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Installing mods in GTA V improves gameplay and allows players to choose the type of immersion they prefer. Some people prefer to play a role-playing game as a policeman, criminal, salesman, etc.

You can find fashion items on all available websites, but the most popular one is FiveM. To get FiveM, you have to go to their website and download it. When everything is ready, you also need the best hosting for the FiveM servers, which you can buy from one of the available hosting providers.

Most of these servers offer almost the same experience. The main differences will be in terms of availability, volume, slots and prices.

We have searched a large number of hosting companies and found a hosting company that meets your needs. Below you will find the best hosting for Fivem servers.

ZAP hosting

Best Fivem Server Hosting in 2020 [Complete List] ZAP hosting

➕ For

  • Many ways to get paid
  • Fuses
  • Affordable prices
  • Reliable uptime

Starting price : 5,78 $. Immediate installation : DDoS protection available : Provided| Slots: up to 128| Free Trial : Not available.


Zap Hosting is an official provider of FiveM servers and offers a variety of settings.

Normally servers are configured directly, but the installation process can take longer in very rare cases. If this happens, Zaphosting will send you an email when it’s done.

Since the servers are pre-configured, you can contact customer service to configure the server according to your needs.

If you’re worried about RAM, they say FiveM is efficient, so if you don’t want to use the mods, default RAM should suffice. If you want to use the mods, don’t forget to upgrade to a server with a lot of RAM using the upgrade function.

The amount of RAM required for a smooth game depends on factors such as slot machines. In this way, Zaphosting will automatically assign sufficient RAM according to the slots you selected. Don’t forget that 1024 RAM should be enough for less than 10 players.

Other features include a SSD server, 328 GB DDR4 RAM, full FTP access, Intel E5-2650v4 processors, backup, live chat support and an online configuration editor.

How much does it cost to host a five meter long server?

The cost of hosting the FiveM server depends on the hosting company and the package you choose. For example, the starting price for Zap hosting is $5.78, but it increases when you set up your hosting package.

The more slots you choose, the more RAM you need, which increases costs. Extra storage space will be added to the price.

What to look for to get the best hosting server 5M

Here are some of the factors we considered when selecting the options above:


You must have heard the term latency in your playing circles. The delay is measured by a ping and is the time it takes to send data from your PC to the game servers and vice versa. It is usually measured in milliseconds, so if the connection time to the server is about 100 ms, this means that 100 ms is needed to send data to the FiveM server and back to the PC.

How does this affect your gaming experience? Ideally, low latency is required, so players choose the servers with the lowest latency. The less delay, the better the playing experience, because you can enjoy a smoother game.

Also keep in mind that a fast user PC and a fast internet do not guarantee a low latency. You have to eliminate all factors if you have low latency. You can start by checking that you have a stable internet connection at speeds above the recommended speed for online gaming.

If your speed is correct, check your game servers, because some servers are usually slow. So you want to read the feedback and see what the users say about the delay. Also check the location of the server you selected, as this affects the delay.

The best delay is 20 ms, but you can also enjoy the game when the delay is 20-100 ms.  If it goes through 100-150 ms, it still works, but you might not get the maximum performance. More than 150 ms causes significant delays and performance problems.

Server location

If you are currently in the United States and want to enjoy smooth gameplay, choose a server near where you live. You do not need to choose a server in India, Australia or South Africa if there are servers near you.

If all your players are in the U.S., choose the nearest server, as this will reduce the distance travelled and thus the delay.

Multiple Actors

How many players will join you? The number of players participating in the game determines the number of slots you select, the server location and the amount of RAM.

Calculation cycle

When you choose Zap hosting, you get flexible billing intervals depending on the configuration you want to provide. For example, you can pay once for each break, which can last up to 5 years. A longer interval is usually accompanied by a reduction.

You can even get lifetime servers that you only pay for once. Unfortunately, this offer is only valid for Minecraft servers.


How long does it take to get everything in place? Are they offering an immediate facility? You want to set up, pay and be online in minutes. If you’re willing to wait, that’s fine, but they have to keep you informed of progress.

Permitted modes

Changing games can be quite hectic, so you need a hosting package that simplifies the process. If you don’t like mods, you can choose the vanilla parameter, which is the basic configuration.

If you want to add mods, make sure the game allows you to add mods to the server. As soon as you connect to the server, your PC starts a download so that multiple players can easily participate without having to worry about mods.

When adding mods, check the number of mods allowed by the server. Also, when adding mods, you don’t have to add everything at once, which makes troubleshooting difficult. Start by adding a few modes and troubleshooting, then continue until you have the full list of modes.

DDoS protection

Most hosting companies have DDoS protection for their servers, but you want protection designed specifically for FiveM. This ensures that your servers are protected even when you maximize your multi-user options.

In addition, make sure the company regularly updates its DDoS protection system to ensure the safety of the player.


Ideally, you need a hosting company that provides support 24 hours a day to make sure you get the help you need. Please note, however, that 24-hour assistance is not enough. You need technical support staff who are patient enough to listen to your questions and willing to help you.

If the company says they offer immediate installation, expect to live for a few minutes once you have paid and everything is taken care of. If this does not happen, you can assume that the company will report all delays and try to correct them.

Select the company that will communicate in case of a problem. Read reviews of your services to get feedback from users about business support.

Also check that you are as receptive to the company’s support as it claims on its website. Some claim to respond within minutes, but it takes days to respond or send you links to articles. You want to avoid these companies because they only make your life harder.

When you contact customer service, you want to talk to an expert or at least one customer service representative who understands your issue.

Zap-Hosting offers a live chat, which works as advertised. You’ll get a response in less than ten minutes, and the cops are pretty resourceful.


Zap hosting is probably the best hosting for FiveM servers, and if you don’t trust it, you can trust FiveM to choose it as your official server provider.

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