Like any online dating service, Tinder has a set of community guidelines and terms of use to keep the platform as safe as possible for users. If your profile has been reported in violation of the above rules, it may have been revised or banned.

If, after logging into your Tinder account, you see a message that your profile is being viewed or has been blocked, there is nothing you can do about it. Tinder allows you to view profiles after they have been posted multiple times by other members and then prohibits profiles that violate community policies or terms of use.

At the time of writing, Tinder does not offer a formal objection procedure to help you maintain your Tinder profile without being blocked, nor does it allow you to create another profile with the same Facebook account or phone number, which can be really frustrating, especially if you feel you have done nothing wrong. But there’s a cure that will help you get rid of Tinder.

You can try sending a request to Tinder to see your blocked profile, because according to the company rules blocked accounts are regularly reviewed on the basis of comments.

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Follow the instructions below to request a prohibited profile. Tinder employees can check the profile again for inconsistencies and contact you if they find something new.

When your profile is viewed, after a few days you will know if your profile is blocked; if you see a blocked message when you try to access Tinder, follow the instructions below.

Step one: Click on this link to send a request to Tinder. Once on the page, click on a drop-down list called What can we do for you and touch Account Login Problems.

|- Candidate.

Step two: Then click on the drop-down window under What’s wrong and select Cannot log in, my account is suspended.

|- Candidate.

Step three: A contact form will appear. Enter your email address and phone number (if registered on your account) and then enter your comments in the Description field about why you think your Tinder account shouldn’t have a bank account. You can also add any document that supports your case by clicking on the Add File button in the Appendices section.

When you have finished filling in all the data, click on the Send button at the bottom of the page.

|- Candidate.

There is no guarantee that Tinder will contact you after you have completed and submitted the request we sent you above. However, if you believe your profile has been falsely blocked without violating the terms of use or EU directives, and you need to review it, the above guide may help you get rid of Tinder within days or even hours.

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