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There are two possibilities for the economy in 2020: failure or opportunity.

While many companies are facing an unprecedented battle, only those who see an opportunity to connect with customers will survive.

Improving customer satisfaction is a complex goal. Here are some good tips to get there in 2020.

Provision of services

The key to mastering proactive customer service is reaching your customers before they reach you. To this end, a standard follow-up procedure must be established with the customer after the purchase.

Proactivity is especially important if your product or service has a learning curve.

Contact the customer within a few days of purchase to offer a free training and ask if there are any problems.

This can be done by means of a follow-up promise or by automating e-mail marketing.

If you choose the latter option, consider using a simple text message that seems more personal and humane to stimulate engagement.

Showcase equipment costs

Consumers around the world are predicting a global recession. Even those with the same disposable income as for KOVID-19 pay more attention to their spending habits.

In order to serve your customers and increase their satisfaction, you need to demonstrate tangible benefits.

Think about how your company can add value to your current offer and sweeten the deal.

Avoid frivolous language in marketing materials that could resell your product. What features can you highlight that set you apart from the competition and make your customers want to stay with you?

By exploring this concept, you can increase customer satisfaction over time.

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Improved availability

Make your business more accessible by creating a multi-channel approach to communication.

Make sure that your customers can contact you in the way they want, via social media or e-mail.

Some customers still prefer to call the company and talk to the company’s representative – NICE’s inContact service can help handle these calls. Others revolve around the live chat on the website.

To improve your accessibility, look at measures that relate to the way people communicate with each other. They can also get information about why they are contacting you to streamline your efforts.

Improvement of reaction time

Once you have improved your availability, you want to get started with response times.

The faster technology advances, the less patience modern consumers have – if they don’t get an answer quickly, they turn to a competitor.

Improve your response time by enabling automation with chat robots and automatic answers to frequently asked questions.

Create your messages and offers to allow your customers to manage sales. For example, if they offer SMS tracking or a login to track your order, they are responsible for checking the status of your order.

It is also useful to examine measures of the time needed to respond to customer requests through different channels.

Once you have a better understanding of these figures, you can start making strategic changes.

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Improved employee satisfaction

The secret of happy customers is creating happy employees.

Employees who feel valued and empowered will work better than those who feel undervalued. Improving employee satisfaction will have a downward ripple effect that will increase customer satisfaction.

Focus on creating a strong corporate culture and empowering employees to learn and develop. Take the time to personally thank employees for their work and express your appreciation for their efforts.

Sometimes a simple act of recognition for their work is important.

Information and data collection

Don’t be afraid to learn from customers’ statements, especially if they are negative.

Negative feedback often provides valuable information about areas where your business is lagging behind and leaves customers dissatisfied.

Follow-up reviews highlight all trends that may lead to strategic changes in your organisation.

If you are unsure about how to satisfy your customers, ask them. Send a survey on all three questions to share your experience and expertise.

Post a message on social networking sites and start a discussion. Many customers do not answer unless they are asked directly.

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Emphasis of retention

2020 has been a strange year for business. One of the biggest changes is the necessary transition from re-profiling to upselling and customer loyalty.

Create a rotation scheme to edit messages so you can focus on recording instead of downloading. Many of your customers may experience financial problems as a result of the pandemic.

Constant attempts to sell more of them can be a deterrent, as they gradually feel undervalued. Focus your messages for 2020 on loyalty, reliability and sympathy.

AI tone usage monitoring

Working in customer service is stressful. A single negative interaction is enough to disrupt your employee’s working day.

Luckily, you can get RN audio monitoring software that analyzes your employees while interacting with your customers.

The program sends friendly reminders to use a more pleasant tone or indicates when they might need to take a step back.

The use of sound monitoring software can help your employees reduce the time between interactions and take their breath away so that their negative experiences are not passed on to the next customer.

In this way customers get the best service and leave a feeling of satisfaction.

Social dialogue

Your business won’t always be mentioned in social media messages and customers won’t always share their experiences with you – that’s where listening to social media comes in.

Listening means setting triggers and search alerts (sometimes with software) to keep track of what people say about you online.

This information may vary from news items to people who misspelled your company name.

By organizing a social hearing, you can better understand how your brand is perceived and whether your customers are satisfied.

You can use this information to personalize your communication and improve the service.

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Wearing a human face

Finally give your company a human face. Remind your customers that your employees face the same challenges as they do.

Practice empathy and compassion in communication and support our common attitude.

Customers are often reminded that they are on the other side of the computer screen and therefore feel more connected and satisfied.

With these tips you can increase customer satisfaction in 2020 and beyond.

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