Placing television safely on walls that are not made of solid masonry has been a challenge for years. Some people tried without knowing the tricks and ended up with an expensive TV set that was broken because the plasterboard was not strong enough to carry the weight of the stand and the TV.

Fortunately, those days of wondering if it was possible and television is no longer in danger. With some great products from Amazon UK, and a few tips on how to do it, you can be sure it’s all possible. The combination of these products with simple techniques and intelligent devices gives you the certainty that your TV is safely mounted.

Although this bracket is not specifically designed for plasterboard, with plasterboard you can install a single vertical mounting base on steel or wooden brackets. If you have fitted these wall brackets with the right ones, you can enjoy all your favourite shows in no time. This cleverly designed holder has tilt and swivel functions in all directions and easily adapts to large flat or curved plasma screens. It is built for strength and stability and features proven compression buckles to eliminate the risk of shoulder shifting. It also has built-in cable shields that solve the problem of those annoying hanging cables. It is certainly one of the most versatile and safe television carriers on the market.

Best support for TV wall mounting in dry setup

The Grip-It TV mounting kit for plasterboard is an ingenious solution to provide the necessary rigidity of the plasterboard wall for safe TV mounting.  The Grip-It TV has a unique gripping system consisting of support wings that extend into the wall cavity to ensure absolutely safe mounting and highly efficient weight distribution. It put an end to the old traditional supports or pins, which were often ineffective. All you need is a 3-step drilling, probing and turning technique to create an improper grip. The Grip-It TV has revolutionized the way you can protect your precious TV on a dry wall. There is no other product of its kind!

How to secure your television in plasterboard

There are tips for installing a TV on plasterboard, and it’s not as hard as you might think.

First steps

Determine the type of plasterboard you have, because there are two types of plasterboard. There are gypsum panels that are screwed into wooden frames, and there are gypsum panels that are either covered with gypsum boards or glued to the brickwork behind the gypsum board. Each type will have its own way of attaching the TV, so the definition of the TV is crucial to its success.

Check that it is.

A good tip is to use a metal detector. This allows you to locate any cables or water pipes behind the plasterboard. It is important to know exactly where to drill, otherwise you could end up with a flooded living room or drilling electric cables.

Finding a solid foundation

Install them where the metal or wood support beams are located behind the plasterboard. This will be a support anchor to provide strength when installing the wall bracket. As soon as you know where these hidden brackets are, you determine the location and position where you can install the wall in front of your TV. Good examples, such as the Invision mount, also make it possible to adjust the height when the TV is against the wall!

Method for bolting drywall panels to nails

Once you’ve found the pins, you can just screw them. Make sure the pins are in the right place where you want to install your TV. You can mount the TV wall mounting in the drill holes of the dry stone wall. Wall anchors, such as the Grip-It TV holder, can then be used, which unfolds behind the wall to give it a resistance similar to that of the opposite wall. If you want even more support, you can cut plasterboard and determine the length of the plywood and attach it between the stands. This provides a safe space to screw on.

Plasterboard process

You use long screws or socket screws to ensure a good grip. Then fix it in the masonry behind the television. This works as long as the distance between the brickwork and the plasterboard is not very large. Be careful not to bend it as hard as possible, because then you can crack the plasterboard. Although wall mounts are not suitable for this type of wall because they do not fit behind the wall, you can use Grip-It TV mounts because they do not penetrate deep into the wall.


Use these tips to enjoy the unlimited pleasure of watching TV from a wall-mounted TV and make sure your TV is absolutely safe.

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