There’s something I wanted to discuss. It’s not a popular opinion, but it’s what I do best. I wanted to talk about China and how the country deals with its image in the media. You may remember that China ordered a new monster hunter film because of a joke that was put in the film. There’s also Devotion, a two-year-old game taken out of the GoG and Steam, also as a joke. There are about a dozen such cases. The western public calls China a tyrant (which may be true in some cases), but I’ve started thinking more and more honestly about it, I agree with China here! Listen to me! Listen to me!

I’m asking you, who decides what a joke is? No, seriously, I often hear people say that a statement they made about someone else is just a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously, that if you react in any way other than by laughing, you are offended! A joke is a joke if both parties agree and think it’s funny, if the receiving party doesn’t think it’s funny, buddy, the joke is not funny! Your non-host colleagues may find it amusing, but the target artist doesn’t. This is what China has decided to stop completely.

China is now able to stop allowing racist jokes about its country and its people. You can tell your jokes as much as you like in your own country, but they are not allowed on the continent or in companies. And I have to say I agree. Let’s face it, the Western media loves to laugh at other nations and peoples. And so do I, though less often. They are so used to this privilege that anyone who complains about it is called a nag or a bully. Over the years, Asians have had a lot of ridicule in the media and, well, there is so much nonsense disguised as jokes that you can ignore it before you take it.

It’s funny, because West likes to make content where the victim is confronted with the bully, but when it really starts to happen to him, the other person is the bully. China is not a saint, but my criticism of them does not blind me to a point I agree with. If the Chinese don’t want us laughing at their people, who are you to tell them otherwise? Nobody says you can’t make the content you want, but if you’re going to bring it to China, you have to follow and respect their rules. Money and power talk. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still not in favor of them going after our other business. And their hypocrisy too!

I’d like other countries to do the right thing. Yeah, I look at African countries for obvious reasons. Bias, in case you haven’t noticed. If African countries were to develop and have the same economic power as China, we would not tolerate certain things from the western world and China either. I hate to say it, but there’s a real social and psychological damage in telling jokes like that over and over again. People are starting to believe it. What gives you the right to be angry with China? If they don’t like racist jokes, they don’t like it. Tell me another joke!


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