The many commands AutoCAD provides also include an Extrude command. Used to create three-dimensional objects in a solid shape that covers the area, or to create a three-dimensional surface from an object with open ends.

Many people use AutoCAD at work, and they are familiar with this command. But if you don’t use this program every day, have you ever wondered how to integrate AutoCAD into it? In this article we have found some answers for you, which we will present to you as follows, so read on.

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What is the purpose of Extrusion Control?

Simply put: With the Extrude command you can convert 2D objects to 3D objects and specify the height of the object. The Extrude team is one of the many 3D programs available in AutoCAD. As you know, this is one of the best programs for creating and editing drawings. After applying an output command to a 2D object and entering the dimensions of a fit, it is possible to simply rotate it into a 3D object on the drawing.

Creating an extrusion effect

For starters, here’s what you have to do. First open a new page for the drawing. Go to the menu at the top right and choose the option 3D Modeling.

Then define the isometric display by rotating the display cube. It’s a navigation device. To switch from a 2D object to a 3D object, you need to set the isometric display so that you can see the objects better and get a more realistic image.

You can now adjust the isometric display with the rotating display cube by holding down the left mouse button. Move the mouse until you have finished setting the isometric display. If you do this, you will get a realistic picture of what the objects will look like in reality.


You are now ready to create a 2D object that moves like this. The extrusion tool can only be applied to closed objects, such as a square, circle, rectangle, curve lines, flat surfaces, flat surfaces on solids, ellipses, tracks, surfaces or any other specific shape from which a closed object is obtained.

Once you have created the 2D object, you can execute the Extrude command. The 2D object is thus converted into 3D. To execute the command, type EXTRUDE on the command line or search for the Extrude tool on the Solid tab. Open the Solid area and go to the Exit option. The icon to be selected looks like an object with an arrow at the top.

Now select a specific object or specific edges on the object you want to move. The next step is to adjust the height. As soon as you have entered certain sizes, confirm them and the Extrude option will be applied. The objects are then deleted or changed according to your definition.

Using a trajectory to push out an object

It is possible to use certain objects in the drawing to obtain the role of a path that is used to replace a certain object. For example, you can use lines, circles, arcs, ellipses, spirals, elliptical arcs, 2D polylines, 3D polylines, surface edges, or solid edges as a path to execute a specific object. Under each of these elements there are subsections for extrusion.

To use the extrusion path, you need to draw a drawing and then activate the Isolines command. This command determines the number of lines to be extruded. Then press the Enter key on your keyboard and then press the Extrude key.

Now select the object and press Enter again. Note the sub-options under the items listed and choose one or just enter the height of the object. When setting up the extrusion, you can use the nested options to determine the angle in which the extrusion takes place, the direction of the extrusion and the path along which the extrusion takes place.

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