Many people naturally focus on the best processor or graphics card they can afford for their installation. However, in order to be able to use these high-quality components, a suitable monitor is required. The more screen technology is available, the more accessible it becomes, but also the more confusing it is, because the more possibilities there are.

One of the most popular and desired combinations of size and price for monitors, a 27-inch monitor for less than $300. The 27-inch screen is more than enough for everyday office work, and this same screen is perfect for your entertainment needs, such as watching movies or playing games.

Given the many models available on the market, we have chosen what we believe to be the best 27-inch monitors, currently available for less than $300. During several weeks we tested them all thoroughly and used them for many different tasks. We give our comments and opinions on each of the following points and make our final judgement, the best result of which is the result.


Below are step-by-step instructions.

Our best 27-inch monitor for under $300 Comment and Comparison

1. ASUS Designo MX279HS

Main product characteristics

The MX279HS is another beautiful Designo Series monitor for which ASUS has won awards and set a new standard in monitor appearance. It is thin and light, with very thin edges, and comes with an attractive but sturdy stand.

The frameless design of this ultra-wide 27 inch screen is stunning. The high-resolution display almost matches the edge. This feature and the 178 degree viewing angle make the ultra wide screen an excellent choice for gaming and everyday use.

The ASUS Designo MX279HS is equipped with ASUS TUV certified flicker-free eye care technology and ultra-low blue light. Multiple connectivity options and built-in speakers add to the impressive ease of use of this globally successful monitor.


  • Screen size : 27”
  • : Quad HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • side report : 16:9
  • Update speed : 76 Hertz
  • Login : Dual HDMI, VGA

What we like about ASUS Designo MX279HS

We were impressed by the bright and colourful images taken with the Quad HD with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. In addition, stunning visual effects are complemented by flicker-free ASUS technology for an even more comfortable viewing experience. Another eye care technology certified by TÜV Rheinland contains an effective filter that minimizes and reduces the amount of blue light.

The 27-inch screen reaches almost all edges, making viewing the screen more enjoyable, especially when using multiple monitor settings.

ASUS Sonic Master delivers breathtaking sound. The two 6-watt speakers and the 5-watt subwoofer offer 2.1-channel sound, developed in collaboration with the renowned Harmon Kardon brand.

What we don’t like about ASUS Designo MX279HS

The usual complaint and the one we agree on is their cunning control. The symbols of each controller are engraved on metal in such a way that they are barely visible. The touch controls themselves are close together, very small and very sensitive. It is not intuitive when it comes to clarifying the functions of the various controls. The menu jumps on the screen, making operation even more difficult.

Despite the many connectivity options, it still does not have a top port for bandwidth allocation and the
does not have a USB or Ethernet port.

ASUS Designo MX279HS has no VESA mounting and is not easy to mount on the wall. You will need to purchase a separate adapter for this purpose.


  • A beautiful monitor with integrated speakers
  • An amazing monitor in size, quality, cost, price and style
  • A beautiful display for Mac Mini
  • Industry-leading 3-year limited warranty, including free two-way shipping


  • Aesthetics for functionality in the design of controls
  • Bad pixels appear in the center of the screen after 8 months and are not covered by the warranty.
  • Obsolete cables

2. Curved sceptre 27 inches

Main product characteristics

The Curved Sceptre 27 is a large, easy to see curved display in various designs. The 1080p resolution and 75 Hz refresh rate ensure good image quality, sufficient for casual gaming.

The design is a very attractive slim form factor with thin edges supported by a round base that is stronger than it looks. Moreover, it seems more expensive than its modest price.

The Sceptre Curved 27 offers a high quality unit with all these functions in a good monitor that should serve you for a long time.


  • Screen size : 27”
  • : FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • side report : 16:9
  • Update speed : 76 Hertz
  • Login : Dual HDMI, VGA

What do we like about the 27-inch curved scepter?

The fast response time reduces halos and blurring during the game, so the characters and their surroundings are always sharp and clear at critical moments.

This is facilitated by the impeccable design, which ensures scuba diving and fascinating action. You certainly get all the benefits of 1080P resolution and 75 Hz refresh rate.

Eye care during long play or productive hours should not be neglected. The blue light shift reduces the blue light, allowing you to work, watch or play comfortably without tiring your eyes.

What we don’t like about the curved scepter 27.

The built-in speakers are not very good. The sound quality was disappointing to say the least. For a better viewing or playing experience, you need a pair of external speakers.

