If you have not heard of ITV Hub yet, it is a new online TV service designed by the ITV network. It was announced as a replacement for the now defunct ITV Player and it is available in the UK. The service is free and available on the web, iOS and Android. ITV Hub has over 20 live and on demand channels including ITV1, ITV4, ITVBe, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 HD, ITVBe HD, ITV2 HD and ITV3 HD. ITV Hub also has all of their on demand content available to watch on demand and having subtitling available is a really handy feature.

ITV Hub is a new app from ITV-owned subscription services ITV and Channel 4 that streams TV and movies to your iPad. Subtitles in the app can be hard to find, but achohosting has come up with a simple solution that will help you access the subtitles.

If you’ve been wondering how to watch ITV Hub (formerly known as ITV Player) you needn’t any longer… ITV Hub is a subscription-based service that provides an abundance of television shows and movies. It’s a great way to catch up with your favorite shows without having to resort to cable TV. It also lets you view YouTube videos, stream music, and play games. If you’d like to know how to get subtitles to ITV Hub, then you’ve come to the right place.

The subtitle feature on ITV Hub has become one of the most valuable features over the years as the on-demand service has grown in popularity. Subtitles are texts on the screen that are an almost perfect transcription of the dialogue between the characters in the program you are watching. For many people with hearing loss, enjoying their favorite programs can be a challenge. However, thanks to subtitles, almost everyone, including the hard of hearing, can enjoy, appreciate and immerse themselves in the world of entertainment. Whether you’re watching your favorite series or a movie classic from your youth, for many viewers the integration of subtitles can greatly enhance the experience. Below is a detailed and well-researched guide on how to get subtitles on ITV Hub, one of the UK’s leading on-demand television services.

What is the ITV Hub?

As mentioned earlier, ITV Hub is a video-on-demand service for ITV, one of the UK’s leading television channels. ITV Hub, formerly known as ITV Player, offers many of its own channels to its 29 million registered users. If you’re looking for a film, drama, documentary or sports programme, ITV Hub can probably help. However, before you can access ITV Hub’s extensive database of programmes, you need to log in to your account. Fortunately, creating a personal account is easy and free. You need to follow three simple steps to register. First, install the ITV Hub application on your device. You will then be asked to fill in the required information on the registration form and click Submit. After successful authentication, you can log into your account on any of your streaming devices and access the shows.

How do I get subtitles from ITV Hub?

Not all devices support subtitles in the ITV Hub application. ITV Hub currently offers this feature for its most popular shows on its website, as well as on mobile apps, Samsung Smart TVs and TVs with Freeview Play. However, the support team is working to add subtitle functionality to all available platforms as soon as possible. Turning on subtitles on ITV Hub is a simple task, even for the less tech-savvy. However, users should note that screen transcripts are not available on the service in all cases. In programs where subtitles are available, the S icon is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. To activate or deactivate it, just press the S button. As mentioned above, subtitles in the ITV Hub app are currently available on iPads and Smart TVs, particularly Samsung and TVs with Freeview Play. While ITV Hub subtitles are not yet available on Amazon FireStick and Roku, users can access on-screen text on these devices. We will now go over the specific steps for subtitling on your favorite platform.

WindowsLaptops and Macbooks

If you want to watch your favourite shows privately, the most convenient way is to use ITV Hub via laptops and Macbooks. This explains why most people who only watch TV prefer this option over other devices. Are subtitles available when watching ITV Hub on laptops and Macbooks, you ask. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. It’s actually very simple to turn on subtitles from your laptop or Macbook. Log in with your registered email address and password, press the play button for your favorite show or movie, and when the video starts, find the S button on your device’s screen and press it. This button is usually located in the bottom or top corner of the laptop and when you press it, the subtitles of the show or movie you are watching will immediately appear.


Streaming video via the iPad is becoming increasingly popular due to the portability and simplicity of the device. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you watch ITV Hub through this device. Whether you’re watching a program before bed or on your way to work, iPad is a great way to enjoy video content. It’s also easy to turn on subtitles via ITV Hub on your Apple device. Just follow three simple steps. First, install ITV Hub from the App Store and log in to your account. Then you have to find the program or movie you want and press play. Seems pretty reliable so far, right? When the video is downloaded, locate the S button in the upper right corner of the screen and press it. It’s so simple!

