Fossil has been making great watches for a very long time, but it is only recently that it has made the leap (to a certain extent) into the world of smartwatch possibilities.

In recent years, however, Fossil has been particularly active in launching new intelligent watches, with different products for different customer categories and price levels.

The problem now, of course, is to search through the possibilities to find the one that suits you best.

But that’s what this guide is all about.

Below we look at two of the best smart watches on the market, the Fossil Sport and the Gen 5, and highlight what these two watches do well and where they fail – and how they compare in the end.

If you’re looking for a new smartwatch and you like the look of fossils, chances are you’ll choose between these two options.

Let’s make this decision easier for you.

Shall we begin?

Sport Fossil vs. 5thmartwatch Generation-Ventilation

Fossilium offers several smart watches, but these two – Fossilium Sport vs Gen 5 – stand out from the rest of the package.

Well made, well thought out and certainly equipped with all kinds of smart technology, both look fantastic at first sight.

But what does reality look like when you dig a little deeper?

That’s what we’re gonna cover now.

Fossil sport

Simply put, the Fossil Sport is considerably thinner than two intelligent watches from this company – a knowledge of the overall dimensions (the Sport exists in 41mm and 43mm) and also of the type of technology under the hood.

Designed for people with active lifestyles, the Sport has been carefully designed to be robust and reliable, and to perform at the highest level, even in less than ideal conditions.

This smartphone uses the Snapdragon 3100 processor, a next-generation processor developed by Qualcomm.

Such a processor guarantees in practice that the sport will be very responsive and very fast. It also allows you to run more powerful and resource-intensive applications (multiple applications simultaneously) with this digital brain.

Combine that with 512 MB RAM on board, and you get a smart watch that won’t struggle to work with most modern applications.

These specifications can follow the vast majority of Android smartwatch options on the market (with the exception of Samsung’s flagship), although these specifications are slightly below Apple’s iWatch range.

The storage space aboard the Sport is decent enough, giving you 4 GB of space to use.

It’s decent enough storage space for a watch this size, and certainly more than enough to store your favorite applications, training data and music with some extra space.

Of course, the ability to pair and synchronize the watch with your Apple or Android phone is another great advantage of using Fossil Sports.

This also makes (to a certain extent) the 4GB storage limit on board largely unsolved, unless you hope to use your watch more often without a strap.

Some people want to do that (especially those who want to wear a watch to the gym or pool without bringing their phone), and it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Let’s go back to the concept of sport: This is undoubtedly a watch designed primarily for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, or for those who lead active lifestyles.

The watch itself is very light, very robust and ready for immediate use.

Multiple sensors on board help you train well by monitoring your progress at every step, including parts such as a :

  • Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Heart rate monitor

… In addition, the Sport is equipped with an integrated ambient light sensor so that the brightness of the dial can be individually adjusted to the light in your active environment.

This not only reduces unnecessary battery consumption and extends the life of the watch, but also improves readability in different light conditions.

The battery life of the Sport is decent, even impressive, especially when compared to the 5.

You get 24 hours of battery life on a single charge when the Sport is in active mode, but if you use it only in standby mode, you can usually extend it to three or four days – or more.

Not bad for a watch like that!


  • Qualcomm’s advanced processor makes this watch fast enough to use.
  • The built-in GPS, heart rate monitor and other fitness monitoring components are top quality.
  • Physical fitness monitoring and synchronization with the most popular fitness applications
  • Super light, excellent workmanship and almost bombproof.


  • The built-in memory on this processor is slightly lighter.
  • The built-in memory is slightly insufficient compared to similar options.
  • Performance decreases with time until you reset the watch with a depleted battery.

Fossil Gen 5

While Fossil Sport is primarily aimed at those who want to maintain an active lifestyle with something simple, uncomplicated and technically sound, Fossil Gen 5 takes it to the next level with a watch that looks much more luxurious or upscale than anything else.

The Gen 5 is available for both men and women and offers a range of colors and styles. Compared to the Sport, the Gen 5 is certainly slightly larger.

The smallest size of Gen 5 is 44 mm, one millimeter bigger than the biggest size you get from Sports!

