In this article, we will explain the detailed procedure to create an iCloud account. We’ll also learn how to create a new Apple ID. You can also create an iCloud account for iPhone using this method. We will also review how to successfully log into your Apple iCloud account. The procedure is very simple and can be done easily if you follow the steps below.

Creating an iCloud account

After you create an iCloud ID, you need to manage your iCloud account for various iCloud transactions. We will also describe what iCloud is and how it works. So keep reading this article for more information about iCloud and its features.

What is iCloud?

Apple is the largest manufacturer of iPhones, Macs, and iPads. iCloud is a service developed by Apple Inc. and initially launched on 12. October 2011 and a stable release date of 1. June 2018. All programming is done in Javascript and is available in all languages. It has more than 782 million users worldwide. This service allows you to back up all your photos and music to iTunes. Its data center is located in Maidenhead, North Carolina. It offers several interesting features such as backup and restore, email, find my iPhone, iCloud keychain, etc.

You only have to create a standby app once, and it works on all your devices, whether it’s a Mac, iPhone or any other Apple device. If you have a Windows version on your laptop, you can also access the iCloud services, but only with limited functionality such as notes, contacts, pages, annotations. To use Apple services, you need to create an Apple ID, which is very simple.

Creating an iCloud account – Creating a new Apple ID

To use Apple services, you must register with an Apple server and create an Apple ID. Here are the steps to create an iCloud account on your computer. Follow the steps below for more information:

  1. You need a Mac OS or an iPad to perform this step. You can also create an account in Windows.
  2. Open the Apple website or go directly to the following link:
  3. On the web page, you will see the new Apple ID Create iCloud account.
  4. Enter your country’s first and last name to sign in to iCloud.
  5. Please enter your date of birth.
  6. Select the available Apple ID.
  7. Create a strong password that is not easy to crack, using the alphabet, special characters and numbers.
  8. Enter the same password again for confirmation.
  9. Then click on the security question and select a question.
  10. Select all questions and enter an answer you can remember. You will be asked if you have forgotten your password.
  11. Cliquez sur l’annonce pour les mises à jour, sur Apps Music, et enfin sur Apple News pour les mises à jour régulières et les nouvelles concernant la technologie de l’iPhone.
  12. Enter Captcha.
  13. Click on the Next button.
  14. You will be redirected to a new window where you must enter the code sent to your email address and click Next.
  15. Your email address has been verified.
  16. It is therefore necessary to check the hand number.
  17. Once verification is complete, the ID is sent to Apple’s servers for verification.
  18. With 24 hours to activate your Apple ID.
  19. Once you have activated your Apple ID, you can use the iCloud service.

These steps are verified and can be used to create iCloud emails on any device.

Creating an iCloud account – Signing in to iCloud :

Once you’ve created a new Apple ID, you’ll need to sign in to use services like iCloud, iTunes, etc. Follow the simple instructions below and sign in to your account:

  • Go to the following page in the address bar or click directly on the link:!&page=signin.
  • The Apple sign-in page opens.
  • You can create an Apple ID and password for free.
  • Enter the Apple ID and password.
  • Als het uw eigen PC is, kunt u klikken op de Onthoud mij optie.
  • Click on the Connect button.
  • U bent succesvol verbonden.
  • You can easily start using Apple’s great services.

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In the above steps, we have learned how to create an iCloud account on Mac, how to create an iTunes account, and also how to easily sign in to your account. If you found this article helpful, feel free to comment in the section below. Let us know what you think so we can publish another such useful article.

frequently asked questions

Can I use the same iCloud account on my iPhone and iPad?

iCloud storage is linked to your Apple ID. Your iPhone and iPad should be in the same storage, provided they are both signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID.

How do I connect my iPhone and iPad to iCloud?

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Can I use an Apple ID on my iPhone and iPad?

Not many people know this, but you can sign in and use multiple Apple IDs on your iPhone or iPad. You can sign in through the Settings app and set up multiple Apple IDs on your iOS device and use them for different purposes (contacts, email, notes, bookmarks, etc.).

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