If you use Sky Q, you already know that you can play your favorite programs or movies with your voice. The remote control allows you to easily navigate through the content of the Sky Q TV Box.

But did you know there are other voice commands you can use for Sky Q? Once you have access to these commands, all you have to do is tell Sky Q what to do and it will do it. This makes streaming more convenient and comfortable for you.

Complete list of commands for Sky Q Box voice controlRemote control

Screenshot : Send windows

See the list below for more information on the different voice commands you can use with the Sky Q voice remote. You just need to utter one of these phrases to perform the desired task on your Sky Q streaming player. Be sure to substitute the app name, channel name or number, movie name, and show name when you speak the command.

  • Go home.
  • Go home.
  • Go to the main menu.
  • Startpage
  • Startpage
  • Startup screen
  • Main menu
  • Take me to the main menu.

Applications for Sky Q TV


  • Title of the film
  • Type of film
  • Name channel
  • 4 stars films
  • Name of actor
  • Name of the administrator

Change channel

  • Raise the channel
  • Ascending channel
  • Raise the channel
  • Along the canal
  • Lower channel
  • Move the channel down
  • Set to (channel name or number).
  • Go to (channel name or number).
  • Change the channel to (channel name or number).

Credit : Sky

Subtitles and sound on/off

  • Subtitles included
  • Subtitles are disabled
  • Turning on subtitles
  • Disable subtitles
  • Sound description included
  • Audio description is disabled
  • Activating audio description
  • Audio Out Description

Open records

  • Go to the planner.
  • Put it away.
  • My diary
  • My notes
  • Open my files.
  • Open files
  • Open enrollment space
  • Planner
  • Take me to the tapes.

New series

  • Continuation of a new series
  • New series

Help menu

  • Please help me.
  • Go help.
  • Help
  • Please help me.
  • Help with the air Q
  • Open help
  • Please help me.
  • Please help me.
  • Use me to help you.

Output menu

  • Cancellation
  • Cancellation instructions
  • Output
  • Output
  • Output button
  • Press release


  • Lie down.
  • Turn it off.
  • Waiting
  • Sky Q out
  • Skybox ready.
  • Turn off the decoder

Television programme

  • List of channels
  • Go online.
  • Go to the TV guide.
  • Instruction
  • Listen to
  • Network of open channels
  • Open the channel list
  • Open guide
  • Open the TV program


  • Go to settings
  • Go to settings
  • Open parameters
  • Parameters

Playback functions

  • Playback – Start playback, resume playback, resume playback, playback now, playback, start playback or start playback.
  • Pause – Pause, Pause Now, Pause TV or Stop.
  • Rewind. Rewind.
  • Forward – Forward or fast forward.
  • To play the next episode – Go, Next, Next episode, Next highlight or Next episode.
  • Play from the beginning. – Look from the beginning.
  • Playback of a specific recording – Playback.

celestial cinema

  • Go to Sky Cinema
  • Go to VoD.
  • Open Sky Cinema
  • Open video on request
  • Open VoD
  • Sky Cinema
  • Take me to video on demand.

Celestial Store

  • Go to the Sky Shop
  • Go to the warehouse.
  • Open Sky Shop
  • Open shop
  • Memory of Heaven
  • Take me to the warehouse.

These are the most recent and updated orders available at the time of writing. However, Sky sometimes adds new commands at its own discretion. See the latest list in the official guide on the Sky Q website by clicking here.

How often do you use the voice control feature to control Sky Q TV? Or do you prefer to use the physical buttons on the remote control? You can let us know in the comments section below.

frequently asked questions

What voice commands can I use in Sky Q?

Help the articles Heavenly Voice Co…

How do I use the voice control of the Sky Q remote control?

Name of the item Heavenly Voice Control

What are the buttons on the Sky Q remote control?

Explanation of the buttons The buttons on the Sky Q remote control allow you to open the TV guide, access applications in the sidebar, pause live TV or recordings, play, rewind or fast forward, change the volume or record a programme.

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