How to disable the SmartScreen Defender in Windows 10 – permanently and temporarily. A built-in feature of Windows 10 is now called virus protection, where it can detect viruses on your Windows computer and laptop.

Disabling the SmartScreen Defender in Windows 10

Disabling the SmartScreen Defender on Windows 10 2021

But many people are complaining about this feature because according to him, it is no longer necessary because there are other antivirus programs that perform better than Windows Defender on Windows 10.

Maybe I can help you disable Windows Defender antivirus. Before that, I wanted to tell you a bit about what Windows Defender is and what its antivirus features are.

Understanding Windows Defender Antivirus Applications

Understanding Windows Defender is a feature that allows you to maximize the performance of laptops and computers running the Windows 10 operating system. For Windows 10 itself, there are several options, including the Professional and Home versions. Both versions are used in the Windows operating system you are currently using.

Window protection function

Windows 10 Security Center can be considered the default Windows Security Center. The aim of this antivirus is to protect all computer threats in the form of viruses, but by default Windows antivirus is not as powerful as other antivirus programs, where one can only check and know that even a light virus can not detect the presence of Trojan viruses, ransomware, etc.

I generally use the Windows Defender feature to check for a dangerous virus in the File Manager, Host and System 32 folders, although it only detects a little, it is still easy to use.

Other features may be familiar to you, such as. B. Check out the latest Windows updates, virus scan, folder scan, etc., which you can even see in the latest Windows Defender when you run your Windows on your laptop….

But for some people, the assumption is that Windows Defender is only annoying at startup (at boot) because it works when the laptop or desktop is turned on to process file scans in your favor when you open the laptop/desktop.

That’s why I created a guide on how to disable Windows Defender Security Center in Windows 10. In this case there are two possibilities, we can say that it is permanent and only by temporary deactivation (when the startup becomes active again)

Disabling Windows 10 Antivirus allows you to install antivirus software even if it’s not a virus (you can say it’s a dangerous file). For example, if you are looking for a key generator to enable Adobe and Corel services, you can read it for yourself and make the following comments.

To turn off the Windows virus protection on Windows 10

When you remove an active system, there are certain obstacles, such as. B. A laptop that does not have an update notification for the Defender application and is not directly supported by Microsoft. But don’t worry my friend, you can still use the device safely, you can change the antivirus for another option.

The antivirus I find very useful is avg setup, avast, asset and smadav. The choice depends on what you want to use from the third category I mentioned earlier. Remember friend, never install too much antivirus software, so as not to overload your device’s system. For those of you who would like to learn how to disable Windows Defender Win 10, see the following information.

1. Temporarily disabling Windows Defender

The first step to disabling antivirus on Windows 10 is to anticipate if you want to install hacker applications that require the use of a keygen. If you are confused by the default Windows antivirus display, you can do the following

First you have to turn on the laptop, my friend, and then you can click Start Menu -> Enter Defender -> Windows Defender / Direct Input.

Second, after entering will look like this, select the Virus and Threat Protection menu.

Third, if you have changed the appearance as shown below, you can click on the virus and threat protection settings menu to solve the problem of disabling Windows Defender.

Fourth, After the menu appears as shown below, move the cursor to the blue icon/disable button in the real-time security text.

You will see a notification that you want to disable the Windows Defender application. When asked to select Yes or No, select only Yes. Turn it off until it turns gray.

What do you want to install next, now you can install programs like Keygen? If so, can disabling Windows Defender above help you? If not, use the following method.

2. Permanently disable Windows Defender via group policy

This second tutorial is actually permanently disabled, even if your device reboots. It differs from a temporary shutdown in that it always works when the laptop/computer is restarted and booted. Follow the instructions to disable the security feature.

a. Open the Start menu or press the Windows key on your keyboard.

b. Then enter it as follows: gpedit.MSC and press the Enter key.

c. The UAC question will then appear, which you can confirm with Yes.

d. Next, go to Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Defender Smartscreen -> Microsoft Edge -> Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen selection.

More information can be found here: To permanently activate Windows 10

e. Then deactivate the defender by clicking on the Deactivate button. Selecting off means that you do not have real-time protection.

f. Then click Apply and then click OK. If you don’t think this is a permanent method, just check Windows Defender, there should be real-time dead protection, or you can restart it first and then check.

3. Using the registry editor

If you cannot disable the above antivirus application, you can disable it through the registry editor. Just a memory: Using a registry editor is very risky and dangerous, so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work.

1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the Start menu, then type the word regedit.exe and press Enter.

2. The next step appears in the confirmation window, click Yes.

3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services -> SecurityHealthService. Then you can find the right start button. If you do not find the desired signed option, double-click the SecurityHealthService folder.

4. Then double-click the setting, change the value to 4, then click OK and restart the computer or laptop to feel that Windows Defender is not active.

For those who want to restart it, you can reset the data value to 2 and then restart the computer or laptop.

These are the three steps to disable Microsoft’s default antivirus, friend, if you use methods number 2 and 3, be careful friend, because there is no assurance that your device will not work at all, and instead your device will crash.

So, my review of the world of laptops and computers with an interesting discussion, in this case you no longer have the name of the active Windows Defender application if you use the permanent method, but if you always use the temporary method, only if the laptop/computer is turned on.

More information can be found here:


I have finished the exam, if you have any questions please comment below. Thanks for reading my article on how to temporarily and permanently disable the Windows Defender application in Windows 10.

Don’t forget to bookmark and always go to .com every day, because there you’ll find the latest information on technology, such as tips and tricks for blogs, digital marketing windows and ETC (root social media games). Good luck!

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