Have you sent messages to a contact on WhatsApp but not received a reply? It is very possible that you have been blocked on WhatsApp by someone with that particular contact number. However, there is a special method you can use to learn how to unlock WhatsApp.

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What happens when you block a contact on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp allows all users to lock and unlock any account in their contact list through the application. This lock/unlock function also ensures that no notifications or messages are sent to the user to let them know that it is locked or unlocked.

If you have blocked a particular person from being contacted on WhatsApp, it means that

  • Messages, status updates, audio calls and video calls received from a blocked contact will not appear on your device. If the sender is blocked on WhatsApp, these messages will never be delivered to you.
  • In addition, your WhatsApp profile picture, last time you saw it, online/offline, status updates, etc. are no longer visible to the contact you have blocked.

WhatsApp users should also remember that blocking someone does not remove the contact from the device. To delete a contact, you need to delete it from the address book of the smartphone.

Anyway, if you are a blocked person, there is a simple tip that can help you in your efforts to learn how to unblock yourself in WhatsApp.

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How do you get someone to unlock you on WhatsApp?

In any emergency situation, it may be necessary to contact someone via WhatsApp in some way. However, you cannot see in the chat window if someone was last seen and if they are online/offline. Your calls will not be routed and for sent messages, only one instead of two boxes will be checked, confirming that they were not delivered.

You may come to the conclusion that you have been blocked by a particular user on WhatsApp. However, there is a certain method to unlock you easily. Just follow these steps

  • Open WhatsApp and click on Settings.
  • Now select the Chat option and click on the Save Chat button.
  • Then select the Backup option to save all your WhatsApp conversations to the Google Drive of your registered account.

  • Go back to the Settings page and click on Account.
  • Now select the option Delete My Account.
  • You will then need to enter the WhatsApp number associated with that account and click the Delete My Account option to confirm.

  • Shut down WhatsApp. Uninstall the application and restart the phone.
  • Download and install WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.
  • Create an account with the details of the contact you just deleted.

Once this is done, the block will be lifted and you will again be able to send messages and have WhatsApp conversations with the user you blocked before.

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So, that’s it?

Yes, getting unlocked from the user who blocked you from WhatsApp is so simple and easy. However, make sure you back up your account before deleting the application, otherwise you may lose all the important documents, photos, etc. that you have sent or received through WhatsApp.

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frequently asked questions

Can I unlock myself on someone’s WhatsApp?

To unlock WhatsApp from your Android device, you need to follow a few steps. This includes deleting your WhatsApp account and uninstalling the application. Then reinstall the Play Store application and create a new account. Finally, it will allow you to free yourself from all your contacts.

How do I get rid of blocked contacts in WhatsApp?

Delete a WhatsApp contact permanently (100% works)

How do I contact someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp?

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