How many times have you tried to fit everything you need for a class
snowmobile into your pants and jacket, but have you felt the lack of space in class
, even though you had lots of pockets?

Have you always wanted to carry all
emergency items on your snowmobile without having to worry about storing the
part? So you’ve come to the right place.

In those days, tunnel bags on snowmobiles looked a lot like backpacks, but instead of carrying them on your back, you could attach them to the riders and hit the snow. If you read on, you’ll get an idea of snowmobile tunnel bags and how to use them.

My personal recommendation

I will recommend different tunnel bags, and the one that suits you best, depending on your needs.

Okay, let’s take a break.

If you don’t want to compromise on the standard, but only want a high quality bag for your snowmobile, then you need to buy a bag that fits your snowmobile.

For Polaris snowmobiles

If you own a Polaris Snowmobile, you must purchase a Polaris Snowmobile Traverse tunnel bag. Suitable for 1+1 seats or without. It’s a great tunnel bag and it’s a bit expensive, but it’s fully worth the price.

You can see the price of this Polaris tunnel bag here.

But if you are looking for a Lock & Ride tunnel baggage, you can arrive with this Lock & Ride tunnel baggage from Polaris.

For Ski-DooSnowmobile

If you own a Ski-Doo snowmobile, you have more possibilities. The Ski-Doo LinQ Slim Waterproof Tunnel Bag is a good option for you.

This is a proven tunnel bag that is used by many snowmobiles. It is available in volumes from 16 to 26 litres, which can be easily installed on various snowmobiles.

I strongly advise you to take a look in the Ski-Doo LinQ Slim tunnel bag before you think of anything else.

However, this is not the only bag for Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Another high quality bag is the new LinQ tunnel bag from Ski-Doo, manufactured by the OEM.

This 40 litre snowmobile bag has all the features you could ever need in your tunnel bag.

It’s also a great tunnel bag for your snowmobile. You can check the price here.

For other snowmobiles

What if you have a different brand of snowmobile?

If you own the Arctic Cat snowmobile, the Arctic Cat New OEM Shovel Pack Tunnel Bag can be a good option. This is a full-size tunnel bag that can be attached to a snowmobile. You can also check if the bag is compatible with the Arctic Cat Tunnel package for your snowmobile.

Whether you have an Arctic cat, a Yamaha or any other snowmobile, the American Trails Bushwhacker snowmobile tunnel bag can be a great option. A half-inch closed-cell foam protects delicate objects, while the waterproof fabric keeps your gear dry.

It also has a two-stroke zipper that allows easy access to your gear, even if you’re wearing snowmobile gloves effortlessly.

Another good thing is that it’s very affordable. The price will not be a problem for you if you are considering buying. You can check the price here.

Snowmobile Tunnel bags

The best tunnel bag for snowmobiles

Polaris Ultimate Shovel Bag

The Polaris Ultimate Shovel Bag is an improved solution to store all your snowmobile rides. This snowmobile tunnel bag is equipped with the Ultimate Shovel package that keeps the secondary bucket safe and ready for use at all times.

It is equipped with Lock & Ride technology that makes it easy to attach the bag, quickly remove it and keep it securely in place while on the move. This technology consists of a rigid housing and a simple mounting for easy installation in a snowmobile, keeping the snowmobile locked all day long.

It consists of a moulded Eva polyurethane foam with a polyurethane film coating for maximum strength. Inside the bag are adjustable dividers with Velcro fasteners that allow you to organize your gear inside to keep it safe during your fast and aggressive snowmobile rides. Others, on the other hand, have found that these hook-and-loop fasteners are not as strong and durable.

It has a capacity of 12 x 14 x 4 and a maximum weight of 10 pounds. Thanks to its spacious design and large capacity, you can take everything you need with you, as well as an extra compartment for the shovel, which is easily accessible at all times.

The advantages of

  • Universal scoop bag for an additional second scoop compartment
  • Lock and engine technology
  • Eva foam formed with a polyurethane film covering the structure
  • Spacious and large capacity
  • Adjustable partitions with velcro closure on the inside


  • Velcro partitions can be more difficult.