The 27-inch curved sceptre has an ergonomic tilt. It’s not spinning at all. It’s not worth trying a wall mount for this monitor, it’s better to install it on your desk.


  • An excellent game instructor for a very good price.
  • A good monitor for working from home
  • The paint is very good.
  • The text is clear.


  • Despite the fact that, as advertised, it’s really not that reckless…
  • Normally only works in moderate ambient light.
  • We only had to use the HDMI-HDMI connector, which had to be replaced by the connector on the unit.

3. AOC CQ27G1

Main product characteristics

The AOC CQ27G1 is an excellent monitor. The attractive design and sturdy construction are easy to set up. Once you’ve done this, the image quality is excellent and the text is sufficient, making it an excellent choice for the fun, but also for the simple work at home.

It offers excellent performance with a number of features, including high resolution, low response time, high frame rate and curved, frameless design.

The AOC CQ27G1 features a high-resolution Full HD screen for breathtaking image quality and responsive gameplay. You get brighter colors and a faster response time. With its sleek design and many popular features, this monitor is a beast when it comes to budget options.


  • Screen size : 27”
  • : QHD 2K Width 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • side report : 16:9
  • Increase the speed: 144 Hertz
  • Response time: 1 ms
  • Login : Dual HDMI, display connector

What do we like about the AOC CQ27G1?

This curved monitor with a resolution of 1800R QHD 2K 2560×1440 has an incredibly fast response time of 1 ms and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. It is clearly designed and built to provide an immersive
gaming experience.

AMD Free Sync offers an even smoother and more competitive game that is also good for the eyes. The frameless design on 3 sides with ultra green edges makes it the perfect multisurveillance system.

The AOC CQ27G1 doesn’t sacrifice comfort or ergonomics either. You can choose a height adjustable bracket with a VESA compatible wall bracket.

What we don’t like about the AOC CQ27G1.

We have found a number of problems that could be improved. The OSD presets are perfect for games, but this is not the case. Without the joystick, the shortcuts under the bottom of the display are uncomfortable and unlit, making adjustment a bit difficult.

There are no built-in speakers either.

The AOC CQ27G1 showed signs of a moderate spirit in fast matches. And we just didn’t think it was very suitable to work on texts. It doesn’t matter how big he is.


  • Breathtaking wildlife monitoring for the price of
  • Good budget, 144 Hz display
  • Excellent performance, construction quality and image
  • Excellent contrast ratio for VA panels


  • It needs some adjustments and calibrations to get the best performance.
  • Irregular brightness reported by customers who have more than one
  • No USB connection

4th MSI Optix G27C2

Main product characteristics

The MSI Optix G27C2 has a beautiful panel design with a 1800R curve for a more exciting viewing experience. AMD Radeon FreeSync technology provides a seamless customer experience with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and an ultra-fast 1ms response time for the highest level of gaming experience.

Our list also includes a VA panel for vertical alignment from Samsung’s leading manufacturer, a nominal brightness of 300 cd/m² and a static contrast ratio of 3000:1. With these specifications he is one of the contenders for the title of best.

The MSI Optix G27C2 has a good connection to HDMI, display and DVI ports.


  • Screen size : 27”
  • : FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • side report : 16:9
  • Increase the speed: 144 Hertz
  • Response time: 1 ms
  • Login : HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI

What we like about MSI Optix G27C2

It is not only the screen hardware itself that impresses, but also the integrated software.

Free Sync AMD’s adaptive synchronization technology adjusts to your PC’s GPU refresh rate, eliminating screen noise and stuttering and delivering ultra-smooth images without delay. And the MSI Gaming OSD helps you adjust game and screen settings.

The colour palette is 20% wider than conventional gambling screens and offers a brighter, more realistic picture at 250 cd/m2.

MSI’s Optix G27C2 is even equipped with the latest eye care technology; its anti-reflective function reduces the flicker speed of the screen and, in combination with a reduction in blue light, works against overload and eye fatigue.

What we don’t like about MSI Optix G27C2.

To achieve a refresh rate of 144 Hz, the DisplayPort connection must be used as the HDMI connection can only operate at a maximum of 120 Hz. So there is something to take into account when thinking about PC compatibility.

The lack of any height adjustment is also uncomfortable. And for VESA wall mounting, you need a special MSI wall adapter, which you must purchase separately.