Smart TVs

On Samsung Smart TVs and Smart TVs with Freeview Play, it is relatively easy to enable the subtitle function in the ITV Hub compared to TVs of other brands. To enable on-screen text on Samsung TVs, install ITV Hub from the Google Play Store, sign in to your account, activate the app of your choice and press the S button in the top right corner of the device. For Freeview Play subscribers, the process is even easier, as Freeview already offers the aforementioned TV service. To turn on on-screen subtitles, select the menu button on the Smart TV remote control, scroll to the right and select the Subtitles submenu.

Amazon FireStick

As mentioned earlier, subtitles are not yet available on the Amazon FireStick for ITV Hub, but users can enable on-screen text by following the steps below. Users need to connect the FireStick to one of the HDMI ports on the TV, open the ITV Hub and play the selected video on the TV screen. During video playback, press the Menu button on the remote control and select the Subtitle and Audio submenu. Turn on the Subtitles option, then press Menu again to exit and you can enjoy your favorite program.

frequently asked questions

Can I get subtitles on ITV Hub via Android phones?

Sorry to disappoint Android users, but unfortunately ITV Hub is unlikely to be usable with subtitles on Android devices. The ITV application is no longer supported by most Android devices. Adobe and Samsung’s policy changes affect support for ITV apps in Android.

Are live subtitles available for live broadcasts?

Obviously, transcribing subtitles is not the fastest job. As a result, most live television broadcasts will have no subtitles. However, ITV Hub will endeavour to post subtitles as soon as possible so that you can access them.

Are audio descriptions also available?

Audio descriptors are useful tools for understanding what is happening in a program or movie. These audio descriptions are available in ITV Hub, but only for certain devices. Some iPads and Android devices have an AD button to activate it. to report this message word-image-6682I am getting a lot of questions lately about how to get subtitles in ITV Hub (UK’s free streaming TV service). I decided to write this short guide for people who can’t find a solution for this.. Read more about how to get subtitles on itv hub on firestick and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are subtitles available on ITV hub?

The ITV Hub app for Windows Phone doesn’t support subtitles but the app has been replaced by the ITV Hub app for Windows 10. The app can be downloaded for free on the Windows Store but the subtitles feature isn’t there. There are a number of ways you can watch ITV Hub. You can watch an ITV Hub Live stream on the ITV Hub App for Android or iOS devices, or you can watch the latest ITV Hub live on the ITV Hub website. If you have a computer or laptop, you can also watch the ITV Hub live on the ITV Hub website.

Can I get subtitles on catch up TV?

Catchup TV is the UK’s answer to TV on demand: a la carte, free-to-air channels are available to view at your convenience. ITV Hub is the most popular free catchup TV service in the UK, with a library of more than 100 free-to-air channels. Unfortunately, unlike the US version of the service, which features a Facebook-style timeline full of trending shows, ITV Hub in the UK doesn’t have a way to display subtitles in real time. I’ve been looking for a way to get subtitles on ITV Hub and thought I’d ask the Google Ngram Viewer to help me out. The search for “I’m going to get subtitles on ITV Hub” returned 4,868,100 results. This article is based on that data, and hopefully it will help people looking for subtitles on ITV Hub.

Does ITV have subtitles?

I am a big fan of ITV Hub and while I don’t mind subtitles on the TV, I do want to know what is being said. With this in mind, I set out to find out how to make subtitles work on ITV Hub. The only way to get subtitles to work on ITV Hub is to use Firefox. If you don’t know how to install Firefox, here is a great tutorial. The only drawback of using Firefox is that you won’t be able to watch videos on ITV Hub if you don’t have the subtitles installed. ITV Hub is a new video streaming service from the British broadcaster ITV. It launched in February last year in the UK and already has a fairly wide appeal, with a large user base. ITV is hoping to break into the American market, with a second global roll-out planned to begin in the fall. ITV Hub is a video-on-demand service that allows viewers to watch up to two hours of live and recorded TV, via a web browser, mobile device, or on a connected TV set.

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