GBWhatsApp is the nine-modified version of the offiziellen WhatsApp. If you want to use the same feature with GBWhatsApp, you can use the official WhatsApp. Functions such as Ausblenden des Online-Status, Flugmodus sind die Hauptvorteile von GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp can be used on all Android and IOS devices. GBWhatsApp is very useful because of its unique functions.

There are many WhatsApp models online, but the best support we can get is GBWhatsApp. Wozu? Only by virtue of its popularity and best features. GBWhatsApp always publishes an update and you can download it from the GBWhatsApp website, or you can set a reader to our blog site and keep the new GBWhatsApp update.

Isn’t that right? This use is regularly updated by developers, so that they can use it in their own facilities in the long term without any problems. Please also click on the features of WhatsApp to experience more interesting WhatsApp tips and tricks for your Android device.

GBWhatsApp Herunterladen

GbwatzApppp Herunterladen GbwatzApp Die neueste Version herunterladen

GBWhatsApp Neueste Version 2020 (Info)

Name of the Version 8.51
Größe der Anwendung 43.9 MB
Erfordert Android Android 4.0+
Name of the Anwendung GBWhatsApp
Wurzel erwünscht? Nein
Hauptziel Based on WhatsApp with additional hidden functions

Recharge and install from GBWhatsApp APK auf Android

If you can reload whatsapp and use the new version of apk on any Android device, you will experience it again in the “Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung”. You can also see how the latest version of the online status of GBWhatsapp is available. See how you can learn and use the GBWhatsapp. Folgen Sie nun dem untenstehenden Link. Please also take a look at how much water will be available to help with the step-by-step fast-track extension. Think about how you can set up a hot water tap without losing your chat.

GBWatsapp Herunter Loading

  • Click on the settings and then on the settings – Security – Unknown Quotas.


  • Nach der Aktivierung unbekannter Quellen Installieren Sie die Anwendung auf Ihrem Android-Gerät.

gbwatsapp apk letzte Version gbwatsapp apk letzte Version

  • We look forward to your approval and we look forward to your mobile phone, which will remain in the abbey for a long time to come.

gbwhatsapp apk gbwhatsapp apk

  • Once you have entered your phone number, you will automatically overwrite GBWhatsapp your phone number by OTP code. Then your GBWhatsapp is ready for use on your property.

gbwhatsapp apk zuletzt herunterladen gbwhatsapp apk zuletzt herunterladen

GBWatsapp Apk-Funktionen in der neuesten Version

Following this, I have found some of the best / top features of the GBWhatsapp APK, which you can install and use on your Android device and enjoy its functions. With this use you have many great functions such as Hide Last Saw, Hide Second Tick, Hide Blue Tick usw. and much more.

Simply load the money onto your device at no cost and enjoy it. You can also install defined themes in this app or adapt it to your wishes. Beteren Sie es von unten.

