Ever since FFXIV launched, people have been reporting errors from the game that keep them from connecting to the game’s Lobbies. This error code (2002) keeps a lot of people from playing, as they cannot connect to the game Lobbies. This error code is becoming more common as the game’s release date approaches.

All right, I’ll admit it; I like hacking servers. And I’m not alone. Most people do. This is why it’s so easy to create a “hacker” persona online. It’s why the guys that run EliteDaemons, a popular DarkFader hosting site, are so well known. It’s why the guys at FFXIV-Hacks.com are, too.

The error you are getting is typically a DNS server issue, and the solution is to contact your ISP and have them do a DNS query on your behalf, so that the error can be resolved. If you want to make this a bit easier, you can use a service such as  DNS Made Easy  which will do this automatically for you.

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Updated: 29. June 2021.

Published: May 2020

  • Final Fantasy XIV is an award-winning MMORPG set in the Final Fantasy universe.
  • Here are some steps to fix the problem The connection to the lobby server encountered an error of type 2002.
  • Although this error is more common than you might think, it happens to all users, regardless of their system configuration.
  • By following the steps in this guide, you can quickly fix the dreaded 2002 error.

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Because Final Fantasy XIV is a multiplayer RPG, an internet connection is required. However, FFXIV players will not be able to log into the lobby of this game if a 2002 error occurs.

This has led to some frustration among users, especially those who really love the series and want to play it when they have time in their busy schedules.

Fans of FFXIV are also faced with the inability to download patch files in that game.

If you take the time to play and a 2002 error occurs, it’s understandable that you’re irritated and looking for a solution online.

The statement reads:

An error occurred while connecting to the lobby server.

As annoying as it is, you have found the perfect guide to further investigate this problem and guarantee troubleshooting with expert advice.

Read on to find out how to fix this bug once and for all and play your beloved FFXIV again.

How do I permanently fix the 2002 bug in FFXIV?

1. Router restarted

Although it seems obvious, the server connection error is most likely due to internet connection issues or lack of servers on the developer’s side.

To make sure that the dreaded 2002 error is not due to your network, do the following

First, try rebooting (or resetting) the router. Turn off the router and unplug the power cord. Wait about 30 seconds for all router settings and packets to be cleared.

Run a system check for errors

Press Start Scan to check for Windows problems.

Press Repair Everything to troubleshoot proprietary technology.

Run a PC scan with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors that cause security problems and slowdowns. Once the scan is complete, the recovery process replaces the damaged files with new Windows files and components.

Once this time has passed, reconnect the router and turn it on again.

Otherwise, if you find that this method does not change anything, perform the methods described below.

2. Allow FFXIV through the firewall

The 2002 error often appears because firewalls are blocking FFXIV’s internet connection.

  1. To check whether FFXIV is allowed to pass the Windows Defender firewall, press the Windows key + S.
  2. Type firewall in the search field.
  3. Click Windows Defender Firewall in the search results to open the Control Panel applet.

  1. Click Allow application or feature through Windows Defender firewall to open the Allow applications window.
  2. Press the Change Settings button to adjust the settings.

  1. If FFXIV is not in the list, click the Allow other applications option.

  1. Then click on the Browse button to select the FFXIV EXE file.
  2. Click on the Open and Add buttons.
  3. Activate the Private and Public fields for FFXIV.
  4. Press OK key.

3. Disable Windows Defender Firewall

You can also disable the Windows Defender firewall to make sure it’s not blocking FFXIV.

  1. To do this, open the WDF control panel applet as shown in the second resolution.
  2. Click Windows Defender Firewall enable or disable on the left side of the WDF applet.
  3. In the Configure Settings window, select both Disable Windows Defender Firewall options.

  1. Choose OK and close the firewall applet.
  2. Try playing FFXIV with the firewall disabled.

4. Remove third-party antivirus software, firewalls

The safest way to ensure that a third-party antivirus firewall is not blocking FFXIV is to uninstall the installed antivirus program.

  1. To do this, start the program by pressing the Windows + R key combination.
  2. Type appwiz.cpl in Run and click OK to open the Windows uninstaller.
  3. Choose a third-party antivirus software.
  4. Click Uninstall and click Yes to remove the antivirus program.
  5. Restart Windows after removing the antivirus software.

Before uninstalling a third-party antivirus program, try disabling it from the context menu. Right-click on the system attempt icon to open the context menu that contains options for the antivirus software.

Select this option to disable the antivirus software before rebooting, if possible. However, if this does not resolve the 2002 error, uninstall the utility as described above.

5. Remove WTFast software

  1. The 2002 error can also be caused by the WTFast Internet utility. To uninstall this software, open the Programs and Features applet as described in solution four.

  1. Then right click on WTFast and select the option to delete it.
  2. Click Yes to confirm and remove the software.
  3. Restart your desktop or laptop after uninstalling WTFast.

6. Connecting to the Internet through an Ethernet cable

Some users have also reported that they were able to fix the 2002 bug by connecting to the Internet with a cable. If your computer has an Ethernet port and a cable, try connecting to the Internet through that port.

Connect the router to the PC via an Ethernet cable. Then try playing FFXIV.

These are the most likely bug fixes for 2002 in FFXIV. However, the 2002 error can sometimes be caused by maintenance work on the server. Announcements regarding server maintenance can be found in the FFXIV forum.

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