Pinterest is a very popular platform for retrieving information used by people to share their design or creative work with others. It’s similar to blog applications, but unlike blog services that support long text and multiple images in the post, Pinterest can only receive one image at a time. The photos are accompanied by a short description. While it is easy to identify the thing in the image, the description allows users to share their thoughts about the image.

There are currently more than 100 million photos in Pinterest. Messages from this application are called pins. You can create a whiteboard and add as many contacts as you want. With Pinterest you can link an image to a website. It has a built-in analysis tool that allows you to see how many prints your pins have received and how many times your pins have been pressed.

Pinterest is not the only website/application that allows users to share their creativity. I have presented some alternative applications and Pinterest sites below. If you are a designer or someone who loves design and creativity, use the following web and mobile applications, such as Pinterest

Best applications such as Pinterest for Android, iPhone (IOS), PC

We make him angry

Best apps like Pinterest of 2020

Just like Pinterest, you have to be logged in to use We Heart It. Although WHI has the ability to connect to Twitter, Google and Facebook, you must create a We Heart account using the email address you used when registering your account in one of these three social networking applications. Once users are logged in, We Heart It invites them to choose their areas of interest from an extensive list of topics. Here are some of these topics:

  • Quotes, tattoos, articles.
  • Summer, jewellery, fitness, etc.

The minimum number of selected topics is 3. When selecting topics, WHI activates its content recommendation platform and displays a list of messages. You can record interesting messages or download an image that you find in the message.

We Heart It has a function called Trend Influencers. People whose work becomes popular in a short period of time are known as Trend Fluins. You can follow these people to see their future work.

We Heart It enables users to create articles with text and share video/images. The article writing function is only available to users of the We Heart It website. WHI has an opening section that lists popular messages.


Best apps like Pinterest of 2020

Dribble is Pinterest’s alternative platform for visual content, specially developed for designers. The dribble has a pin, like in the movie Shots. You can take a snapshot with an image in PNG or JPG format. Dribble also supports animated GIF images, which means that your photo may contain a GIF file. When you take a snapshot, you will be asked to enter a title, description and tags. The application makes it possible to filter projects based on the tool used to create them. It also allows users to filter drawings based on the color of their image.

Dribbling allows the makers to sell their works. There is a section on the bulletin board where you can find a job as a designer. If you want to hire a designer, you can stop working at Dribble. Although Dribble is not as popular as Pinterest, this application offers more useful features than Pinterest.


Best apps like Pinterest of 2020

Just like Pinterest, Mix is a cross-platform application. It finds the best content on the Internet and recommends it to its users. By brewing, users can also share their results with others. The Mix service is based on the technology of machine learning. Mix also has people in the background overseeing the platform. It allows you to increase the number of voices, assign lower notes and assign bookmarks. You can also create a collection that contains the messages you find interesting.


Best apps like Pinterest of 2020

Pearl trees allow users to store interesting files, pages, videos, etc. they find on the Internet. Unlike Pinterest, which shows everything users download, Pearltrees only shows messages from users you follow and messages you discover after using the search function.

Pearltrees can automatically add attachments and URLs to your collection when you send an email with the email ID you used to create your Pearltrees account to the email ID shared by the application. The application allows you to comment on the collection of other users. Supports annotations and illustrations for websites. Because Pearltrees is a multi-platform service, you can access your collections at any time.


Best apps like Pinterest of 2020

Houzz is an excellent application for discovering and saving design ideas/designs and buying a product that looks exactly like the one in the picture. It also allows you to redefine an existing template. People in the United States don’t necessarily like the inside of a house in India. To avoid this, Houzz locates your site and shows you the projects that people in your country have in common. The application also enables you to find and hire good interior designers. This enables users to judge designers. Hawes’ collections are known as Ideabucky. You can add your favorite messages/pictures to your Ideal Book.

In addition to the applications mentioned above, you can find new ideas via Facebook. FB has 1000 groups in which designers, decorators, architects, etc. share their work. You must use the Facebook search function to find such groups and be part of them.

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