It can be difficult to concentrate on your work if you are stuck at home due to the ongoing pandemic. Some people find it difficult to get on track when they can’t work in an office. Finally, we tend to associate our home with a place to rest.

Thankfully, there are ways to increase your efficiency, especially if you’re using a Macbook. The computer has a lot to offer, and this article is designed to help you get the most out of your Mac. Consider the following tips as instructions for getting the most out of your MacBook as you work.

Tip 1 – Deactivate notifications

There are a lot of distractions when you work from home. Family members, neighbours and even outside noises do not help.

When you combine that with smartphone and computer alerts, it can be hard to see what matters – your work.

Turn off the notification on your MacBook at the Notification Center. You can enable the Don’t disturb function and set a time interval during which all incoming messages are turned off.

Please note, however, that there may be exceptions and disabling each request is not the best solution. For example, you need to activate a virus alert 24 hours a day to warn you when a computer system is exposed to a potential threat.

Work communication tools are another exception, as the absence of important messages from colleagues can lead to misunderstandings and other problems.

Tip 2 – Plan your workflow–.jpeg

Workflow planning is not easy, especially for those who like to drag their feet. Luckily, Macbooks has apps that can keep track of your time and tell you when to take a break and when to work so you don’t miss your deadline.

The first weeks can be difficult because it takes time to adapt to the new working environment. If there are applications that can help you in the adaptation phase, it’s a waste of time not to use them.

Tip 3 – Create a clean environment.

It’s easier to concentrate if you work in a clean environment. This applies to both your physical and digital space.

Just like Macbooks, you need to focus on your desk. A cluttered desktop means better overall Macbook performance and you’ll be less tempted. If you have video game labels on your desktop, you want to play them, not work.

You can store your data in separate folders on the hard drive or transfer files to the cloud storage and access them later when you’re done.

Tip 4 – Listen to music.–.jpeg

Services such as iTunes and Spotify offer you music, and if your working conditions allow you to listen to music, it’s a good idea to use this feature.

The day will go faster, you will feel less stress and listening to your favorite songs will help you to be more productive.

Tip 5 – Learn keyboard shortcuts

You can save a lot of time with shortcuts. You can find a list of all keyboard shortcuts on the official Apple website, but you don’t have to check the full list. Focus on the labels you find most useful.

Some examples are Shift + Command + 3 and Shift + Command + 4 to take screenshots, Option + Command + Delete to permanently remove files from the Macbook, and Option + Command + Esc to force you to leave the program.

Tip 6 – Digital signatures–.jpeg

If you have to sign a lot of documents during the day, why not use the digital signature feature on your MacBook?

Start a preview and open the PDF document in the application Click on the pencil icon and go to the Draw button. Select Create Signature and choose one of the methods to add the signature on your computer.

You can keep an autographed piece of paper in front of your Macbook camera, sign it on the trackpad of your computer, or on your iPhone.

Once you’ve saved your signature on Macbook, you can add it to PDF documents using the preview function and you don’t have to use a pen every time another document needs your signature.

Tip 7 – Use the dictation function.

The dictation function is perfect for those who know how to work in multitasking mode. Imagine holding a document in one hand and wanting to copy the text to your computer. You can dictate instead of typing. It takes some time to get used to dictation, but after a few attempts you should understand how much time this feature saves.

Tip 8 – Optimize your web browser

If you are stuck in a web browser that crashes and crashes, it is a good choice to find another option. Several internet browsers are available free of charge.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to worry about a different browser, try optimizing your current selection.

Make sure your browser is up to date. Even a new installation can help. Don’t overdo it with too many extensions and add-ons, because they will damage the browser and reduce performance.

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