Ski-Doo LinQ Slim waterproof bag

The LinQ Slim Bag is one of the best bags for snowmobile tunnels and offers excellent functionality while maintaining a compact design for easy installation on snowmobiles.

It has a rigid upper and lower structure to ensure maximum strength and structure. The LinQ Basic Kit allows you to quickly and easily attach the bag to your snowmobile with a soft strap that holds it securely all day long. It also has a shovel pocket that can be attached to the top for quick and easy access when needed.

The bag has a waterproof roll closure that can hold 16 to 26 litres to meet all your needs while protecting you from snow and water. It also has a removable flap for extra protection against snow.

The LinQ bag can now be installed in the tunnel at positions 1 and 2 and 2 and 3, which is one of the improvements Ski-Doo has made in 2020. This allows you to distribute the weight of the bag evenly over the snowmobile, while having more options to mount the bag for your comfort and convenience. However, the bag is a bit heavy, so the weight has to be taken into account when attaching the bag to achieve an optimal balance.

The advantages of

  • Rigid top and bottom
  • LinQ Basic cargo kit
  • Upper bag with shovel
  • Waterproof inner cover with retractable and removable snow flap
  • Capacity from 16 to 26 litres
  • Can be installed in different tunnel positions

MXZ Bag for ski thawing tunnel

The MXZ tunnel bag offers a slim and rigid design to match your snowmobile. It is equipped with an innovative thermoformed tunnel bag for a long service life.

The bag has a zipper pocket with a maximum capacity of 25 litres. It also uses the innovative Cleat-and-Bag locking system, which integrates the bag into the snowmobile’s clamp using strong anchoring straps and the included equipment to ensure the bag stays in place and looks clean and polished.

The bag includes a prelabeled frame for easy mounting on your snowmobile and offers maximum safety. The design of this bag ensures water tightness. However, it is not completely waterproof, so it can get wet in extreme snow and rain conditions.

The advantages of

  • Innovative thermoformed tunnel bag
  • Expandable compartment with zipper
  • 25 litres capacity
  • Key and bag locking system
  • Chassis is easy to install

Arctic Cat Big Bag black for tunnel

The Arctic Cat Black Tunnel Bag has a large capacity for economical storage and convenient transport of all necessary items during the day. It has an enormous capacity of 33 litres with a large central compartment where your belongings are stored in an orderly and easily accessible way.

The Cam-Lock Quarter-Turn System is attached to the inside of the bag, removing straps and hooks and replacing them for better appearance and functionality.

It contains a fastener that ensures that the bag is securely fastened and fits perfectly on the snowmobile. The fastening straps also allow easy installation and quick removal of the bag.

The Arctic Cat Black Tunnel Bag features semi-rigid cast side walls and a top for extra stability. However, this bag is not waterproof and has not been designed and constructed to adequately protect your property.

The advantages of

  • 33 litres capacity
  • Cam lock with quarter turn system
  • Installation aids
  • Side panels and top in semi-hard cast iron


  • Not waterproof
  • The design is not structured in this way.

Bag for airlock and polar tunnel

Polaris presents the latest Polaris INDY storage system with a Lock & Ride tunnel bag. It has increased the capacity and improved the design for a better fit and updated style.

The semi-rigid panel construction keeps the shape of the bag even when empty, so the bag lasts longer and retains its beautiful new look for longer. This design also allows you to easily access and remove your belongings.

The Lock & Ride technology ensures easy installation and quick removal, while the snowmobile remains firmly attached to the snowmobile.

A large zipper opening allows easy access to your belongings. The inside of the bag features all-season Velcro to keep your essentials in place and ensure a secure fit even on the most aggressive snowmobiles. Others, on the other hand, pointed out that Velcro straps should be stronger to better protect the objects in the bag, especially when driving over extremely rough terrain.

With a capacity of 15 litres, the Lock & Ride tunnel bag is ideal for your small or large items.