Ich muss sehen – WhatsApp zwickt

  • Basic auf der neuesten WhatsApp Version 2.20.123.
  • Click on it to mark the current status.
  • Anti-Verbot – Your Konto is not being barred. Once your account has been checked, you make a backup and solve the problem. Installieren Sie es dann erneut.
  • You can send a personal answer to a group.
  • Fügen Sie Aufkleber aus Anwendungen von Drittanbietern hinzu.
  • Neue Schriftarten und Startsymbole hinzugegefügt.
  • WhatsApp Nachrichten nach alt/neu sorting.
  • Height of Pins speech is up to 30.
  • ENABLED Sweep zum Antworten, Gruppenruf.
  • Aufkleber an.
  • Nachrichten an alle personen ohne Weiterleitungsetikett weiterleiten.
  • Final deadline for Indian users.
  • Do you know the history of the sucked-up afterlife from your Contact/Groppenprofil.
  • If you wish to change the security level, please contact the gallery.
  • Mark the rearrangement as read from the rearrangement.
  • If you want to start a cat’s life, you can start a cat’s life with the beginning of a cat’s life.
  • A restricted speech detection system is active in order to reduce long speech disturbances without having to click on the speech symbol.
  • If you are a member of the Benachrichtigungen über zurückgezogene Nachrichten, you cannot be a person.
  • You can play the WhatsApp video with your favourite music player.
  • You can now see how the group is organised in the head section as usual.
  • Zusätzliche Zahlungsoption – Zahlung an Freunde über Ihr Bankkonto.
  • Option to name a person in the group.
  • Automatic answering function – if you are responsible, set the answering point so that it is automatically answered. However, they can now leave the groups or contact the Anrufbeantworter.
  • Functions for multiple groups.
  • Provide new support for emunities.
  • They can activate the DND mode in WhatsApp, which is activated by the Internet in GBWhatsApp.
  • Senden Sie Textnachrichten, who were a Gruppen gesendet.
  • You can set the nighttime intervals when the chat will be solved.
  • Anti-Kriegs-Botschschaften.
  • Active Live Locations for the exchange of standort information with freunden.
  • Fügen Sie Effekte in Bilder/Videos ein, während sie gesendet.
  • Please set up more WhatsApp on one occasion.
  • Senden Sie bis zu 100 statt 30 Dokumente auf einmal.
  • Neue Suche nach Emojis und GIF hingestügegefügt.
  • Rufen Sie die kontaktlosen Nummern an.
  • Automatic media upload only for certain groups/contacts.
  • Integrier Message-Scheduler – You can now plan WhatsApp messages from this use.
  • Anzeige status Datenschutz ausblenden.
  • The opportunity was given to exclude chats and to identify status/status.
  • Der neue Emojis hinzugefügt.
  • The Videoanruf-Functiontion is functioning jetzt.
  • Senden Sie Videos bis zu 50 Mb.
  • Legen Sie den Gruppennames auf 35 Zeichen fest.
  • Different Fehler beim Senden von Video.
  • They hide the last mould, when they were seen, the blue checkpoints, the second checkpoints, the entrance to a neighbouring and more.
  • They can also copy the status of another person in the interim table.
  • You can send a Broadcast-Botschaft to up to 600 people at the same time.
  • They can set the status without problems at 255 stat 139.
  • Etwa 100+ Sprachunterstützung
  • It’s easy to change the theme in order to get to the Option theme.
  • Mode, um 24 Stunden online zu bleiben (verbraucht mehr Batterie)
  • Can be installed without a colliision with the latest WhatsApp.
  • Kein Problem mit dem Verbot.
  • Create your WhatsApp theme and then add it to your GBWhatsApp.
  • Senden Sie bis zu 90 Bilder mit einem Klick statt 10 Bilder
  • Please click on the links without specifying the administrator and contact number in the WhatsApp group and the contact number.
  • Fähigkeit, ausgewählten Tekst zu kopieren WhatsApp
  • They can also use third-party providers’ software to access your WhatsApp.
  • They can also change the use and location symbols.

Much more is available in this GBWhatsApp. You can now launch this app on your premises and enjoy its functions. WhatsApp GB Free download from this site. Please review the new version of this application by clicking on the direct link. You can also click on the WhatsApp Plus app.

Was it new with GBWhatsApp version 8.51?

  • Basic auf
  • New binding sammler
  • Löschmöglichkeit Weiterlesen … and long nights in full lengths at present
  • A utility area design.
  • Neue Benutzeroberfläche beim Hinzufügen von Plot, IG Story, Stil der Unteren Leiste usw.
  • Instagram as Story Feature, Schalten Sie es vom Bildschirm aus ein -> Titel.
  • Please refer to the information provided in the Inflow Mode section.
  • Exclude the last status report.
  • The Senden in full solution does not work.
  • [Korrigiert] The Pharaoh of the Vorschau, when the Bildhintergrund is at hand.
  • [Behoben] Näherungssensor (falls deaktiviert) does not function.
  • Fehler für Android 4.4-Benutzer [Corrigiert].
  • [Chuckles] is offline.
  • 80% of some of them have problems with drawer status… (Loading of previous status).

Erforderliche Genehmigungen

Mordaufgaben im Hintergrund
Standort des Zugriffsgeräts
Zugang zu WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
Rechnungen erhalten
Contact lesen
Tone settings ändern
SMS-Nach direction sending
Kontakte schreiben
External Speicherung schreiben
Dienstleistungen zur Kartennutzung

GBWhatsApp vs. WhatsApp – Is der Unterschied?

Es gibt viele Änderungen in GBWhatsApp anstelle von WhatsApp. For example, the previous version of the Schöner Theme, the extension of the online status, the introduction of the Flug-mode usw. Next, you will find a list of basic functions of GBWhatsApp US WhatsApp.

