Google Chrome, the world’s most widely used browser, is popular with users because of its simplified approach to web browsing and streamlined interface. It is an excellent browser that works on any device and platform, hence its popularity.

Despite its simplicity, it has many additional features that continue to appeal to all kinds of people, such as customizable themes, advanced development tools, advanced security features and much more. But the subject of this post is another interesting feature of Chrome that can be seen in many other browsers today because, as they say, it does not work for many users.

The Chrome Continue function, where you stopped, allows the user to restore the last browser session. This is very convenient because you can easily resume the work you worked on before or, if your computer suddenly shuts down, you can resume work after you restart it.

Some reports indicate that this feature does not work for users and users complain that there is only one tab with an open homepage and that they have not worked on it before.

How do I activate the resume where I left it?

  • First go to the Google Chrome settings page by typing it into the URL bar – chrome:// Settings/.
  • Now scroll down to the absolute end and select Continue from where you stopped in the Start section.  This allows you to go back to where you left off, so that when you reopen your browser you can easily go back to the things you were working on before.


But what happens if, after you put on the chrome, it doesn’t continue where you left off? There are several reasons why this function does not work well in chrome. There may be inconsistencies with your browser’s profile or incorrect settings that prevent you from continuing where you left off.

In addition, there may be bugs in the current version of the browser that affect the function or some important system chrome files may be deleted.

How do I repair chrome? Pick up where you left off without working.

If, after enabling the Continue from where you stopped in Chrome Preferences feature, you cannot load the tabs you turned off when closing Chrome, you must correct this. Before trying any of these solutions, try updating Chrome to the latest version. Go to the Settings page and then to the About Chrome page, where Chrome automatically checks and updates if a version is available.

Then restart Chrome and check that it works properly, if not, follow these steps to correct it –

1. Chrome Reset

  • You can use third party software, such as B. IObit Uninstaller, which allows you to completely uninstall Chrome by uninstalling all associated data. However, make sure that all of your data is backed up in Chrome before you use it.
  • If you have signed in to your Google Account with a browser, you don’t have to worry, because all your data is already synchronized and will be synchronized again when you sign in. If you are not logged in, open the C:Users{username} folder. AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data.
  • If you only had one profile, copy the default folder to a safe place and paste the data into the same folder after reinstalling the new version of Chrome to restore all bookmarks and passwords.
  • This way, bookmarks, history or passwords won’t be lost when you reinstall Chrome unless you log in to your browser.

2. Chrome flag change

Sometimes changing some of the chrome flags can solve this problem so that the function works perfectly. Here are the steps we need to follow…

  • Enter chrome://flags in the URL string.
  • Search by term – Enable quick restart.
  • Turn off the system and try again from the point where you left the function.

3. Clear Browser Cache

The cache of the browser must be emptied from time to time, otherwise the old data piling up can cause problems in such a browser. Here are the steps to empty the cache in Google Chrome –

  • First open the Chrome Settings menu in the upper right corner with three dots.

Three-point chrome settings menu

  • Then click on the Delete data display option in the Privacy and Security section.
  • A small window will open in which you can change the time range to All the time and select the option Cached images and files.
  • After you click Clear Data, the Chrome cache will be cleared.


4. Some other solutions

If none of the above solutions has solved the problem for you, this is the last step you should try –

  • Disable the option once, then restart your browser and enable it again.
  • Make sure that all tabs you want to reopen in the same window were opened the last time you closed, because the option to restore multiple windows is not supported.
  • You can always switch to another browser that suits your needs, and this resume feature is available in most major web browsers such as Opera, Firefox, and Edge, so you can try it out.
  • Make sure all extensions are installed, as they may cause conflicts. Turn them off one after the other and see which one prevents the chrome from opening and closing the tabs.
  • Try creating a new profile in your browser and then enable the option, it should work properly.
  • Close all web applications, such as B. Spotify, Youtube Music or Google Docs when they are open in Chrome, because Chrome is currently unable to restore the web application sessions.

How can I restart and keep track of Chrome?

To restart Chrome and save the tabs that were open when you finished, go to Chrome’s settings and then select Next where you left off in the Start section. If you restart your browser now, the same tabs will open as when you last closed the browser.

How do I get the chrome back from where I left it?

Go to your Chrome browser settings, and then to the When you start up section, turn on the Pick up where you left off option, and Chrome picks up where you left off.


How can I fix my chrome where you left it?

Title of Article

How can I fix my chrome where you left it?


Learn how to correct the error if the Chrome Continue program does not work where you left off. Here are some solutions to correct the Chrome Continuous error.


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