The advantages of

  • semi-hard panel design
  • Lock & Ride Technology
  • Velcro strips for the whole season
  • 15 litres capacity
  • A structured and attractive design


  • Velcro can be harder.

Difference between snowmobile tunnel bags and backpack

When driving in the snow and embarking on a snowmobile adventure, it is important to have everything you need for an emergency call, because you never know where the future will take you. It is therefore important to be prepared in advance.

Snowmobile-tunnel-bag versus backpack.

In the past, before the introduction of snowmobile tunnel bags, drivers packed everything they needed in a backpack and carried it with them on snowmobiles. With the development of the technology, a vest with an airbag, known as a tunnel cushion, was introduced, which is now a must for adventurers all over the world.

Tunnel bags for snowmobiles are mainly similar to backpacks and do not differ significantly from each other. The only fundamental difference is that backpacks have to be carried on the back, which can be impractical, while snowmobile tunnel bags can be attached to a sled.

However, many riders suggest to carry the probe and shovel in a backpack, not in tunnel pockets or under the bonnet of the sledge, because you can then be separated from the sledge. It is even possible that your sled is buried in the snow.

In such situations, if you have a probe, shovel, emergency tool kit and other supplies in your snowmobile backpack, you can escape the conditions and survive.

It is also possible that you may accidentally lose your backpack during your search, so the snowmobile tunnel bags will help you and provide an effective rescue.

It is therefore advisable to take everything you need for the
with you in a backpack and a tunnel bag on snowmobiles. If
someone gets lost in your backpack, you can still survive the situation and
will protect you. For your comfort, you can carry extra accessories in your tunnel bag, while
carries light weights in the backpack, but for safety, always keep the
emergency equipment in both bags.

How do I choose a tunnel bag for a snowmobile?

The snowmobile tunnel bag offers you enough space and comfort to search for your snowmobile in the snow. With the many options available on the market, choosing a good tunnel bag has become a hell of a job. To help you get rid of your confusion, here are some of the main features of the tunnel bag designed to give you a better experience.

Purchase of a snowmobile tunnel bag


The snowmobile tunnel bag must be waterproof, because most trips are made in icy snow. Snow has the property of melting and can therefore cause moisture. Snowmobile tunnel bags must be made of waterproof fabric so that no water can penetrate.

If water penetrates, everything vital is destroyed, which means that it is impossible to survive the accident. It is therefore very important that the fabric does not get wet and that your clothes are kept dry and safe for later use.


These bags are used in cold and harsh climates. They must be strong and durable to withstand tough conditions. This is the most important characteristic that deserves attention.

The material used to make the tunnel bag should be one of the most important aspects to take into account. There are many materials in the city, but based on experience and personal research, nylon is recommended because it is strong, light and waterproof.


A person’s needs determine this factor and the number of basic necessities they have to carry; for example, a snowmobile tunnel bag can be both light and bulky.

Depending on the weight of the supplies you can decide which fabric you need. You should also ensure that the bag is properly attached to the car or can be carried easily and comfortably in the hand. It is preferable to pay attention to the carrying handles and the systems for attaching the bag to the riders.


When travelling on a snowmobile, it is important to keep your belongings safe in order to avoid problems and complicated situations such as theft and so on. With a zippered locker you can keep everything you need safely in your backpack. You can then enjoy your trip without having to worry about your belongings.


Tunnel bags should give you enough space for all your stuff. Depending on the number of supplies you can choose the size of bag you need, as there are many options on the market. You can also search for shared bags if you need to organize your most important stuff.

Tunnel bags are also equipped with expandable features that can be very useful during trips and night time excursions.

Tunnel bags
for snowmobiles

Snowmobile tunnel bags come with
lining on the sides and all over the bag. Side cushions or handles up to
provide comfort and ease of transport. Fully filling the
bag prevents damage to your property in case of an accident.


Now that you have an idea of the tunnel bags, their use and especially the different functions they offer, we hope you can find the best snowmobile tunnel bag so you can take your stuff with you without hesitation or worries.

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