.

With just a few clicks, get natural-sounding voiceovers for your videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

It’s available for an incredibly low price if you’re quick.

Just listen to the application in action in the Sales section of the site. Click on the link below:

Get Spichelo now.

However, if you don’t mind your voice being converted into speech, there are also free tools that will do the job for you.

Free text-to-speech software

Free is good. Especially if he gives you what you need for free. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer free text editors at the moment. And the few that do exist are not that big. That’s why I recommend considering a small investment in the creation of a professional voice-over text.

With that in mind, in this section I want to list some free TTS resources that can help you if you’re not ready to create realistic TTS voices or invest in a paid service.

Pay attention: The text-to-speech software I used to generate these Australian TTS voices is not the following. If you need an MP3 with natural voices, you should check out this program.

1. Balabolic (office speech synthesis application)

Balabolic is a strange name. Nevertheless, it is a very useful program for generating text-to-speech if you are looking for something free.

As standard, Balabola TC comes with SAPI 4 with eight different voices, SAPI 5 with two voices or the Microsoft voice platform. Whatever you choose, you can adjust the language, tone and volume to create a voice that is just right for you.

With this free tool, you can record TTS stories as audio files such as MP3 and WAV.

So if you want to be free, Balabolic is yours.

2. Natural player (online text-to-speech software)

This is another free online TTS software that can be used in different ways.

One option is to load documents into the system and read them aloud. The number of supported files is good and can help to manage multiple files very easily.

It also has Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which allows you to download documents or images scanned with text and read them all.

Another useful feature of Natural Reader is its floating toolbar, which allows you to select text from any web page or application and use the toolbar buttons to read the selected text aloud. This feature is most useful in web browsers and word processors.

3. Panorama Basic (voice generator on the desktop)

This software is amazing as a free software. It is one of the best free text-to-speech software. It works with simple and rich text, web pages and MS Word documents as input, and produces the resulting audio in MP3 and Wave format.

Panopreter has both free and paid versions. If you want to add anything to the free features, the premium version is available. The professional version offers a number of additional features, such as. B. A toolbar for Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer, the ability to select the text you’re reading, and some cool extra voices.

4. WordTalk extension (Microsoft Word plugin)

This is an extension to Microsoft Word that allows you to insert customizable spoken text into your MS Word document. WordTalk works with all editions of MS Word, and you can access it from the ribbon.

WordTalk is quite simple, but it supports a number of voices that can be customized to your satisfaction.

5. Zabaware text-to-speech reader (desktop text-to-speech generator)

Zabaware TTS has a very simple look. However, it has more to offer than some core programs.  To create voices with this tool, you can download many file formats directly into the program or simply copy and paste text.

This tool, when launched and the appropriate option enabled, can read out any text you copy to the clipboard. This feature of Zabaware is ideal if you want to listen to text on web pages.

The downside of this software is that the voice selection is limited, unless you are willing to invest a small amount, and the only adjustments you can make are the volume and speed of the sound.


This page is designed to show you some of the cool Australian sounding male voices available in some of the best TTS software on the market, which are not free. That’s why I made a list of the best free tools you can use to create mp3 voices from text only.

Thanks for reading this article. If you need help, please send us your comments below.

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