It’s also a smart, well-filled watch you have on your wrist.

All the extra technology available to the Gen 5 requires a little more legroom and adds a little more weight, but the extra power and performance are definitely worth the compromise here.

Both the men’s and women’s configurations use a 22mm strap, with a variety of styles and colors (and materials) available to make this watch yours.

The AMOLED display on the Gen 5 is absolutely stunning in any light, even in the dark (when the backlight really shines) and in the middle of the day with lots of brilliance.

In this case, Fossil includes the Sunlight Boost function with the Gen 5, which takes brightness to a new level when the ambient light sensors detect additional sunlight. This provides extra brightness so that the screen is perfectly legible, even if this affects the battery life a little.

Fossil has also greatly improved the load on the Gen 5 compared to the previous generation, a generation of watches from Fossil that was really struggling in this department.

You will have no problem getting a good charging connection, quickly charging your watch from a discharged or nearly discharged battery, or having problems with overcharging.

The Gen 5’s built-in speaker technology is far superior to that of the Sport. This means you’ll get a much better Google Assistant experience than you’d otherwise get, especially if you haven’t already connected this watch to Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

The built-in speakerphone also allows you to take calls directly from your phone while the watch is on, which is hard to do when you’re exercising.

Like the Sport, the Gen 5 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 series processors.

It’s a fantastic brain for this type of watch that gives you a lot of juice and bandwidth when you use it.

The Gen 5 also doubles the amount of built-in RAM you can access (1GB RAM vs. 512MB for the Sport), and doubles the amount of built-in storage you can access – from 4GB for the Sport to 8GB with the Gen 5.

With its two sources and Snapdragon 3100 processor, you can be sure that this watch will definitely fly, no matter what you throw at it.

Multitasking is effortless. It’s even possible to answer calls, stream music and even compose SMS messages using this watch’s voice-to-text function – it hardly slows down, if at all.

As with sports, you get the most important fitness indicators, including one:

  • Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Gyroscope and
  • Ambient light sensor

GPS technology is in the fifth generation. Generation already integrated.

Gen 5 compared to athletics, one of the most important areas is really short, and it is generally waterproof.

The Sport has a water resistance of 5ATM, while the Gen 5 only has a water resistance of 3ATM.

It’s not a big difference between the two, but it can mean a lot if you try to decide which of these two smart watches is safe enough to use in the pool.

The Gen 5’s battery life is stable and provides more than 24 hours in hourly mode and 72 hours or more in hourly mode.

The Gen 5’s fast charging capabilities are fantastic, allowing you to go from 0% to 50% battery power in about 30 minutes. You can extend the life of your battery up to 100% for an extra hour.

All in all, the Gen 5 is a fantastic smart watch that takes everything good in sport to the next level.


  • Relative light for a smartphone of this size.
  • The built-in memory and extra RAM make these smartphones the most powerful smartphones available today.
  • The integration of GPS, NFC and Bluetooth technologies is a great advantage.
  • The external loudspeaker is very efficient and makes it very easy to make calls.


  • With this size, there is probably room for another battery.
  • The screen may be slightly dark in direct sunlight until you set it to Sunlight Boost mode.

Winner – Fossil 5

Because although both smartphones perform very well – and much better than most other options you can buy from other companies today – the 5th generation Fossil is the best. The generation is just on a different level.

Well done, well designed, easy to use and equipped with the best hardware currently available in the world of smart watches – everything about the Gen 5 is simply top-notch.

Last sentence

This does not mean that the sport is not a worthy opponent, on the contrary.

If you have a particularly active lifestyle and need a watch you don’t want to overemphasize, choose the Sports version instead of the 5th edition.

But if you’re looking for one smart watch that has everything you need, from power and performance to battery life, overall style and ease of use, the Gen 5 wins – and it almost wins with its hands in its hair!

Barely more expensive than the Sport, the Gen 5 is just the best package for most people nowadays.

It only offers one step above the sport, and the price in between is really not enough to make sport a value.

Look at this watch today.

You’ll love what they have to offer!

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