Boxing is one of the most popular sports. If you have recently purchased a speedbag or if you are a freeloader, you can learn to box without leaving your home, without having to spend a penny on the following applications:

Best boxing training for Android and IOS

Kickboxing fitness equipment

Fitness trainer for kickboxing

This application teaches kickboxing to its users for free and allows them to pass various tests. The challenges are for amateurs as well as experienced boxers. They will teach you different boxing techniques for free. The technique/movement is accompanied by an image and a number (the number of times you need to practice the movement). You can also see the same animation by clicking on the icon to the right of the image. After clicking on the Training option, the kickboxing trainer will play animated exercises one after the other. The application allows users to change the order in which the exercises are performed. It includes a history section, the ability to define memories, an energy planning service, etc. It also provides access to various reports.

Boxhitt – boxing / kickboxing training and more

The success box

At Boxhitt, each training session includes a series of exercises that must be practiced for a certain period of time. As in the boxing application above, Boxhiit divides the exercises into different categories. You can view the list of business events in the Travel section and on the main interface of the application. The application is equipped with a training mode and an animation. If you are preparing for the game, switch to training mode. Trainings/sessions can last several weeks, and regular boxing sessions can last 10 minutes to 2 weeks or more. Boxhiit makes it possible to compare courses / histories / data. Boxhit is a good application. However, it is important and requires the registration of an account.

Football statistics: HIIT Shadow Boxing Handbag / Training


Boxstastic adds a customizable virtual boxer simulator to your machine. If it works, Boxtstic displays various options on its interface. To view a training guide on how to use the application, press the Training Guide option. To mute the gym or disable the graphical display of forwarded calls, press the option. To start a boxing training, press Start Training. Boxing ships with six boxing practices. It is also equipped with a stopwatch with options for setting the number of laps, the length of the lap, the resting time, etc. Once you have selected a workout, you will be prompted to select your training settings. Here are some of the options you can find on this interface:

  • Countdown, refresh modes, punches.
  • plan, number of plans/circuits, remaining length, etc.

After you change the options, tap Start Boxing Training. You will now find an animated virtual coach on the screen asking you to hit different parts of the punching bag.

Box Simulator

Box simulator

This application includes 15 boxing lessons. Each session consists of several exercises, which are demonstrated by Michael, a professional boxer. As you can see on the screenshot, you can find videos or pictures of Michael in this application. To learn how to box, all you have to do is follow the train instructions/practices.

This application is only available for Android devices. IOS users can watch the YouTube video uploaded by Michael the Boxer.

Download from Play Store

Boxing Stopwatch

Stopwatch for boxing rounds

With this application you can create and customize rounds. BRIT allows users to specify the number of game rounds and the duration of each round. It also allows you to set your rest period. Once the stopwatch is set and the Play button is pressed, BRIT will start the stopwatch and display the time remaining until the end of the lap. With the application you can turn off the timer. Your phone may also vibrate.

Boxing training – Offline video

Offline training video

These applications allow you to access educational clips in seconds. The clips are grouped on different levels. To increase the level, you need to watch videos with the previous levels and their favorite levels. There are different videos on each level. For example, on level 1 you will find the clips Defense and Strike. You will find the instructions under the clip.

Download from Play Store

In addition to the above applications, you can watch boxing clips on streaming video sites. On YouTube, for example, there are more than 1000 boxing training videos. Watch the video and practice the steps. Just like the current applications, the boxing training courses are also equipped with animations and tutorials that explain various techniques to the users.

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