You can disable this feature before switching to the YouTube message in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. When you access YouTube or another Google site in private mode (Microsoft Edge) or incognito mode (Google Chrome), the site will display a message asking you to accept cookies before you continue. The private modes of modern browsers do not allow cookies to be stored. So every time you load a page on YouTube or another website, you’ll see a message that you’ve given permission for a cookie. If you still find the previous post annoying, there is a relatively simple solution for you.

Note that the cookie consent message is not only displayed when you access the page in private mode. Users see these banners when they first open the page or after deleting browser data, including cookies.

Before posting to YouTube. Photo credit:

Note that blocking cookies can cause websites to behave badly and log you out every time you close a page.

Remove the banner before continuing with YouTube

In short, to disable the Before you continue with YouTube message, you need to add a specific domain to the cookie blacklist. Browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox do not allow blacklisted websites to store cookies. If you do, Google will automatically redirect you to YouTube, Gmail or other services without asking you for permission to accept cookies.
Learn how to disable the Before you continue message on YouTube in the most commonly used browsers.

Disable the Before You Go YouTube message in Firefox.

  1. Start Firefox and go to about:preferences#privacy.
  2. Scroll down to the Cookies and Location Information section.
  3. Click on the Manage exceptions button. Firefox will then open a new window with a list of exceptions.

  1. Type in the Address or Website field and click Block.

  1. Click on Save changes.

It’s done. Repeat this process for other Google pages, for example. B. for consent by email. Note that you must replace the domain in the website address to block another website created by Google.

Finally, here are the steps for Chrome and Edge users.

Disable the message before continuing with YouTube in Chrome.

  1.  Start the Google Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/cookies. This opens the cookie settings in the browser settings.
  2. Now look in the Sites that should never use cookies section for Sites that should never use cookies. Click the Add button.Disable the cookie permission notification in Chrome
  3. Enter the following address:

You can also block the annoying permission banner in Microsoft Edge. That’s what you have to do.

Logout before continuing with YouTube in Edge.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Go to: edge://settings/content/cookies.
  3. Find the Block section and click Add.

  1. In the new window, type and click Add.
    It’s done.

For other browsers the procedure is the same. You need to find the Cookie Settings section and add to the list of blocked domains.

For example, like this. (via msftnext).

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frequently asked questions

How do I stop Google before continuing with my message?

You have the ability to change your privacy settings or disable certain Google services. You can click on this reminder now or come back to it later. However, after a few days you will have to click the I agree button before you can continue using Google services.

How do I stop an annoying pop-up on YouTube?

There is no way to stop this annoying pop-up. You can’t even block it in your browser settings because it prevents YT from working.

Why do I always get Google before I continue?

It’s probably a problem with both: Your Google user is not registered. Your browser is set to clear its cache and cookies when you close or restart a program or computer.

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