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Did your snowmobile ever break down or get stuck in the snow, or worse, hit a rock and broke your A-arm? Then you know how important it is to have practical tools. You could have the chance to go your whole life without falling apart.

But that’s not always the case.
You must be prepared to deal with disruptions at all times. If you have an old sled,
, it will probably have to be modified or repaired once in
. It is absolutely necessary to have a snowmobile tool kit to be safe and to be able to keep driving in case of an emergency.

My personal recommendation

There are many toolboxes available online that can be used for snowmobiles. But among all these tools I like the standard CruzTOOLS RTH3 RoadTech H3 tool set.

As the name suggests, this is a standard tool kit that can be used on various snowmobiles, motorcycles, general purpose vehicles and more.

It comes with all the standard
tools you need in your snowmobile tool kit.

You will find these
tools in your toolbox.

  • Keywords
  • Series plugs
  • T-handle
  • Hex and star
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket
  • Mother conductor
  • Locking bar
  • Sliding clamps
  • Needle Pliers
  • Hexagonal shaft adapter
  • Sparkhole
  • Insulation tape
  • Cable tie
  • Mechanical wire
  • Threadlocker

This toolkit has proven itself to many users and they love it. If you want to know more about what other customers say about this toolbox and its price, you can find it here.

Why this toolbox?

Talk about the CruzTOOLS standard tool set: It contains most of the tools you need in your snowmobile toolbox.

However, if you still want a few items, you can buy them separately. Some of them are listed below.

  • Towing cable for snowmobiles (read my article on finding reliable tow cables).
  • Electrical or self-adhesive tape
  • Emergency launch rope
  • Vice grips (Replacing a loose cable or removing snowmobile tracks becomes an easy task with vice grips).
  • Siphon hose (a hose is needed if you want to borrow fuel from another snowmobile if you run out of gas).
  • Firestarter
  • Lighter
  • Flashlight
  • Paper towel.

Best Snowmobile tool sets

What are the
tools you should have in your toolbox?

Replacement of
Spark plugs

Dirty spark plugs are the most common problems you encounter as a snowmobile owner, whether it’s because of the oil/gas mixture or because your spark plugs run too cold. Keep a few in reserve so you can change them quickly.

The NGK BR9ES is the ideal spark plug for your snowmobile. You can check the price here, it’s quite reasonable.

Small open-end wrench

A small set of socket spanners is invaluable for many simple maintenance and repair jobs. You can use the EPAUTO socket, it is perfect in every way.

slotted screwdriver
and Phillips screwdriver

Best Snowmobile Toolkit for Polaris, Ski-Doo, & Arctic Cat

Phillips and slotted screwdrivers can be used for anything your
key set can’t handle. From replacing the
bolts to adjusting the skis, you will need both versions of the
screwdriver for a number of simple tasks.

Connection tool

You need an ignition tool to correctly change and remove the spark plugs without removing them. Always keep it handy.

or Channel

Some flexible tapes can be a great way to get a quick fix in no time! Fix loose or unprotected wires or repair a small tear in the handles with quick but strong tape.

Emergency power supply
Starter cable

If the retreat line does not allow you to stay on the trails, it will be a long journey back to the camp, or at least the waiting will be uncomfortable for someone to pick you up. Always provide an emergency start rope so that you can change vehicles and continue driving in an emergency.


Best Snowmobile Toolkit for Polaris, Ski-Doo, & Arctic Cat

If you are away from home on a snowmobile, you will need a tow truck to return to base camp. Discounted ramps offer a heavy-duty tow rope with loops that allow a friend to safely tow your device to a place where you can carry out repairs.


A siphon tube is certainly indispensable. A simple tool makes it possible to borrow fuel from other sleds to go to the fuel station.


Replacing the push rope or removing the slider from the snowmobile is facilitated by a vice, making it an indispensable aid for use on the trails. Wear a compact pair and consider yourself protected if various problems arise.


Another necessary repair element that can be used in a peg, clamps provide a temporary solution to any problem. These tyres are wear-resistant and fairly easy to use.


Nothing hits a snowmobile like a broken or damaged belt. To get back on track, fill a spare harness that fits your sled perfectly.


Like WD40 and tape, the sealing wire is considered a basic closure. If you are able to carry out special repairs, use wire for pressing.

and fuel

If your sled is two-stroke, you’ll need to bring some extra oil. You can be religious about keeping your oil for each page, but there will also be a time when you will forget and you will be happy to have had the extra fuel to get back on track.

If you have the necessary space or even a means of transport, for example on a tank in a tunnel, spare gas is always a good idea, even if you don’t use it for obvious reasons.


It’s always good to have at least two tethers. For example, if you break the A-arm or hit the spindle of a tree, you can put the arm down and mount the bracket.

Once they are tied, use the other tie to tie them to the side and back of your boyfriend’s sled to bring him or her home. Ratchet strapping with a high test load is probably the best type, but any standard strapping should be done.


This is useful for securing bent or shredded parts, pipes and other materials.


It’s very important to have, but nobody talks about it. The lighthouse can also be very useful.

Will new snowmobiles be delivered with a toolbox?

Most snowmobiles are equipped with a standard tool kit located under the seat or bonnet of the snowmobiling. The most likely items are a set of keys, a spark plug wrench, screwdrivers and an emergency start harness.

This is probably different for each brand and each generation of sleds. It’s very important for what you need at certain events. Regardless of the driver’s experience, unexpected situations may arise. It is therefore always better to be prepared and not to take any safety risks.

How do I buy a tool kit for snowmobiles?

for long-term use

The cost of something is one of the most important factors in buying it. Compromises on tools when it comes to snowmobiles or ski bikes that are possible at a lower price can cost you more in the long run.

So if you need to get the job done in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time, it’s no secret that choosing tools that offer good value for money is one of the smartest options.

Better safe than sorry
Safer than sorry

Your comfort is important, but so is your safety. You do not need to buy any tools in order not to jeopardize the safety aspect. Therefore, the choice of tool must be carefully considered. If you’re looking for tools, make sure they have padded handles, angled handles and double dipped pads with anti-slip pads to ensure stress-free use.


The exclusive tools you need for your snowmobile or Polaris never disappoint in terms of durability and quality. Tools must be tested for quality and manufactured using advanced technologies for better durability and use.


Today, thanks to the World Wide Web, you have easy access to information on any topic. Before you buy an Arctic Cat snowmobile or tool, you need to know what kind of tools you need. These tests also allow you to make an informed decision about which device is best for you.

Why do you need a toolbox for snowmobiles?

Having a spare wheel prevents the driver from retiring. Most sledges come with a handy tool to help you get the job done
. Most snowmobiles come with a handy tool kit. These
tool sets can help you fix your machine when you need to limp at home.

Regardless of the driver’s experience, unpleasant situations can arise at any time. That’s why you should always be prepared and not risk your life when it comes to safety.


If your snowmobile comes with a complete toolbox, that’s great! You’ll probably find most of the tools you need there. However, if you do not have a sled, it is advisable to install a minimum set of tools that will allow you to perform trivial tasks. Know your snowmobile and only get the tools you need.

Snowmobiles are a fun activity, but not one where you have to risk your life, right? The next time you go snowmobiling, make sure you have all of the above safety equipment with you.

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