If you receive an E02 error while printing, follow the steps below to resolve the problem within minutes. We’re exploring all possible solutions to help you correct a Canon e02 error.

Use clean paper for the printer.

There are different types of paper that can cause an E02 error. The printer displays error E02 if the loaded paper is wrinkled, twisted, or folded. To solve these problems, all you have to do is try this paper to build a house. Just hold it under a heavy object while the book presses on it for a while. If it gets flat, change it or use another flat paper.

Sometimes the paper is a little damp because it is not being used, which can cause problems in the printer. Even seasonal changes make the paper wet, which is very bad for Canon printers. To solve this problem, simply store the wet paper under a fan or in sunlight. It can remove moisture so you can load clean paper into the printer to prevent E02 errors.

And always make sure you load the paper. This can cause an error if the paper in the printer runs out. Resolve a paper jam for your Canon printer in a single operation

Use the correct paper for.

Make sure that the paper loaded in the printer is printed correctly. If the paper has not been correctly loaded in the cassette, it cannot be printed. Therefore, it is important to use the document in the manual for the type of document that can be printed on the printer.

If you have not received a physical manual on paper, try downloading the manual from the manufacturer’s website. In the case of paper, this can affect both the size and type of paper. If you z. For example, if you try to get high quality paper that is compatible with a Canon printer, it will not work consistently if you try to print on different types of paper, which will cause printing problems.

Check that thepaper is installed correctly.

To facilitate access to the printing process, the paper must be inserted correctly. If you loaded the paper incorrectly, it cannot be printed. Check that the sheets are correctly positioned in the letterbox on both sides. The paper must not fit into the paper, otherwise it will not be printed.

Make sure the printer supports thefunction.

You must ensure that the printer cannot read pages if it has too many pages that it cannot process. If you have more pages and plan to insert them all because of the time you save, you may cause a similar error. So before you carefully insert them, make sure you have an idea of the papers. Check the manufacturer’s documentation to confirm the amount of paper that can be loaded into the printer. Finally, you can insert the number of documents the inbox supports. It is preferable to print with fewer pages to avoid such problems.

Extra cleaning of supply rollers

When printing, sometimes something may restrict the pages before the printing process is started. To prevent these blockages, all you have to do is clean your inboxes regularly. The main problems can be caused by the inlet bucket. Regular cleaning can help prevent problems with your tools and even insects. It is very easy to clean a mailbox, just follow these steps.

  • First make sure you turn on your Canon printer. To start the cleaning process, turn the printer on even if it is in sleep mode. Some printers do not have a display, in which case you can press the power button to turn it on.
  • To enter the roller cleaning process, press and hold the stop button on your Canon printer until it flashes orange seven times. This won’t take more than 30 seconds of your time. When it flashes fully, you can gently release the stop button. At some point, the roll starts spinning and the cleaning process begins on your printer.
  • Even you can clean it with a piece of paper. The procedure is similar to the steps described below. If you want to clean the roll with a piece of paper, simply take an A4 sheet or letter paper and place it in the printer tray.
  • Press and hold the stop button as described above until it flashes orange seven times in front of you. When the flash is over, release the stop button and your clip will be deleted within seconds.
  • At the end of the cleaning process, the printer automatically feeds the paper loaded for cleaning out of the output tray.

When cleaning the printer rollers with a cloth, use a soft cloth. Clean these rolls carefully and thoroughly. If too much pressure is applied, the printer may be damaged.

Getting help from the Canonbracket

The E02 error is not that difficult to solve anyway, but even if one of these steps doesn’t help you and it still has the same error, it can be a serious problem.

You can call the Canon Hotline and in no time you will be able to understand and solve problems. As Canon is a well-known brand of electronic equipment, Canon’s technical experts are on hand to serve you 24 hours a day. You will quickly identify and solve problems.

This way you can avoid the E02 error and print as much as possible without disturbing. These steps will always help you in case of clogging or cleaning. It won’t take longer, but it will only take 10 to 15 minutes of your time.

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