The MSI Optix G27C2 is not the only one in this list and seems to place the shape above the function. However, it should be noted that the control knobs are also poorly positioned and hidden under the monitor.


  • Simply amazing and easily adaptable
  • A nice instructor for the price!
  • Contrast and viewing angle close to the IPS standard
  • With a sensitivity of 1 ms and a VA panel, it is excellent in both IPS (slower) and TN (lower image quality/sight angle).


  • At a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the pixels are slightly more visible at 27 inches than at 24 inches.
  • A small amount of light flows on the plate.
  • The disadvantage of a support that is not fully adjustable.

5. Philips 276E8VJSB

Main product characteristics

The Philips 276E8VJSB is a high-quality model of a reliable and proven brand. It has an elegant minimalist design, almost without glasses, but unlike some of the others on the list, it is also easy to use.

It features AMD FreeSync technology, so important for 4K games, but the features go even further. Thanks to the clarity and vividness of the texts and images, it is also suitable as a desktop monitor.

The Philips 276E8VJSB is equipped with anti-flicker eye protection, universal connectivity and a 4-year extended warranty. It can seriously be considered one of the best 27-inch monitors with a diagonal of less than $300.


  • Screen size : 27”
  • 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • side report : 16:9
  • Update speed : 60 Hertz
  • Response time: 5 ms
  • Login : Dual HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI audio output

What we like about Philips 276E8VJSB

The excellent image quality and wide viewing area of this UHD 4K UHD monitor offers the same brightness and image sharpness as seen from any angle from the front.

The color reproduction is realistic with a 10-bit display (8-bit + FRC). With 1.074 billion colours and 12-bit internal processing, you get saturated colour depth. The absence of flicker reduces eye fatigue after prolonged use.

The Philips 276E8VJSB has an ultra-low image for minimum distraction and maximum viewing size. Particularly suitable for multiple screens.

What we don’t like about Philips 276E8VJSB

We found it very easy to install on a desk, but more complicated wall mounting because the mounting plates are wrongly placed on the HDMI ports. This is especially unfortunate in view of the limited ergonomic flexibility.

They also point out that you may need to adjust the settings a little to get the desired result.

The Philips 276E8VJSB offers fantastic performance, but at 5 ms the refresh rate sometimes drops. In addition, a fairly fine adjustment is required to achieve this optimum performance.


  • 4K resolution, IPS and 10-bit color from a reputable company for less than $300!
  • The top and side panels of the screen are super thin, but with a solid metal base.
  • There is no visible flicker and the Low Blue Light setting gives a very normal brightness.
  • Adjust the settings correctly and the colours will appear as promised!


  • Problems receiving screen output when the monitor wakes up from sleep or power save mode
  • No built-in speakers.
  • Lack of compatibility with VESA standards

6. Acer Gaming KG271

Main product characteristics

Acer Gaming KG271 is an affordable option for players who only want broadband but don’t need wide viewing angles or other TN connections.

However, this does not mean that the 144 Hz update rate is the only advantage of this model. The monitor offers a high brightness unit, realistic colours and Full HD resolution.

If you like fast games and have a limited budget, then Acer Gaming KG271 might be what you’re looking for.


  • Screen size : 27”
  • : FHD1920 x 1080 pixels
  • side report : 16:9
  • Increase the speed: 144 Hertz
  • Response time: 1 ms
  • Login : HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI

What do we like about Acer KG271?

It may only be the upgrade speed of 144 Hx and the 1 ms response time, but you still get a 27-inch full HD TN screen with AMD FreeSync technology.

It is also a good screen for working with images and for editing photos.

The Acer Gaming KG271 is also equipped with Acer VisionCare technology and 2 speakers, 2 watts per speaker.

What we don’t like about Acer KG271.

Although WQHD panels can work with the most powerful graphics cards, this is not the case with Acer KG271.

We found some dazzling problems we couldn’t solve despite our efforts to find other solutions.

Some of the previous owners have noticed problems with reliability and durability.


  • A perfect instructor for casual players
  • Perfect for eye problems and headaches.
  • Surprisingly cheap.


  • Some problems with quality control
  • poor workmanship


We tested and compared what we think are the best 27 inch monitors available on the market today, worth less than $300.
We have examined all factors to find the best total solution, taking into account important criteria and a wide range of needs.

During a few weeks we tested them all thoroughly and used them for different tasks. The result was our final verdict on the best 27-inch monitor with a diagonal of less than $300 – ASUS Designo MX279HS.

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