This article discusses different icon themes you can use to change the look of your Linux distribution. Although there are many icon themes for Linux, this article gives an overview of the most popular themes that are actively used in development.


Papirus is a colorful icon theme based on the popular Paper for Linux icon theme. The design is inspired by the design philosophy of flat and material materials. Papirus is one of the few icon themes that provides excellent support for thematic icons in the KDE system tray.

To install Papirus in Ubuntu, execute the following command:

$ sudo apt created a papyrus-themed icon…

Papyrus can be installed in other Linux distributions by following the installation instructions available here.

Ubuntu budji icons

Ubuntu Budgie comes with a handful of standard theme icons. These icon packs are beautifully decorated and look great with their accompanying themes. You can also install these theme icons in any Linux distribution, even if you don’t use Ubuntu-Budgie. These are icons from the theme: Mocha, Faba, Pocillo and Tela.–-Linux-Hint.png

To install Moka, Faba, Pocillo in Ubuntu, execute the following command:

$ sudo apt set pocillo icon theme mocha icon theme

You can define a Tela theme from within the Snap Store by executing the command below:

$ sudo snap installation tela-icons

To install these topics in other Linux distributions, visit their related GitHub pages above.

Elementary Xfce symbol theme

The Xfce Icon base package is one of the official icon packages available for the Xfce desktop environment and Linux distributions such as Xubuntu. It is based on the theme of the Elementar icon, which, after several years of development, has taken a different direction in the design. The developers of the basic icon theme have moved on to new projects. So the Xfce developers introduced the original theme and adapted it for the Xfce desktop environment. The Icon Theme contains many unique icons with an emphasis on light grey and blue colour combinations.–-Linux-Hint.png

To define a theme with the elementary Xfce symbol in Ubuntu, execute the following command:

$ sudo apt install elementary-xfce icon theme

You can install this icon from the GitHub website in other Linux distributions.

Kogira Icon Theme

Kogir is a free and open iconic theme, inspired by the philosophy of flat design. It has bright and colorful icons, many of which have geometric, round and rectangular shapes.–-Linux-Hint.png

To install Qogir in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, download the archive from the GitHub site, rip it, and run the following command:


Vimix is another material inspired by the design of an icon based on the Linux paper theme. It comes with different colored parts for folders and pantomimes, but follows a different design philosophy than the Papirus icon theme.–-Linux-Hint.png

To install Vimix in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, download the archive from the GitHub site, rip it, and run the following command:


The obsidian icon theme is based on the popular Faenza icon theme. The development of the Faenza icon theme was stopped some time ago, but Obsidian is still being updated. The obsidian has a theme of colorful icons, almost all icons have a square and rectangular shape.

To install the obsidian icon theme in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, download the archive from the GitHub page and extract the content to /usr/share/icons or $HOME/.icons.

Numeric circle

The Numix circle is, as the name suggests, the round theme of the icon for Linux. While most other symbols in the Linux theme have square and rectangular geometric shapes, all symbols in the Numix theme are either round or disguised as round shapes.–-Linux-Hint.png

To specify a subject with the Numix circle symbol in Ubuntu, follow the command below:

$ sudo apt Setting the Numix Symbol Theme

You can install the icon theme in other Linux distributions by following the instructions on the GitHub page.


Newaita is another theme inspired by the design of icons for Linux. The icons of the Newaita theme do not have a homogeneous design in geometric shapes, which makes them easier to distinguish at first glance.–-Linux-Hint.png

To install the Newaita icon theme in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, download the archive from the GitHub page and extract the content to /usr/share/icons or $HOME/.icons.


The icon themes mentioned above are quite extensive and contain icons for many applications. However, some applications do not have third-party icons. You can change the icon themes of the Linux distribution by going to System Preferences or using other programs such as GNOME Tweaks.awk command to find length of string,bash if string length greater than 0,bash repeat character n times,linux shell length,strlen function in unix,bash count characters in file,bash extract substring regex,bash string length,bash substring after character,bash string split,bash find substring,bash remove substring from middle of string,learn bash in,bash file extension,bash scripting and shell programming,bash operator,github bash scripts,bash pipe,write a shell script to find the length of a given string.,bash concatenate strings,bash if string length,bash substring,length of a string in bash script

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