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Looking for an e ila application for Android, PC, iOS and Windows?

But after searching the application e ila download APK on the Internet or on Google, you will not find any results related to it.

Well, if you go to our post, new comment on the right post, because here in this post I will give you the link to download e ila Anganwadi app.

As is well known, enforcement plays an important role for all employees of Anganwadi Department.

and ila app download

The Anganwadi division is also called the Shoshan Ahar division, and I will briefly explain it below.

So guys, if you want to know how to download the e ila gov application in Anganwadi, then stay here and read the full post in detail.

After reading this post in its entirety, I 100% guarantee that you will successfully download the e ila application.

What is the e ila application?

E ila app is a mobile application specifically designed for Anganwadi employees.

The Indian government is taking a big step forward for ahara shishan and you can also see how much ahara the government has sent and to where.

The eILA is a thematic online module that contains extensive information about nutrition and early childhood education (ECE).

The government has decided to train all Anganwadi staff in a phased manner through the CURD programme, which stands for Integrated Child Development Services.

At exotictechnews, I provide you with legal information in collaboration with my other editors.

With the eILA application you can register independently and then receive all the information about the e-learning modules on the topic of nutrition.

This application instantly provides you with comprehensive information on Anganwadi and inter-agency events.

Whenever the government launches a new program for Anganwadi, you will also see this new program on the official e ila portal and on the official e ila application.

You know what I mean? There are 1399697 and 1282847 Anganbadis working in the states and UT of India respectively.

If you are also one of those who want to know where the link is to download the electronic application, you can find it below.

Name of the request eILA
Version 1.1.0
Size 9.4 MB
Category Anganwadi
Awards 0.0$
Reviews 4.8/5
Name of the sponsor Government of India
Downloads 10 million and more
Last update 23. January 2021

To download the application e ila

Image credits : Official EILA Website

If you want to download E-ila’s ICDS application, you don’t need to waste your megabytes to download such applications.

So if you are one of those who want to know how to download an Android application, then don’t worry guys, just go to the official eILA website.

Then you just need to log in with your email account and the password you received from the Anganwadi Centre.

And if you want to download eila_hindi_v1.1.0.apk, click on the link below and you will be redirected to the official website.

You will be redirected to another page and can easily login on this page.

Many Anganwadi employees also get a lot of help with this application.


  • The official eILA request from the Government of India.
  • AWW’s official application.
  • The size of the eILA APK is very small.
  • Simple interface.
  • An excellent statement for the employees of Anganwadi.
  • A good fashionable application.
  • Plays an important role for the employees of Anganwadi.

E ila Apption Question Answer

If you want to know the answer to the question about eila anganwadi application, I will give you an application download link that will help you solve all your questions about eILA application.

Download this application and get all the answers you need.

Download the application now


So, guys, in this article I have explained how to download the eILA applications.

If you have any questions of any kind, please contact us directly in the Comments section.

You can also contact us by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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e-ila app free downloade-ila app download linke-ila app icds downloade-ila apk download for androide-ila portale-ila full formila hindi v1.1.0.apk downloadwww.e-ila.gov.in apk download

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