Marketers are not surprised by the importance of the video marketing strategy. We all understand now that it’s easier for people to watch videos than to read content with instructions and other details. What’s more, videos are more personal, so they help brands improve their communication with their audiences.

But with all these available promotional techniques, many marketers miss an important factor in their campaigns: live reporting.

All statistics and predictions say the same thing: The over-the-air market is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Many brands rely on Instagram, YouTube and sites like 123movies to share live content with their audiences. When well done, this strategy helps them to reach a new audience, connect with existing supporters and promote new products.

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Brands with video streaming

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How do brands use streaming video for successful advertising?

Webinars to demonstrate the knowledge of experts

Webinars are a great way for a brand to reach its audience. These are interactive events where viewers can ask questions and comment on the host’s explanation. Brands use them to explain different concepts related to their industry, promote their values and help users improve their lifestyles through the use of their products or services.

The greatest value of webinars is their ability to showcase their experience. Viewers have the opportunity to learn from someone who knows a lot about a subject that interests them.

Product launch

With live broadcasts, the marketer can turn product announcements into special events. The apple is an excellent example of a brand successfully implementing such a strategy. It announces events via press releases and invites everyone to participate in live broadcasts on the official website and YouTube.

The pre-recorded notices do not appear to be authentic. Viewers can see that you are following the script and that you have created a campaign without personal contact. When you need to make an important announcement or present a product, it is best to broadcast it live.

Host-affected live foods

This is a particularly popular strategy for Instagram marketing. Brands work with influential people who broadcast live video, open packages or explain how a product is used. Then they answer questions and communicate with their followers.

The brand wins by attracting a large number of spectators thanks to the story of an influential person. They know the content is sponsored, but they are more likely to believe the message if it is a direct demonstration of the product.

In 2016 Kohl attracted a lot of attention by presenting his Black Friday promotions to influential people via Facebook Live streaming.

Live interview

The interview seems more natural when it’s broadcast live. Viewers see raw, unprocessed content that may have some flaws, but which allows them to recognize the real personalities. A brand can increase awareness of its product or services by interviewing managers, influencers, employees or industry experts.

The best thing is that you don’t need modern equipment to make such videos. All you need is a studio, a camera, a microphone and an internet connection. You can also conduct interviews using the video conferencing tool, so you may not even need the studio.

Live online education

Omstars and other online fitness and yoga services make frequent use of this strategy. Your users can watch pre-recorded videos, which they can select according to their needs. However, they sometimes need a rough feel and a natural flow of live instruction, so they prefer to connect to live online instruction. Through live broadcasts, these brands broadcast the lessons from their studios and allow people from all over the world to communicate with the teacher.

Brands in other niche markets can also use this method. When you want to offer educational content to your audience, you do so via live streaming.

Countless opportunities for successful promotion

You can use different live broadcast platforms for your events: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, YouTube and much more. Think of your audience and use this platform to broadcast the event. If you use more than one platform, increase your range.

The most important rule for successful video streaming is to keep it natural. Involve your audience as much as possible and communicate with them without trying to make everything perfect.

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