Brand size GBWhatsApp WatsApp
Online status ausblenden X
Flug-Mode X
Benutzerdefinierte Schriftarten/Aufkleber hinzufügen X
Länge des Statussymbols up to 255 up to 139
Unterstützte Themen X
DND Mode X
Zum letzten Mal Frost. X
Shall you send the next day from X
Shalten Sie den Anruf aus/konfigurieren Sie ihn X
Status/Benefits against resolution X
Sicherheitsschloss X
Fully customize X

Wie Sie GBWhatsApp auf das iPhone herunterlaad und installieren

If you want to install GBWhatsApp for your iPhone device, you are right here. In this contribution, we are not just offering a GBWhatApp for Android devices for distribution. However, we also offer the GBWhatsApp APK for IOS resources. We help you to install the GBWhatsApp for iPhone. Please also attach us to the existing debt material and continue to do so.

  • You can also visit the website of Tweakboxapp yesterday: Tweakboxapp

Anmerkung: You are safe, you can use the Safari Browser website and not Chrome Mode.

  • Click on the screenshot below to install the Schaltfläche Jetzt.

  • You will be asked to give your permission if you wish to use it again.
  • After you have received the right to access the website, you can make your settings -> General -> Profile.
  • Click on the TweakBox and press the button on the right side of Ecke.

  • Then the name of the TweakBox application appears on the Bildschirm, so you can simply open this application.
  • Goto Apps -> Abschnitt Twic Apps finden Sie WhatsApp++ App.

  • Drücken Sie auf de nichst Bildschirm auf de Schaltfläche Installieren. The Herunterladen von WhatsApp++ on your Telefon will be started (similar to GBWhatsApp).
  • Simply open the app at the end of the morning and ask for your hand number in order to download the GBWhatsApp from your phone.

Zufällige Fakten über GBWhatsApp

Is this App costless?

Yes, the use of this application is entirely free of charge, but you can see more evidence of this.

Ist GBWhatsApp sicher?

Yes, the use of GBWhatsApp is absolutely secure. However, we are not the original developer of GBWhatsApp. A number of other developers have developed the idea that it might be your own question whether it is safe to make use of what water is available.

Is GBWhatsApp legal?

As a result, this request will be modified, we are not sure whether it is legal or not.

What is GBWhatsApp?

As you can download this GBWhatsApp from the APK and use it on your Android device, you will experience this in the following video. Simply load a simple GBWhatsApp for Android over the links you are interested in and then simply click on the video. If you want to know more about it, you can ask APK to send you a copy of the Android-Gerät Android-Gerät website. GB WatsApp application from the date of this contribution.

Simply attach yourself to this video and you will have an impression of how you can now reload this GBWhatsApp APK free of charge and use it on your own device to enjoy it.

GBWhatsApp gbwhatsapp app apk herunterladen

Now, on behalf of Omar, a type has placed a number of Mods on its website, and all these features are working perfectly. You can install one of the same devices with this type of weather app on your Android device. This means that one of these is an original WWhatsApp and the other is a GBWhatsApp.

If you have a problem with the software or a problem with the application of the whistle, you can install the Android-App. If you also want to use the best youtube video downloader with an ogyoutube function, you can try it on your Android device.

At the same time, you can load and install a number of themes that are available on GBWhatsApp plus download, and at the same time you can create your own theme and export it to your WhatsApp.

Vor- und Nachteile von GBWhatsApp

The use of WhatsApp Gb Apk on your phone has many advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are under arrest. We’ll take it from there.

Die Pros von

  • Anti-Loschnachricht/Status means that anyone who sends them a letter of return should send it as a solution. There will be an Ihrem Telefon bleiben.
  • If you activate the Flugplan/DND mode, you can use your phone without having to worry about WhatsApp-Nachrichten Gedanken.
  • Utilized Themes geben Ihnen einen frischen Blick auf diese App.
  • You are now building a new building with a freelance click.
  • The fact that this date has been changed will not be reflected in the extension of the family relationship.


  • You can’t secure your data on Google Drive.
  • It does not act as an official version, so that they could pose a security risk.
  • It worked somewhat more slowly than the public WhatsApp.

Abschließende Worte

If you wish to recharge your phone phone or phone phone data for iPhone at no cost, you may be able to do so, but phone data for iPhone is not available. This is a super cool gbwhatsapp-Themen für Android-Geräte, which you can use on your Android-Gerät in order to get a fresh click on the app.

This was an article about GBWhatsApp and you can simply reload and install GBWhatsApp in your handbook. You can download the latest version of Whatsapp MOD Apk’s blog. I hoffe, es gefällt Ihnen. Please enjoy your privacy and thank you for your interest and continue to thank us for additional tips and tricks, and say thank you so much as ever!

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