Custom KiK is becoming increasingly popular, because with over 100 million downloads, KiK does not need to be introduced. KiK is a messaging application that lets you share text, videos and photos with the people on your contact list. They also have a feature that allows you to meet and chat anonymously with new people before adding them to your chat room. It’s great to make new friends and meet new people in a Covid crisis. This is a great platform for lipdating and you will have no idea who you are going to meet and how things will turn out. Elements like these have made Kik one of the most widely used messaging applications, even in this competitive market.

Due to the widespread use and familiarity of this application, people have started to create customized versions of the application to suit their needs. These modified versions have some additional advantages that the original application does not have. The best thing is that you can install this application at the same time as the original version and use both at the same time.

Why has the modified frog become commonplace compared to the original version?

When a company develops an application, it always insists that there is a pitfall in its software. So somehow you return to their services. However, if you use a modified application, all these restrictions will be removed. This gives you free access to the entire software. You also have the possibility to change the color, theme and general experience of this application. Like all good things, this one has some side effects. But if you do it right, you can use the full potential of the application without any problems.

Usually users install a custom application to see how smooth and fast the interface is compared to the original version. In addition, the custom software offers all paid services free of charge. You save a lot of time and money, and that’s a lot.

Top 5 modified applications Kik

There are many fashion versions of the Kik application available online. Each is performed by a different donor for a different purpose. You need to know your needs before you can download the Kik mod application from the internet. But here is the list of the 5 best Kik applications adapted to their popularity.

1. Spades

Pikik is one of the most versatile custom Kik applications available today. You can make many changes to this custom frog software. Most impressive is the ability to customize the user interface. You can change the way you use this software from scratch and you can add 100 members. In addition, you can change the color, font and images you use for the profile. Functions such as group photos and voice messages are also available in this application.

2. NullKik

Nullkik is designed for users who want to play with the interface of their Kik application and not just look at it. It’s more of a makeup mod where you can change the color, the background and even the font of the application. Since this is what most Kik users are looking for, there are a large number of downloads for this version of the mod. Judging from the reviews, there are no malware reports in this application, and it seems to work well even with all these changes. But the download must come from the right site, not from some random site on the internet.

3. Phantom

If you want something that really takes up your device’s memory, and the data it needs, this is for you alone. This application has the least code in terms of number of lines and also takes up the least data. All this thanks to a developer who wanted to take a whimsical ride on a merry-go-round that only focused on its purpose and nothing else. Because it looks so efficient and cool, it quickly gained popularity. That means there were a lot of parasites with the same name. It is therefore advisable to download this application for a website you trust. It’s also good to have an application called ghose on your smartphone.

4. shovels2

As the name suggests, this is the latest version of the Piknik software. And like all updates, it fixes some bugs and other small things that were criticized in the first generation and are better than the lynx, the turtle and the blue mods. This application is small compared to the previous version, and it is also a father. It also requires much less data (no less than GhostKik). This new update also includes a dummy camera function that allows you to send previously captured photos. In addition, there are many customization features you can play with. In this new version you can even submit a URL.

5. Matrix4

It should be a MOTK mod in 2020 if you want to get a mod version of the Kik software. Matrik4 is more suitable for users who do not want too much information in the world. It allows you to disable message reception and block image downloading. It also has an option that allows you to see another person, whether you try it or not. It also has a wide selection of emoticons and the ability to customize the user interface. The fake camera and spam blocking make it one of the best in any category.

Modes for iOS

Just like on Android devices, you can install and use a customized version of the frog application on your ios device as you like. But the problem arises if you have to hack into the prison. If you hack the ios device, you can access the application and modify it if necessary to prevent it from coming back. So make sure you want to do it before you do it.

As for the mod itself, there are two software packages for the ios platform.


K8 is a complete package because it contains everything you need for a fashion application. From features like the fake camera to the chatbubble option, you’ve got it all figured out. You can also change the color of the bubbles and the color and font of the whole software. It is the oldest of the two, and the fact that it is still in use shows how great this application is. Functions such as automatic loading of videos and emoticons are also unlocked with this mod.


This application has the same features as the K8, so it works pretty well on paper. But the fact is that users seem to have some problems with the fake camera function. If this is what you’re looking for in fashion, it’s not for you. It also has all the features you need and can give you all the feel and functionality you’re looking for in a custom Kik software.

Frequently asked questions

1. What does a custom kick do?

Kik is an email platform that lets you capture your friends and strangers in a single application. This led to many performance and speed problems because the program could not process everything at once. But in the custom frog application, all these controls are removed, as well as some configuration and privacy options.

2. Is the modified kick safe?

The first answer is no. As this is an unregistered application, you will not receive technical support. Moreover, this customized software is vulnerable to malware and virus files. You should therefore be very careful when downloading and installing custom Kik software or any other fancy software. However, this can be avoided if you find a reliable website or if you view different user reviews before registering on the site.

3. Are modified applications illegal?

Of course, any software modified without the developer’s permission is illegal, but it is not illegal to modify stock or open source applications. The Kik application is not open source, so its use is not entirely legal.

4. Can you be fooled about kicking?.

They have to be on the ball to be surpassed. Whether it’s software to transfer data, the risk of being scammed is high. But with Kik and custom Kik, it all depends on how you use the application. If you avoid opening a strange URL of an unknown person, you are safe. You can also download the software from a trusted website, either the original version or the updated version 8.


Having a custom Kik application is a commitment in itself. You need to know what you’re getting into before you use the application. If you know how it works, you can be safe and take full advantage of these applications. Since none of these requests are legitimate, you should be aware that any errors in the software have nothing to do with the original software, and you can always start using the authorized software again.

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