This is one of the best bass headphones on the market. Corsair Void pro offers excellent bass reproduction so you won’t miss a thing. Comfort, microphone quality and an affordable price range make this gaming headset worth buying.

Anyway, given the overall quality, performance and durability of this gaming headset, you can conclude that it’s definitely worth investing in. It is also attested as dissonant, which says a lot about the quality.

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VOID PRO SURROUND Play helmet for and against

strengths and weaknesses

  • Moulded memory foam in combination with a microfibre mesh for maximum comfort
  • 7.1 for excellent sound quality
  • Microphone mutes background noise
  • Certified resignation
  • Affordable price category

Contraindications and possible weaknesses

  • The microphone is too soft.
  • Ancillary software


Overview of the best low frequency gaming headphones CORSAIR VOID gaming headphones

Let’s first mention the value of this game. It belongs to an affordable price range and has certain qualities that even expensive headphones in this price range can hardly offer. But the best way to describe this bulky Corsair Void pro gaming helmet is by its characteristics.

Maximum comfort

Have you ever had the feeling that your neck hurts a lot or that your head is going to explode because of the transfer? If you spend too much time at the computer playing games, this may be the perfect solution for you. Take off those uncomfortable headphones and dive into a world of comfort.

What you can get with this Void pro gaming headset is a memory foam and microfibre mesh that will greatly enhance your overall gaming experience. Even after sitting and playing video games for a long time, you won’t feel an itch on your neck. This helmet offers a lot of comfort that Corsair should be proud of.

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Exceptional durability

Because the manufacturer has many years of experience in the field of gaming helmets, Corsair has now learned how to make helmets that are built to last. In other words: Corsair uses only the best materials for its products, just like this helmet. The metal structure with the glass-filled plastic is responsible for the durability.

If you buy this helmet, you can be sure it will serve you for a year.

Accuracy and long range

These custom 50mm (neodymium) speakers offer the best sound quality for your headphones. Precision and a large range guarantee the excellent results this helmet offers. No sound will go unnoticed.

Excellent compatibility

In any case, this headset is compatible with different devices. You can configure it on Xbox One, PC, PS4 and various mobile devices. However, sometimes you will need a Microsoft adapter. In other words, whatever platform you use, you can immerse yourself in a magical sound environment.

Improved but soft voice quality

The quality of the microphone is delicate. Whether you like it or not, depends in any case only on your preferences. However, the microphone has a soft sound that cancels and prevents background noise. Your teammates can hear you clearly without the unpleasant noises that can be caused by your dog, cat or street noise.

Anyway, we all know how important team play is. If you miss them, you lack the communication that is the key to winning team games. That’s why Corsair made it easy for you.

But if you play 1v1 games, this headset is also your best friend. You can hear all the sounds that can reveal your enemy’s position. There’s no chance and no definitive breakthrough if you don’t notice it. In fact, it gives you a general advantage that can help you defeat the enemy.

Certified Dismissal

If you’re a real gambler, you need to know what disagreement is and how it works. However, this website/application is one of the best TeamSpeak providers. Corsair Void pro Surround is Dissord certified. In other words: Discord has certified this product for its excellent sound and clear communication. It goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Lightweight and easy to use

Due to its light weight, this helmet will greatly increase overall comfort. But that’s not all, it’s also easy to transport and can be easily adjusted from one device to another. They are very easy to use and have a software called CUE. This software gives you maximum control over your headset.

It has an intuitive and easy to use interface that you will always remember.

Overview of the CORSAIR VOID PRO game helmet CORSAIR VOID PRO game helmet

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USBadapter included inpackage

This gaming headset is equipped with a USB adapter. This adapter turns your headset into an unlocked 7.1 system on your PC and offers a wide range of sounds on your mobile or console devices.

In addition, these gaming headphones offer a wide range of frequency characteristics from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It guarantees that nothing will disappear unless you hear it. Whether it’s explosions or silent footsteps, you can hear them clearly and without any doubt.

In any case, as said, this helmet belongs to an affordable price range. Considering all this, we can say that it represents an exceptional value for the price you pay. Of course we talked about some shortcomings and some collapses, but the overall performance will easily overcome them. You can see the top 10 game helmets.

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In light of everything we’ve said about a Void pro gaming headphones, we can conclude that these headphones are one of the best bass gaming headphones you can find in these headphones. It offers excellent quality for its price, so it is a high quality product. If you’re a professional gambler, you should think about buying one for yourself – that should be it, in layman’s terms!

However, we hope that this revision has made your choice a little easier.

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