The 17 best gnouastronomy series online – Gnouastronomy not working? We present you the best 2020 alternatives for watching series and movies online for free in HD quality and seamlessly.

Best series of 17 alternative watches online

Best series of 17 alternative gnula to watch online 2021

Gnula stopped working in many countries a long time ago. The main reason for this is that the site does not respect the copyrights of the films, series and documentaries concerned. The immediate consequence is that we can’t get into the Gnula… Fortunately, there are many alternatives to gnula for watching shows and movies online.

More information can be found here:

This time, we’ve put together a compilation of nine gnouaille alternatives to watch the series online in 2020.



Queen of all queens. Although the site hasn’t performed as well as expected in recent weeks, it is now announcing a better alternative to Gnula – watching series and movies online in 2020.

It has the largest catalog on the internet and includes many first-hand titles and the final chapters of a successful series. You can also find documentaries and even popular TV shows.

I should add that Megadeth has an official Android application, which allows us to see the same content online on a mobile device.

Visit:- the website.



For the record: Ultrasuede is the continuation of Megadeth, whose surface it shares with the aforementioned website.

In terms of content, the number of films and TV series available still leaves something to be desired, as it was cut a few months ago.

To access the site, of course, we must register using the invitation codes provided by the site itself. In the article just linked, we explain how to get these codes.

Visit:- the website.



After Megadeth, the best alternative to Gnula for watching movies and series online. The main difference with the latter is that most content is in HD and Full HD, with links to Openload.

Movies, series, documentaries, programs… In Repelis Plus we find all kinds of audiovisual content, in Spanish and with Spanish subtitles.

Like Megadeth, it has an Android application with the same variety of content as the web version.

Visit:- the website.



Like the Gnula, it is blocked in many countries. Like the phoenix, it rises from its ashes to return with a new reign.

Full content HD competes with Gnula and other alternatives. Series, films, documentaries, in short all kinds of audiovisual content. In perfect Castilian style and with links to HD and Full HD content, as you can see in the name of the network.

If we cannot access the network, it is better to use a VPN application or proxy server.

Visit:- the website.



Another better alternative to wildebeest has recently been blocked in most countries where it operates. Vidcorn returns with a new domain and the same directory as the previous version.

It does not have the same number of names as the other options. However, it contains the final chapters of a series of successful and promotional films that have not yet been released in DVD format.

The problem with Vidcorn is that you have to create an account to see most of the links.

Visit:- the website.



Should be on the list of alternatives to Gnula.

As the name of the site suggests, Series Blanco focuses mainly on Spanish-language series with Spanish subtitles. Nevertheless, there are films and content related to television programs and documentaries.

The main advantage is the number of links in HD and Full HD that the web takes into account.

Visit:- the website.



We’ve talked about Popcorn time many times.

This is not an online movie site, but a program based on a P2P network that broadcasts all its content via a streaming torrent, which is played when you click on the movie or series in question. The alternative to Genoa

The downside is that it is a program with English content. Most films and series will be in Shakespeare, although most will be subtitled in Spanish. Also with the Android application.

Visit:- the website.



One of the newest sites on the internet. This hasn’t prevented it from having one of the largest catalogs of series online, with the latest titles and premieres of the most popular series. The alternative to Genoa

The site also presents a large number of movies, although the main purpose of the site is to show television series. The best part: All content is in HD and with Spanish voice-overs.

It doesn’t rely on advertising, so it will be comfortable enough to swim in even if we have access from mobile devices.

Visit:- the website.



In the middle of the list of the best alternatives to Gnula is Cliver, a site that, like the series, has only recently taken the world of the internet by storm. That’s why their catalogue is not as extensive as sites like Answers or Megadeth.

Cleaver also has a special section for movies with all kinds of titles. It also doesn’t have much advertising, so we don’t have to resort to external extensions.

Visit:- the website.



With an area very similar to that of the Gnula, it is one of the longest Spanish sites in the world. The alternative to Genoa

As for the amount of content, it has nothing to do with Gnula and other alternatives, although you can find the most popular series and the latest wave.

The advantage is that the number of ads shown is zero, so you don’t have to block them manually.

Visit:- the website.



Gnula is one of the most popular alternatives to the internet. As the name implies, the site’s content focuses exclusively on television series and documentaries, although some popular movies can be found as well.

Perhaps the highlight of the series Cat is the Marvel World section integrated into the navigation menu, with many titles from the comic book world. The alternative to Genoa

Unfortunately, we have to use an ad-blocking extension, because when you click on the links on the page itself, many ads appear.

Visit:- the website.



Despite the name, Pelispedia doesn’t focus on movies or feature films, but rather the latest chapters of successful series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

One of the strengths of the network is the download area where you can download movies, TV series and all kinds of audiovisual content. The alternative to Genoa

Of all Gnula’s alternatives for watching series online, this is the one with the most ads, so we have to resort to an ad-blocking extension. If our country’s network is blocked, we need to use a VPN application.

Visit:- the website.



Although the web is of Latin American origin, DixMax has a pretty generous catalog of movies, TV shows, documentaries, feature films and any audiovisual content you can think of. The alternative to Genoa

Using a similar operation to Megadeth, the only way to access the DixMax directory is to create a user account with normal identifiers. Later, we will have access to all content on the platform without any restrictions.

It should be noted that DixMax has an Android application that creates the catalog of the website in question. It does not contain any form of advertising.

Visit:- the website.



Like Popcorn Time, it is not a web to watch movies and series online, but a mobile and computer application whose work is based on extensions, allowing us to add third-party extensions to watch movies and series of all kinds.

Its strengths lie in its compatibility with Google Chromecast for streaming content on TV and in the absence of advertising, as the application can be downloaded from both the Play Store and the App Store. The alternative to Genoa

To install TV series and add-ons, we can access the list provided by the application itself in the section with the same name.

Visit:- the website.



Netflix’s free alternative has a much larger catalog than the aforementioned streaming platform. The alternative to Genoa

Movies in Spanish, series called in Castilian, anime, cartoons, documentaries, wrestling and others. All this in Full HD and with the option to switch to Google Chromecast.

The application also allows us to download content that we want to watch offline, so we can watch shows and movies without having to stay connected to the internet. Of course it is compatible with computers (Windows and Mac) and mobile devices (Android).

Visit:- the website.

16. CODE


Application whose functions are very similar to those of Strem. Using external sources and third-party plug-ins, we can add as many libraries as we want to make sure the latest shows and movies are in the highest resolution possible. The alternative to Genoa

Like Stremio, we can rely on Kodi’s own library of sources, whose content goes beyond TV shows and movies, to download these sources. Private television stations, international radio stations, and long, long, long.

Visit:- the website.

More information can be found here:


The application is compatible with mobile phones (Android and iPhone) and PCs (Mac, Linux and Windows), ad-free and can be downloaded from various app stores.

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